The Minister for Gaming & Racing didn’t know about “live baiting”?

As previously indicated on this blog, we have serious doubts about OLGR cleaning up the greyhound industry, or any industry.

But apart from OLGR doing nothing, the more you think about the Minister’s action in dismissing the board of Greyhound Racing NSW the more you have to wonder.

Remember, the Minister decided to act following the startling revelations that rabbits were being mauled to death in order to train greyhounds.

Now, the City Tatts Information Desk has no connection of any kind to greyhound racing – and we knew 10 years ago!

So, is it really possible that the Minister for Gaming & Racing didn’t know?

He’d have to be the dumbest minister in the world.

We think dismissed board member Peter Davis has it right: “They’re in election mode ….. the upcoming NSW elections was a major factor in the decision”.

City Tatts Information Desk


You might as well appoint one of those dead rabbits as CEO of Greyhound Racing NSW

NSW Racing Minister Troy Grant has dismissed the board of Greyhound Racing NSW over the “live baiting” issue. He said they “should have done a better job” and he took action “to restore the integrity of the industry’.

He has appointed Paul Newson, the head of the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR) as interim chief executive officer of Greyhound Racing NSW.

The head of OLGR to clean up the greyhound industry?

Is this a joke?

OLGR would have to be the worst government authority in the world to clean up anything!

Since 2006, a long line of concerned members from City Tatts have begged OLGR to investigate the insane mismanagement of the Club before it was completely destroyed – and since 2006 OLGR have done absolutely nothing.

Here are just some of the compliance staff at OLGR who have been told again and again about the problems at City Tatts:

Tom Transfield
Patrick Paroz
John Coady
Louis Antoine
Ken Edwards
Albert Gardner
Michael Hanley
Daniel Zuccuarini

Every one of these has been told, again and again, that:

  • Patrick Campion mortgaged the Club’s building to ANZ without the approval of members, in breach of the City Tattersalls Act
  • Tony Guilfoyle took $200,000 from the Club without the approval of the committee, in breach of the City Tattersalls Act
  • John Kennedy operated the Bookmakers Superannuation Fund from City Tatts and ran an illegal skim operation taking millions from the retirement savings of City Tatts employees and members
  • City Tatts made a secret donation to an eye clinic in Moree run by Patrick Campion’s brother
  • Patrick Campion, Tony Guilfoyle and John Kennedy are not “fit and proper persons” for their roles, as required by the Registered Clubs Act
  • Johny Bineham, and other members, have been suspended from City Tatts, contrary to the Club’s rules, for exposing the corruption at the Club
  • Members of City Tatts were repeatedly deceived about the proposed property development

Oh, there is one more person who was told about the problems at City Tatts. Yes, the minister, Troy Grant.

Now do you think the head of OLGR will clean up the greyhound industry?

You might as well appoint one of those dead rabbits as CEO of Greyhound Racing NSW!

Still, we now know what it will take to stop the corruption at City Tatts: a Four Corners special – and an upcoming election!

City Tatts Information Desk

How the ClubsNSW Code of Practice operates!

Johny Bineham is still suspended from City Tattersalls Club. He was suspended in July 2014 for a very serious crime – exposing the sustained mismanagement at the club. In fact, his case undoubtedly contributed to Mirvac dropping the City Tatts development.

Now City Tatts belongs to ClubsNSW, the industry lobby group. And ClubsNSW have an extensive Club Code of Practice on how clubs should be run.


These are some of the provisions in the Guideline:

  • “The fundamental principles which apply to disciplinary actions by Clubs against members are the principles of natural justice, now often referred as procedural fairness.”
  • “One principle of natural justice is the accused must be given full particulars of the charge, be given a full and fair opportunity to be heard and to present his or her case in relation to any charge and to call any witnesses, before the Board makes any determination.”
  • “Only the Board or a properly constituted disciplinary committee of the Board (if the Constitution permits) may take action involving a reprimand, suspension or expulsion of a member from the Club.”

Johny Bineham was suspended one afternoon by a phone call from Jan Ellks (Tony Guilfoyle’s $140,000 secretary) without a hearing – to prevent him asking questions about the property development at a meeting that evening. Even today, seven months later, he has never had a hearing. So City Tatts has clearly breached the ClubsNSW Code in every way on this issue.

To drag out the process as long as possible (and keep Bineham out until they got the Mirvac development approved by members) the City Tatts committee proposed that his case be heard before an “independent arbitrator” (of their choice!).

Once Bineham realised that he had effectively been permanently suspended without any hearing, contrary to the Code of Practice, he decided to lodge a complaint under the Code with ClubsNSW. If he had asked us, we would have told him he was wasting his time. We have many reports from people who dealt with them and we came to the conclusion that ClubsNSW represents clubs, not club members. To be more precise it really represents club CEO’s.

At first ClubsNSW had no doubts that the Code had been breached by City Tatts. But when the time came for an official decision it was handled by the Code Administrator, a slimeball called Josh Landis, who completely rejected the complaint!

The decision by Josh Landis is one of the most dishonest we have ever seen. In fact, it is so dishonest it must have been written under the direction of Guilfoyle and Campion. Here is a sample:

Your hearing could have been mostly simply and promptly handled via a standard disciplinary hearing conducted by the the Club Committee...”

Yes – but it wasn’t. He was suspended without a hearing which is a breach of the Code!

“… the Club’s offers and concessions to you appear to be genuinely intended to avoid possible conflicts of interest...”

No, they are obviously intended to keep him out of the Club, at least until members are conned into approving the insane property development.

“… the Club has not denied you a fair hearing, but rather exceeded its obligation to you.”

He’s still suspended, without a hearing, seven months on – further proof that this Josh Landis is a compulsive liar.

You do not appear to have sought a standard hearing...”

The Club suspended him without any hearing and have repeatedly refused to give him a standard hearing!

Based on these considerations, the Code Authority considered the matter concluded.

Let’s see, every significant provision in the Code has been breached, and the member remains suspended without a hearing – and the Code Authority considers the matter concluded!

The ClubsNSW Code of Practice is a complete fraud – and so is this cheat Josh Landis.

It would be more honest to have no Code of Practice.

City Tatts Information Desk

Vice Chairman collapses in foyer!

City Tattersalls Club has been a very strange place for some time now.

Well, it has just got a whole lot stranger.

The Vice Chair, Wendy Fisher, collapsed in the foyer of the club after a committee meeting, and was taken to hospital.

But that is only the half of it.

It seems that this happened after a committee meeting at which the Vice Chair was excluded from part of the meeting! – and this was not the first time she had been excluded.

Now, when you know how City Tatts operates, there can only be one explanation – she must be asking tough questions about something Guilfoyle is doing, almost certainly his insane property development plan.

It was common knowledge within the club that the Vice Chair had a few run-ins with Jan Ellks, Tony Guilfoyle’s secretary. We didn’t take much notice of this before because most people who have dealt with Jan Ellks have a low opinion of her, including other committee members. But now we can see that these are part of a bigger issue.

To understand this you have to remember what Jan Ellks’ real role is. Jan Ellks is a rotten, unprincipled person who has fully supported Tony Guilfoyle’s chronic mismanagement, in return for an immoral salary. She is probably entitled to a salary of $40,000 but is actually paid $140,000 (yes $140,000 – that is not a misprint). Some day when she is in court she can tell us if the money was worth it.

But there is even more to this story.

It seems that excluding the Vice Chair from meetings, or parts of meetings, is part of a wider push to get rid of her! The story is that apart from what she may be doing today as Vice Chair, Guilfoyle is really worried that someday she might be Chairman (or Chairperson). Up until now he has had his way with Patrick Campion, the weakest Chairman in the history of the club. Based on the latest reports we can see how he might find it tougher if someone else was chairing the meetings.

This must be fantastic publicity for Colliers in their campaign to find the next developer!


City Tatts Information Desk


Airhead Development Update – February 2015

Obviously something has gone badly wrong with the property development scheme. In fact, all the indications are that it has probably ground to a halt.

This is clear to members used to sifting through the propaganda dished out in the club magazine. Despite the usual fluff about “keen interest” and “extremely positive” response, the real information is revealed when Patrick Campion says the proposals will be considered “in coming months”.

Remember the original timetable (well, the revised original timetable after Mirvac walked away): They would start the search for a (second) developer in December 2014 and they would know by February. Remember, also, that 10 months dealing with Mirvac had left the project in a “very advanced” position.

If they really had found a property developer they would have told members by now. The only conclusion is they are finding it tough going after the Mirvac fiasco, so they haven’t found one.

There is also a very funny reference to “numerous reputable parties”. This is clearly a response to comments on the internet that if Mirvac, with every possible advantage, walked away then every other major developer knew not to waste their time with City Tatts. And if the major players won’t touch it, the club will have to move down the quality ladder – which they will.

City Tatts Information Desk

Mirvac has a result

Mirvac announced their half-year results last week.

The CEO said “Our deliberate weighting towards the Sydney residential market has delivered the Group’s strong result in the first half, and with NSW continuing to be supported by population growth and broad-based economic strength, we are well placed to capitalise on sustained positive conditions in this market.”

As an example of how well things went, Harold Park Precinct 3 is 100% pre-sold, and Green Square Stage 1 is 100% sold and Stage 2 90% sold.

Mirvac also achieved a residential gross margin of 24.9% in the period.

This is very interesting, because it would have been even higher on the City Tatts deal – given that they were picking up a prime Sydney CBD site for under $20 million. One member calculated that Mirvac were heading for a minimum profit of $50 million on the City Tatts development.

And yet they walked away!

Since they were in pole position as preferred developer, they were also in the perfect position to assess the project and make the correct decision – which they did. But they must have feared massive problems to walk away from such a bonanza.

The stockmarket seems to agree with them. Since they dropped City Tatts their share price has risen non-stop.

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