Fastest Growing Club in Sydney

At the AGM in May the Club elected another 334 members to Life Membership for 40 years service.

This brings the total number of Life Members at City Tatts to over 2,500.

Just to put this into perspective, the nearest club to City Tatts, the Masonic Club in Castlereagh Street, has 2,000 members in total, and 1 life member.

There are now enough City Tatts Life Members to form their own club!

In fact it would probably be the fastest growing club in Sydney.

The strange part about all these Life Members is that the Committee were always against the idea of granting Life Membership after 40 years. A member used to propose this every year at the AGM, and every year the Committee would reject it.

But then, after the members called a Special General Meeting in 2006 to bring a halt to Tony Guilfoyle’s destruction, there was a complete turnaround.

The Committee (ie. Tony Guilfoyle) decided it was a good idea after all and adopted it.

Since then, there has always been a question over what part these Life Members play in the postal voting results.

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Looking forward to the Land and Environment Court

We’re really looking forward to the City Tatts hearing at the Land and Environment Court.

This is a real court with proper procedures, and where all the plans and particulars of the development will be on public display.

Campion’s normal routine of telling members how well the DA is “progressing”, while it is repeatedly knocked back by Council, won’t work here.

If Mirvac are not actually there to give an account of their actions, at the very least the Council will give a full account of everything they said during Mirvac’s attempt. It’s going to be very funny to match up what the Council were telling Campion and Guilfoyle with what they were telling members at the same time.

It would be great to see Guilfoyle, as the prime mover of the project, giving evidence in person in support of it but that is unlikely to happen.

At some point the economic case for doing the development is bound to be raised.

What will Mark Cooper do then?

Is he going to fully support Guilfoyle’s very dubious financial case for going ahead with the development – and thereby implicate himself in a possible fraud?

More likely, he will say he was never in favour of it.

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Remember Rolf Harris

People sometimes ask “All this talk of Campion going to jail, could it really happen? We know he’s lied to members for years but could he really go to jail?

Yes, he could!!

More than ever, we are convinced it will happen. In fact, the chances of it happening have increased significantly in recent months.

Just consider this:

Five years ago, if you had said to Rolf Harris that he would be:

  • Arrested
  • Charged
  • Tried
  • Convicted, and
  • Jailed

in his eighties, for behaviour that had gone on unchallenged for 40 years, Rolf would have said “that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life”.

All of that happened.

Campion’s lies and deceptions about the property development are only a very small part of what he has done as Chairman. His rap sheet of crimes and misdemeanours is now very long.

For many of these, he believes he is on safe ground, because he has some spurious “advice” from Bartier Perry allowing him to do what he did.

We wouldn’t count on it!

We believe that when he has to rely on it, Bartier Perry will wash their hands of him and say “No, we didn’t tell him to do it, we simply set out the legal issues for what he had already decided to do”.

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Positive Feedback!

So Campion and Guilfoyle got positive feedback on their property scheme from the City of Sydney council in 2012?

And how has that worked out?

Well, Mirvac lodged a development application in June 2014. The Council told the Club to withdraw it in April 2015.

The “Second Preferred Developer” lodged another development application in August 2015. Again, the Council refused to approve it.

So 4 years on, this project has yet to get off the starting line with the Council.

You have to wonder how it would have gone if they had got negative feedback from the Council.

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Tweedledee Airhead Development Upset – June 2016

June 8th , 2016

Dear Remaining Members

I have been lying to you for two years about the “progress” of the DA so here we go again.

Members with any brains were alarmed that the Club (ie. Tweedledum) lodged a Stage 1 Development Application (Duh) with the City of Sydney Council late last year (and another one the year before that).

Tweedledum and the Developer have been spending hard since that time on various Planning, Heritage and Traffic consultants, all of which failed to provide sufficient information for the Council, which gave a complete and comprehensive rejection of the DA.

Fortunately for members, the Council was not fooled by the crap we gave them and told us to f**k off (again!).

Astonishingly, the Club and the Developer have lodged a desperate appeal to the Land and Environment Court. This is truly the dumbest thing we could have done. The Developer will pay all costs associated with the appeal. but don’t worry, we will refund these in secret to the Developer.

Now that Tweedledum is gone I have to pretend, for a few months at least, that I remain committed to negotiating a successful outcome with the Council which will now be under the disdain of the Land and Environment Court. I am also committed to a successful outcome for the Lotto ticket I bought yesterday.

We are not hopeful of obtaining the Stage 1 approval, ever.

Yours Dishonestly

Tweedledee (Patrick Campion)

Chief Liar

City Tattersalls Club

They might stick with Mark Cooper as CEO

Still no sign of a new CEO.

In fact, two months on, there are no signs of even looking for one.

Partly, this is because the committee have no idea how to go about it. Well, it is the first time in 25 years they’ve actually had to find a CEO. (Guilfoyle was deputy CEO in 2003 when he was nominated by Keith Free who had it rubber-stamped by John Healy and the committee)

As set out in a previous blog, a new CEO is a disaster for the committee.

So it must be very tempting to forget about looking for one and just stick with Mark Cooper.

Also, the simple truth is that with so many admin staff there is no need for any CEO. That the club is going exactly the same as before, without Guilfoyle, is conclusive proof of that.

Even delaying the search saves money, a lot of money, when you’re talking about a salary of $50,000 a month.

So the committee will probably get a new CEO in the end, but take 6 months to do it.

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Guilfoyle’s main fraud – his salary

Tony Guilfoyle’s main fraud while he was at City Tatts was his salary. Listed below is what he actually got, the correct salary, and the excess.

Just a few comments on these figures.

First, there really is no “correct salary” for Guilfoyle. He was a complete imbecile who should have been sacked in 2006 when the members revolted.

Second, even though he was paid more than anyone before him, he needed more consultants than ever before to help him do the job.

Year             Paid              Correct             Excess

2004         400,000             250,000             150,000

2005         420,000             250,000             170,000

2006         440,000             250,000             190,000

2007         440,000             250,000             190,000

2008         470,000             250,000             220,000

2009         540,000             300,000             240,000

2010         550,000             300,000             250,000

2011         550,000             300,000             250,000

2012         550,000             300,000             250,000

2013         600,000             300,000             300,000

2014         550,000             300,000             250,000

2015         600,000             300,000             300,000

2016         150,000               75,000               75,000

Total   $6,260,000         $3,425,000        $2,835,000

The question is, what can be done about this?

The amount of money involved, $2.8 million, makes this a significant fraud. There are people in jail right now for lesser frauds.

And if it doesn’t quite meet the definition of criminal fraud, “dishonestly obtaining a financial advantage by deception”, it would certainly come under another offence of “abusing a position for a benefit”.

The police have to concentrate their efforts on cases where a conviction is likely. So they might not be interested in this because the elected committee approved it.

This means it will probably require a member who was a solicitor or barrister to sue Guilfoyle to return the excess. Or else sue Patrick Campion and the committee for giving him the money.

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