Tony Guilfoyle and Michael Williamson – More Greed

There was no limit to the greed of Michael Williamson and Tony Guilfoyle.

Brad Norington perfectly summarised this greed in Planet Jackson:

“Williamson had made an art form of nepotism and croneyism, rewarding those closest to him while keeping the largest share for himself”.

Williamson’s salary from the HSU was over $500,000.

He was getting another $200,000 from directorships, all granted because of his union/Labor Party connections.

He organised a number of dubious contracts with suppliers and contractors at inflated prices – and pocketed a hefty share of the excess for himself, according to the police.

And he funnelled millions to the union’s architect, Ron Mah-Chut, who also happened to work on Williamson’s homes at Maroubra and Lake Macquarie.

Guilfoyle’s salary from City Tatts was $600,000.

But he took another $200,000 from the club without bothering to tell the committee.

He organised a long list of dubious contracts with suppliers and contractors at inflated prices. It is a certainty that any police investigation will reveal similar frauds to the HSU.

And Guilfoyle funnelled over a million to the club’s architect, Peter Georgeson, who also happened to work on Guilfoyle’s home, and his motels in Mittagong and Nowra.

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Ding Dong – The Witch is Dead!

Yes, the Wicked Witch of City Tatts, Jan Ellks, will soon be getting on her broom and flying to Taree.

The Club has placed ads looking for an “Executive Assistant” which can only mean Jan is on the way out.

Was it something we said?

More details to follow shortly.

What will this do to the City Tatts Pantomime?

We lost Tweedledum and Tinker Bell last year and now the Wicked Witch is gone. But the show must go on. We’ve still got Tweedledee and Humpty Dumpty.

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Tony Guilfoyle and Michael Williamson – Greed

As previously mentioned, the most obvious characteristic shared by Tony Guilfoyle and Michael Williamson was sheer greed.

They both got very rich in organisations that were set up to serve members – not to make a profit.

Williamson was the highest paid union official in Australia. He was on a salary of $500,000 when he was charged by police.

Guilfoyle was the highest paid CEO of any single club in Australia. His salary was $600,000 when he was marched off the premises last March.

They both got salaries they would never have got on merit in a real business – because in each case their salary was effectively self-approved.

In Guilfoyle’s case the proof of this will be that he will never get that salary again in any job for the rest of his life.

But incredibly the insane salary wasn’t enough for these two.

They always wanted more, and had no scruples about how they got it.

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Did Tony Guilfoyle know Michael Williamson?

We have been reading Planet Jackson by Brad Norington.

It is an account of the wholesale looting of the Health Services Union by Michael Williamson, Kathy Jackson and Craig Thomson.

We were struck by the startling similarities between Michael Williamson and Tony Guilfoyle.

Michael Williamson was general secretary of the NSW branch of the HSU from 1995 to 2011. Now he is serving 5 years in jail for stealing from the union.

Guilfoyle was Secretary Manager of City Tatts from 2004 to 2016. He is not in jail yet, but it can only be a matter of time.

The most obvious common characteristic of these two was overwhelming greed, combined with complete disregard for the interests of the members they were paid to represent.

But they have far more in common than that and we will try to cover those areas in the next few weeks.

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Jan Ellks draws a blank!

During the early evening of Wednesday 1st of February, members gathered for the promotional draws. Just prior to the draws being conducted the most overpaid secretary in Sydney, Jan Ellks, announced that the draws would be cancelled until further notice. When the announcement was made no further details were given. The lack of detail for loyal members waiting for the draws was not surprising given the disdain Ellks has shown them in the past. Naturally some thought it might be cost-cutting or maybe the club just didn’t have the cash to pay the prizes. The real reason was more surprising.

Believe it or not, the reason the draws were cancelled was because Jan Ellks forgot to get the lottery permit to conduct the draws.

If it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny.

Really, how does such a richly paid management team fail to obtain the correct permit to give away members funds at draws designed to boost attendance in the club?

Now if this isn’t the catalyst to tap Ms Ellks on the shoulder and suggest she should consider her future, what is? Of course, at City Tatts she might get a bonus.

Next to a customer service officer and their approach to members conduct.

A Life Member rang the club on Wednesday night to get more information about the cancelled draws. What did he get for his 50c phone call? A full explanation for what happened? No. Instead he got the phone slammed down in his ear and no explanation. He did ring a second time about his treatment but we doubt anything will be done about it.

You would think that the acting CEO Mark Cooper would make sure the club had the right permits in place but he obviously didn’t. Probably too busy shuffling papers on his desk until the new CEO arrives. And we don’t expect him to take any action against Jan Ellks either. Well, he never has before.

One more thing.

Can someone tell Marcelo Veloz about this?

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Why did Marcelo Veloz want the City Tatts job?

There’s something not quite right about Marcelo Veloz taking on the City Tatts job.

Why would he want it?

Why would any CEO of any club want to move to a club riddled with corruption?

Here are some possible explanations:

Scenario A. Marcelo Veloz is as corrupt as Guilfoyle and intends to continue running the club into the ground, in order to push the property development.

The problem with this scenario is that no one who knows Veloz from Cronulla Leagues Club says that he is corrupt.

So we are ruling this out as an explanation.

Scenario B. Marcelo Veloz is an honest man who intends to clean up City Tatts.

If Veloz is an honest man, and he seems to be, then why would he go to a club riddled with corruption?

It could only be to clean it up.

But, there is a problem with this scenario.

It could not happen! It’s impossible! It’s out of the question!

There is no way that Patrick Campion and Mark Cooper could allow that. If there was a real campaign to clean up City Tatts people would go to jail. Tony Guilfoyle would go to jail. Mark Cooper would go to jail. Pat Campion could go to jail, or at least be struck off as a solicitor.

So if there was even a sniff that Marcelo Veloz planned to clean up City Tatts he would never have got the job.

Maybe he does intend to do an honest job for members but just didn’t mention it until he knew he had the job. Under this scenario he would play it cool for the first 6 months and then tackle all the rorts.

Scenario C. He just wants the bigger City Tatts salary

Maybe there’s a simpler explanation.

Maybe he just wants the job for the increased salary, intends to run the club honestly, but will not dig up past rorts. But as covered in a previous blog, “Is an honest CEO even possible at City Tatts“, it’s hard to see how this could work.

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NSW RSL and City Tatts – Legal Fees

NSW RSL is like City Tatts in many ways.

Take the amount of members money spent on legal fees for example.

The New South Wales branch of the RSL paid more than $200,000 in legal fees in the last 7 years. In one case they spent $93,000 defending a senior executive against an anti-discrimination case. The executive’s legal bill was covered by the league while the complainant received no financial support.

The CEO of RSL NSW said “it was disappointing that such a large amount of money was spent on the disputes when it could be going towards the welfare of veterans and their families” and “it was spending money defending the indefensible”.

The same goes on at City Tatts only, as always with City Tatts, the problem is far worse.

The Committee of City Tatts spent $150,000 a few years back to keep out one member who complained about John Kennedy’s role in the Bookmakers Superannuation Fund. The member had to pay his own legal fees.

Then they spent another $200,000 to keep out one member who complained about how Tony Guilfoyle and Patrick Campion were running the club.

And there has been continual spending on legal fees for a long list of unfair dismissal cases and other disputes with employees.

In total, City Tatts paid over $1,500,000 in legal fees to Bartier Perry during Tony Guilfoyle’s time as CEO.

That is not a misprint. They really did pay $1,500,000 in legal fees during Guilfoyle’s time.

Everything the CEO of NSW RSL said about their spending on legal fees applies to City Tatts. Actually more so, given the staggering amounts involved.

And the final City Tatts touch: Every year the Committee reports to members that the total Legal Fees Paid by the Club for Directors and Employees is ….. NIL !!!

Something else for Marcelo Veloz to think about.

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