City Tatts running better already!

No matter what happens at City Tatts, there is almost always a comic touch to the proceedings.

The hilarious part about Tweedledum’s rapid exit is that the whole club is running just fine without him. If anything, it’s running better!

This is strong evidence for what many suspected for a long time – that basically he was doing nothing to run the club, just a buffoon costing $12,000 a week.

And it also confirms another widely held belief about Tweedledum – that he was only interested in a property development, any property development.

But there is another angle to this.

Mark Cooper is said to be the “acting CEO”.

But CEO is just a management title, like “marketing manager” or “executive chef”. But Secretary Manager is an official position under the Registered Clubs Act.

So is Mark Cooper also “acting Secretary Manager” or is that still Tweedledum?

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Now you know why Mark Cooper was acting strange

A few people had commented that Mark Cooper was acting strange.

First, he had been unusually friendly to many of the staff for a few weeks. Actually this seemed to start around the time he was featured in a fairly detailed internet blog.

Then, in the two weeks leading up to the Federal Police turning up for Tweedledum and Kirsty (we’ll really have to get a equally suitable name for Kirsty) Cooper had no contact with Tweedledum.

And now he is acting CEO!

This has all happened at a very interesting time for Cooper. Right at this moment he is sitting down with Cameron Roan from KPMG to finalise the Club’s 2015 accounts.

And the number one item on the agenda is to come up with plausible reasons to justify carrying the millions spent on the botched property development as an asset, rather than writing them off as an expense. Obviously a big chunk of the money spent is a total waste and would be written off by an honest auditor.

Up until now Tweedledum persuaded Roan to continue to treat the expenses as an asset on the basis that as long as the property development went ahead the expenses would just get buried in the total and no one would ever know how much was looted.

But if the development never happens, which is looking increasingly likely, that story is shot to pieces.

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Committee Elections at City Tatts

With the Committee elections coming up, it’s time for a quick recap of how elections work at City Tattersalls Club.

To understand the current situation you need to know the background to how we got here.

In 2006 the members revolted over Tony Guilfoyle’s insane mismanagement of the Club. (Yes, it was that obvious to members even then) In response, Guilfoyle and the Committee made the strangest decision ever in the history of clubs under scrutiny by members – they changed the Returning Officer!

Their choice of replacement was even stranger. They wanted to get away from the NSW Electoral Office, for some reason. So they hired Phillip Binns who worked …. at the NSW Electoral Office, and moonlighted by doing a few elections on the side … that he had taken from the NSW Electoral Office. To cover his tracks, he ran this side business in his wife’s name, Ema Estevez.

And how has this new system worked out?

Since he took over the role:

  • No member openly opposed to Tony Guilfoyle has ever been elected
  • Every candidate in favour of Tony Guilfoyle has been elected

The 2015 elections are a good example. No opposition candidate got up but a complete unknown, called Rick Faulkner, who did no campaigning but supported Guilfoyle, was elected.

There are a few possible explanations but none of them are the complete answer. There is no question that Carl Melvey and the Ski Club always vote for Guilfoyle and Campion in return for keeping Boonoona Ski Lodge open, while most other member amenities were run down. And the St Josephs/Catholic School old boy network probably brings in a few votes.

But these two possible explanations simply do not explain the results.

There must be something else.

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