Soup Kitchen for Millionaires at City Tattersalls Club !

We are still laughing at the responses of the Chairman and CEO in the Sydney Morning Herald. Let’s turn our attention to something Tony Guilfoyle said.

” ..  operate seven days a week regardless of commercial realities”

One of the issues put to Guilfoyle was the dismal performance of the Club’s restaurants. His response was that “consistent losses on food and alcohol are commonplace in registered clubs because they have a duty to members to operate seven days a week regardless of commercial realities”.

Wow !

Well once we had this explanation we had to go back and look at the Esperanto in a whole new light, since it was the clear winner for “consistent losses”.

The Esperanto – Soup Kitchen for Millionaires !

In 2011 the Esperanto lost $409,000 on a turnover of $919,000. As many have observed this must be some kind of record for losing money in a restaurant that has no rent expense.

But now we understand – it’s a kind of subsided soup kitchen for millionaires !

A few slight flaws with the Guilfoyle explanation

We have detected a few slight flaws in the explanation.

Opening Hours

  • The Esperanto is closed on Sunday and Monday
  • On Saturday it is open for three hours
  • Tuesday to Friday it opens from 12 noon to 3pm and 6pm to midnight

This started us thinking. If these opening hours are only because of a “duty to members” and “regardless of commercial realities” you have to wonder what the opening hours would be without these obligations !

Maybe it would just open when members got their Centrelink payments?

Menu Prices

We also started to wonder about the prices in the Esperanto. As many of you would know, a full meal is $50 plus per head. If they ever decide to run it according to “commercial realities” (or they have to pay rent) how much will a meal be then?!!

Buddy, can you spare a dime !

City Tatts Information Desk


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