Is Patrick Campion going to talk to members?

It’s all well and good Patrick Campion talking to staff, but when is he going to talk to members?

City Tattersalls Club is a members club, or at least it used to be, so if anyone should be told what’s going on, it’s members.

Campion makes a big fuss when he thinks he has a scrap of news about a property development. He can hold a two hour meeting to announce the latest “preferred developer” and then run to the press to get them to print it.

How about putting the same effort in telling members all about the CEO’s sudden departure?

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Patrick Campion talks to City Tatts staff

So Patrick Campion spoke to the staff?

Remember the last time Campion spoke to the staff?

Back in 2012, when Campion and Guilfoyle were featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, Campion sent a “note” to all City Tatts employees.

Overall, Campion’s response was hilarious, stupid and dishonest.

For instance, the Herald reporter noted that the same architect (Peter Georgeson) who collected a fortune from City Tatts also happened to work on … Guilfoyle’s house … and Guilfoyle’s motel … and Guilfoyle’s other motel. Instead of admitting that he had been asleep at the wheel, Campion defended Guilfoyle: “Why shouldn’t Tony use him if he is happy with his work at City Tatts?”. Well, because of the the risk of fraud would be the obvious answer, but that’s a story for another day.

But it was his advice to staff that was the real highlight.

Basically, Campion told staff to lie to members (see August 2012 blog “Patrick Campion letter to City Tattersalls Club employees!”). His partners at Clinch Long Letherbarrow must be so proud of him.

It’s hardly a surprise. This is a man who mortgaged the Club’s premises without the approval of members – as required by an Act of Parliament.

How about the Federal Police investigating that?

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Rooty Hill RSL could learn from City Tatts

There was an article in yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald about how Rooty Hill RSL uses (or abuses) the Club Grants scheme.

Well, when you follow City Tatts, Rooty Hill look like complete amateurs. They could learn a lot from City Tatts.

In 2007 City Tatts made the biggest donation in the Club’s history, as far as anyone is aware : $80,000.

But strangely it was not mentioned in the Club magazine, even though smaller donations of $25,000 to the Lone Parent Family Support and East Sydney Community High School were highlighted in the Chairman’s Report. In fact, it was never disclosed by the Club.

And where did this mysterious $80,000 go?

To an eye clinic in Moree run by Patrick Campion’s brother!

But wait, there’s more!

That clinic is actually a unit of St John Ambulance, a very wealthy organisation, that made a profit of $8 million that year

And how did City Tatts do in the same year?

You got it – they made a loss!

Now that’s a donation.

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What will Guilfoyle’s departure do to the DA?

Let’s face it, the DA wasn’t going too well at Sydney City Council anyway.

It’s now 3 years since Mirvac were anointed (First) Preferred Developer and still the Club has not even got Stage 1 DA approval.

The Council told the Club to withdraw the first DA in early 2015 and the second was lodged later last year by the (Second) Preferred Developer from Melbourne.

It’s important to keep in mind that it was always Tony Guilfoyle (and the “consultants” who would profit from it) who pushed for a property development.

The Committee might be nominally in favour, and Patrick Campion might be the mouthpiece, but it is Tony Guilfoyle’s scheme all the way. There is absolutely no benefit for members. In fact, it would almost certainly be the end of the Club if it proceeds.

Now that Tony Guilfoyle (and Kirsty Assad) are …eh … “helping police with their enquiries”, you have to wonder what that will do for the DA at Council.

Obviously Campion will have to go through the motions of pretending that the property development is still on track, but without Guilfoyle it just won’t have the same priority within City Tatts.

But the real question is what Guilfoyle’s departure will do to the Council’s opinion of the whole plan.

They already had major objections (and little confidence that the Melbourne developer could resolve them) – and they do read internet blogs.

The latest news will not help the case.

They certainly will be in no hurry to approve anything.

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Will Mark Cooper be allowed to use the same excuses as Guilfoyle?

Tony Guilfoyle’s tenure as CEO at City Tatts was one long, slow trainwreck.

But one area where he did outperform was in excuses to explain his failure.

Right from the start he came up with every possible excuse you could think of, and a few you would never think of.

He blamed:

  • the Club’s location
  • Government regulations
  • Centrepoint closing for renovation
  • the Sydney Morning Herald (for exposing his failures)
  • the Club’s members (for exposing his failures)
  • the Sydney Morning Herald (for listening to members exposing his failures)
  • Centrepoint reopening after renovation
  • competition from other clubs (such as the Bowlers Club)
  • and many, many more, too numerous to mention

And Mark Cooper worked closely with Guilfoyle on everything for 10 years – see previous blog “Mark Cooper – Keeper Of The Secrets”.

Now that Cooper is acting as CEO, this raises a question that could only arise at City Tatts:

Will the Committee allow Mark Cooper to use the same excuses as Tony Guilfoyle, or will be have to come up with new ones of his own?

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Yes, Guilfoyle is gone!

Yes, the reports were correct – Tony Guilfoyle is gone!

Patrick Campion spoke to staff on the weekend and told them the news.

He said Guilfoyle is on “extended leave” and is “considering his future”.

It is always interesting when you can tell on day one that someone is on “extended leave”.

And yes, Mark Cooper has been named acting CEO. Basically it would have to be him because there is no one else that could be named at such short notice. It would also be a desperate attempt to keep a lid on everything for a few weeks before the whole City Tatts shambles is blown wide open.

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Has Tony Guilfoyle been sacked?

The latest rumour swirling around the Club is that Tony Guilfoyle has been sacked.

Sure, it seems unlikely, given that the Committee (led by Patrick Campion) has fully supported him despite non-stop allegations of incompetence, greed and fraud.

Anyway, the story is that the Federal Police turned up at a Committee meeting last Thursday night.

As a result Guilfoyle was sacked and left with the police, along with Kirsty Assad, the Club’s “marketing manager”. The police also took their computers.

Mark Cooper is reputed to be the acting CEO – which must be the worst case ever of the blind following the blind.

We will get the full story very soon.

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