The Bronwyn Bishop of City Tatts!

We’ve said it before, many times, and we’ll say it again. Truth is stranger than fiction at City Tatts.

Remember Bronwyn Bishop?

She ended up as the Speaker in the House of Representatives after a long parliamentary career.

But she was forced to resign over the public outcry about spending $5,000 to charter a helicopter from Melbourne to Geelong to attend a Liberal Party fundraiser, and claiming it as an official trip.

What has this to do with City Tatts, you ask?

Well, City Tattersalls Club has it’s own Bronwyn Bishop. She is called Jan Ellks.

You all know Jan Ellks, the most overpaid secretary in Sydney.

But what you may not know is that Jan lives in Taree.

Yes, Taree!


We are not making this up!

You can ask her yourself, if you can find her on the second floor.

So how much is this costing the club?

You can bet it’s a lot more than the $5,000 that cost Bronwyn Bishop her job.

Do you think Jan will resign over this?

City Tatts Information Desk



Diversa and OneVue merger

The name Diversa would be familiar to many readers of this blog.

They are listed on the ASX and are in the process of merging with (or being taken over by) OneVue.

They are well known to our readers because of their involvement with the Bookmakers Superannuation Fund.

Diversa was a shell company in 2009 when it bought the Bookmakers Superannuation Fund “promotion scheme” from the 4 original trustees of the fund, John Kennedy, Peter Hayes-Williams, Ian Buxton and Peter Mueller.


This means Diversa’s entire move into funds administration is based on fraud.

Diversa later changed the name of the fund to Progress Superannuation Fund.

It is really amazing that so many experts have looked at this fraud and not reported it. Just think of all the directors, investment bankers, lawyers, accountants and authorities like ASIC and APRA who have looked at it since 2009 – and not one reported that it was illegal?

A few weeks ago the ASX took the rare step of halting the listing of Guvera because of doubts over the prospects for the business. But no one at the ASX has any problem with Diversa?

Strange to say, Equity Trustees has recently notified Diversa of a potential claim relating to Diversa’s role as administrator of the Bookmakers Superannuation Fund in 2009.

City Tatts Information Desk


Johny Bineham back in the club!

Johny Bineham was sighted in the club on Wednesday.

Remember him?

He was the man who wrote The Destruction of City Tattersalls Club, which gave us the priceless descriptions of Tony Guilfoyle and Patrick Campion as Tweedledum, the CEO who is never wrong, and Tweedledee, the Chairman who is always right.

So is Bineham back in the club?

Not really.

He was there to attend his arbitration hearing – with Patrick Campion.

It is now 2 years since he was suspended – without a hearing. The Committee’s strategy was to keep stalling with legal posturing, hoping he would go away.

Actually, the 2 year delay has helped him in one way. A lot of what he said has been proved right in the meantime.

He lampooned Guilfoyle’s abject failure as CEO – and he’s gone. And he had serious doubts about the property development – which is now a complete shambles. Whether this will have any effect on the arbitrator is hard to say.

Here at the City Tatts Information Desk we are convinced that regardless of what the arbitrator decides, the Committee has already decided that Bineham is never getting back into the club.

Also Guilfoyle was in the club the same day, probably as a witness. Apparently he has aged 5 years since March.

City Tatts Information Desk


Ferrier Hodgson would be perfect for City Tatts

Yes, City Tattersalls Club needs an administrator far more than Parramatta Leagues Club.

And do you know who would be the perfect choice?

Ferrier Hodgson.

You see, Ferrier Hodgson already know quite a lot about City Tatts.

A few years ago someone commissioned them to examine the Club’s finances and produce a report.

Apparently their report showed a remarkable similarity to internet blogs at the time. They covered all the same areas of waste and mismanagement in the Club: restaurant and bar losses, excessive overheads, declining revenue, inflated admin salaries, etc, etc.

Whether this means they got their information direct from the blogs or they simply noticed the same things that the blog writers (and everyone else) saw is not known.

Either way, it must have been one of their easier reports to prepare.

So appoint Ferrier Hodgson as administrator to sort out City Tatts.

They would have a head start on anyone else.

City Tatts Information Desk

Administrator for Parramatta Leagues Club – what about City Tatts?

The Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority has sacked the board of Parramatta Leagues Club and appointed an administrator.

The decision was supported by the deputy premier, Troy Grant, also the minister responsible for registered clubs, who said he “welcomed the authority’s decision” and that “it was in the best interest of the club …”.

That’s fine for Parramatta Leagues Club, but what about City Tatts?

The problems, and amounts of money, at Parramatta Leagues are tiny compared to what has gone on at City Tatts. Compared to City Tatts, Parramatta is an effective, well managed, honest club!

Here is a very small sample of the rorts at City Tatts:

  • A CEO (Tony Guilfoyle) who received over $6 million in salary despite being a complete failure
  • A secretary (Jan Ellks) who received over $1 million since 2007 and is still on the payroll
  • An architect (Peter Georgeson) who has received over $1 million in fees alone
  • And if you think inflated invoices are a problem at Parramatta, take a look at the City Tatts perpetual building program. More than $20 million has been spent on building within the club since 2004 – of which at least $10 million is gone with absolutely nothing to show for it
  • And, most of all, an insane property development that would be the end of the club if it ever went ahead

City Tattersalls Club needs an administrator far more than Parramatta Leagues Club.

But then, the Daily Telegraph has yet to show an interest in City Tatts.

City Tatts Information Desk

What makes a good Chairman?

What does it take to be a good chairman?

Good question.

The late Joe Taylor would turn in his grave if he could see what has become of his club.

For those of you who didn’t know him Joe was a gentleman. He was tough but fair. He was an exceptional businessman and could smell a con artist. He was responsible for the club’s future by allowing women in as members in the mid 60s. A visionary and leader of great proportions.

The late Laurie Taylor was another fine chap. A people’s person. A gentleman of the turf and a great reader of people. He wasn’t as forthright as Joe Taylor with his opinions, but he made you understand the message all the same. A delight to be around.

These two gents were worthy chairmen and if you were looking for role models you would study them closely.

Moving along, the next in line was John Healy. If you don’t know much of him, well, he was a religious hypocrite, a devout pervert, nothing more than a lecherous scumbag where women were concerned. He was also a gym junkie who judged people by how fast they could run 10k or by how many push-ups they could do in a minute. Compared to Joe and Laurie, Healy was a complete fool as chairman.

Healy was succeeded by John Kennedy. Not much to say about this grub except he was a thief. This self-serving dirtbag got his snout in the trough of the Bookmakers Superannuation Fund and has dined out on the proceeds ever since. Of course he can’t show his face in public after ripping off his mates.

And so we come to our current, but soon to be disposed, chairman, Patrick Campion. He has been described as a study in weakness. How true. This gutless excuse for a chairman is a pale imitation of what a real chairman should be. An example of this happened recently when he was missing in action and left a staff member to do his job. We refer to getting Jan Ellks to meet Guilfoyle when he came into the club to collect his belongings. What would Joe Taylor have done in these circumstances? He would have made sure he was there. He would have checked everything that Guilfoyle took from the Club. Then he would have kicked Guilfoyle so hard up the Khyber Pass on the way out that he would have sailed over the Gowings building and landed somewhere near the fish markets.

City Tatts Information Desk

DA increased the value of land by $21 million?

Many readers will remember Patrick Campion’s claim that the $21 million increase in the value of land and buildings in the accounts was due to the attempted property development.

He made that claim in the Club magazine in early May. Everyone who read it, and who knew the troubled history of the property development, said it was nonsense.

It was exposed, and ridiculed, at the time in a blog “Campion’s lies getting more desperate“.

But it took a little longer to reveal just how dishonest it was.

On the 8th of June (just after the AGM) Campion finally admitted that the council had refused to approve Guilfoyle’s plan – after looking at it for 2 years! 

In other words, the attempted property development had achieved nothing. And this is the DA that was “proceeding well”.

Campion’s spurious claim about the worth of the property development was always a lie, but now it was publicly exposed as a lie, within 6 weeks. Remember, there were blogs last year saying the DA was stalled at council.

Now do you see why we are certain that Campion will go to jail?

It is only a matter of time before Campion’s lies are seen as an essential part of the conspiracy to hand the Club’s site to a developer, for a pittance.

City Tatts Information Desk