Preview of what Campion will say at the AGM

Here is a preview of things Patrick Campion will say at the AGM on Tuesday.

Some of them will be funny. Some of them will be stupid. But you can bet all of them will be dishonest.

1Tony Guilfoyle’s departure doesn’t matter

This one puts Campion in an impossible position.

The simple indisputable truth is that every part of the Club is running exactly the same without Guilfoyle! He has not been missed in any way, shape or form. It is clear he was paid $12,000 a week for nothing.

So Campion will want to downplay his sudden exit, saying it’s no big deal. But by saying that, he is admitting that Guilfoyle got $12,000 a week for nothing.

2 “The property development is going well

The attempt at a property development is a complete shambles. Anything that could go wrong has gone wrong.

Every prediction on this and other blogs has been proved correct – which means Campion has lied to members for years.

And some of the key players in the property scheme are now VERY NERVOUS.

3 “I am not losing my mind

It’s getting harder for Campion to hide the rage inside him. He now realises jail is a real possibility.

A few recent outbursts show he is getting closer to a breakdown.


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Committee are just as guilty as Jan Ellks

Getting back to the money Jan Ellks has received from City Tatts, she is not the only one with a problem.

The Committee are just as liable as Jan Ellks.

Aside from the question of whether it is criminal fraud, the sheer amount of money involved makes it a serious misuse of members funds.

Remember, the Club rules are very clear on this type of behaviour. The Committee are personally liable for damages or costs that arise from the negligent, reckless or intentional act or omission of a Committee member or employee.

Giving Jan Ellks, or anyone else for that matter, $600,000 for no good reason falls squarely under these headings.

In fact, the Club’s insurers are already a bit nervous about City Tatts.

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How is this fraud worse than the Jan Ellks fraud?

You may have seen the story about a student who went on a spending spree after Westpac Bank gave her an unlimited overdraft by accident.

She did not set out to defraud anyone. It all started with a mistake by the bank.

Now she has been charged with “dishonestly obtaining a financial advantage by deception”, which is the legal definition of fraud.

But if the police think this student has committed fraud what would they say about Jan Ellks?

Jan knew from the start that she was cheating City Tatts members by getting more than double the proper salary. And she knew the Committee was spending members money, not their own.

She must also have known why she was paid such an inflated salary – for devious and dishonest acts against members. These included covering for Guilfoyle’s frequent absences from the club, providing alibis for his “meetings” with short-skirted staff and withholding information from members (and Committee) that they were entitled to by law.

If that unfortunate student is convicted of anything then surely Jan Ellks would have to be guilty of fraud – because she has “dishonestly obtained a financial advantage (ie. members money) by deception”.

And, in Jan’s case, the amount is enormous, over $600,000 to date in excess of her proper salary.

It’s hard to see what defence she could come up with.

She worked closely with Tony Guilfoyle for 9 years and was the highest paid secretary in Sydney. When you accept that sort of money, it’s kind of hard to claim you have no idea what’s going on or didn’t know you were overpaid.

And “I was only following orders …” went out as a defence with the Nuremberg Trials in 1945.

Jan would remember that.

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Campion’s bad news drip was also a lie

There’s something else about Campion’s latest bad news drip.

It was another Campion lie.

What he actually said was “The development plans are proceeding well ….. with the Stage 1 Development Approval expected in or about June 2016“.

Not only is this a lie, it has to be a lie – because it is a contradiction.

If the development plans were proceeding well he would have had Stage 1 Development Approval a year ago!

He might as well have said his plan to win an Olympic gold medal is proceeding well ….. but he has failed again to qualify for the Olympics.

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Campion’s latest bad news drip – no DA

Did you notice the latest bad news drip from Patrick Campion?

In the latest Chairman’s Massage Campion admitted he still hasn’t got Stage 1 DA approval – and put the expected date back to June.

Don’t hold your breath.

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$21 million increase in value confirms fraud

It was obvious from the start that the deal given to Mirvac was so bad for City Tatts it was practically fraud.

And the same applies to the second deal with the Melbourne middleman, because it’s the same deal.

And the evidence is coming in from every side to confirm it was fraud.

First, there was the glowing report on the value of Sydney CBD property from real estate agents Colliers. Now KPMG are saying in the accounts that the value of the City Tatts premises has increased by $21 million in one year.

And just wait until the sale price for the David Jones Market Street property is revealed. Even allowing for normal property industry hype, it could be over $200 million.

Getting $25 million, with bare concrete floors to fit-out, does not even come close to representing the value of the City Tatts site.

We say again, City Tatts would have to get $75 million to even consider a deal.

Remember, the club paid a fortune to a small army of property “experts” for advising on this project: Colliers, Bartier Perry, Peter Georgeson, RSM Bird Cameron and James Kennedy to name just a few.

And all of them were happy with it!!!


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Campion’s lies getting more desperate

According to Patrick Campion, the value of City Tatts’ land and buildings has increased by $21 million in the past year.

This may, or may not, be true. But what is absolutely a lie is his claim that the bungled efforts to organise a property development have produced an increase.

Tony Guilfoyle and real estate agents Colliers started planning to hand the Club’s prized site to a property developer back in 2012.

To date, there is simply nothing to show for their efforts.

Mirvac was gifted the site, couldn’t get even Stage 1 DA approval and dropped it. Even at a bargain price of $25 million they still rejected it.

And the publicity around the Mirvac attempt only helped to focus public attention on the other problems at City Tatts.

So how could these botched attempts have increased the value of the Club’s land and buildings?

Well, they couldn’t.

And the proof is there for all to see.

When Campion and Guilfoyle went looking for a second developer, they could not get even one major developer to show interest.

It would be more correct to say that the botched attempt reduced the value of the land and buildings.

If there is any increase it is due to the inherent worth of the Club’s large site in the centre of Sydney.┬áIt is ludicrous to suggest that the bungling attempts at a property development have increased the value of land and buildings.

This is Campion’s most desperate lie yet.

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