This is really really stupid

Someone at City Tattersalls Club, possibly Jan Ellks, put a statement on the club’s website setting out what they are looking for in new committee members.

And it is really, really stupid!

This is the exactly the sort of nonsense Guilfoyle used to spout, while he failed miserably at the basics of running a club.

City Tatts does not need people with experience in “strategic planning” or marketing or PR. That’s attempting to fix a problem with more of the same problem.

What the committee of City Tatts needs to do is listen to it’s own members!

Members knew what to do ten years ago when they called a special meeting to halt Guilfoyle’s destruction. And not just in general terms. They pointed out the disastrous decision to get rid of a very popular restaurant, the Smorgasbord, and replace it with something Guilfoyle wanted, Zest. They also challenged the inflated salaries awarded to executives who seemed to lack even average ability to do their jobs. They were also aware of the amount of money wasted on building projects that achieved nothing.

And everything that has happened to the club since then proved the members right, and that was in 2006.

And how did the committee respond?

They did everything to protect Guilfoyle, and ignored members.

City Tatts Information Desk


Tony Guilfoyle and Michael Williamson – No copies for committee!

When Michael Williamson handed out documents with financial information at HSU board meetings he always made sure to retrieve them at the end of the meeting. He did not want anyone examining them too closely.

Incredibly, Guilfoyle did exactly the same at City Tatts. He even used the same legal phrase, “commercial in confidence”, to justify it.

Actually, this was one of Jan Ellks’ jobs at the end of a meeting. In fact, Jan had more financial information about the club than the committee.

This insane paranoia in any organisation where every decision is supposed to be purely in the interests of members is a tip-off that the organisation is rotten. No honest club, or union, needs that kind of secrecy.

Guilfoyle used to claim that other clubs or restaurants or bars in the CBD would use the information against City Tatts!

Sometimes with Guilfoyle it was hard to tell if it was just another lie or whether he had started to believe his own bullshit.

No club or restaurant or bar in the CBD felt any competitive threat from City Tatts while Guilfoyle was there. Guilfoyle’s insane mismanagement drove people from City Tatts to the other clubs and restaurants and bars!

This obsessive concern about secrecy is never for the club (or union) – it is always to protect the corrupt CEO from his own members.

City Tatts Information Desk

Tony Guilfoyle and Michael Williamson – Low Profile

Michael Williamson was paid to represent the interests of his union members.

He was the head of the largest branch of the HSU and was a key figure in the Labor Party. At one time he was national president of the ALP.

But he always avoided getting involved in public campaigns for union concerns. In fact, he was completely unknown to the general public. This strange behaviour used to puzzle other union officials

But it makes perfect sense when you know he is looting the union.

When you have your hand in the till the last thing you want is publicity.

It was exactly the same with Guilfoyle.

Guilfoyle was the highest paid club manager in New South Wales and ran the club for his personal benefit. And based on what he said at meetings, and wrote about himself, he seemed to think he was a genius.

Yet he kept such a low profile he was almost invisible, even within the club. Members who were in the club 3 or 4 days a week for 10 years said they had never seen Guilfoyle.

It’s the combination of the inflated ego and the low profile that is the red flag here.

So if you know a club, or union, or anything where the CEO is a big spender, has a massive ego but keeps a very low profile, watch out!

He’s probably looting the place.

City Tatts Information Desk

Tony Guilfoyle and Michael Williamson – Girlfriend’s role in fraud

Within a few years of Michael Williamson gaining control of the NSW branch of the HSU it was rotten to the core. It’s main function was to support Williamson’s lifestyle.

And it was only natural that the closest person to him, his girlfriend, would be fully involved in the looting.

It was Cheryl McMillan who set up the meeting where Williamson proposed his Communigraphix credit card scam.

But she was up to her neck in other frauds. McMillan had the title of “procurement manager”. Her main supplier was Access Focus, a company owned by Alf Downing. The HSU paid it over $4 million in 4 years.

In fact, Williamson had told Downing to inflate the prices for everything by up to 25%. Downing took his share of the excess and handed the rest to McMillan as cash in plain envelopes at their regular coffee meetings. McMillan gave half of the cash to Williamson and kept half for herself. Each received over $600,000 this way.

Every part of City Tatts was riddled with rorts under Tony Guilfoyle. Restaurants, building jobs, consultants, services, you name it – there was a rort of some kind going on.

And the property development was intended to be the biggest fraud of the lot. This was to be a $50 million fraud – basically the value of the City Tatts site was gifted to the chosen developer. In fact, Guilfoyle’s entire career as CEO was leading up to this. And Kirsty Assad was heavily involved in the property development.

But then Guilfoyle was fired!

Now Guilfoyle was a complete imbecile, so in theory it was always possible that he would be sacked for incompetence. But the committee never had a problem with that before.

According to Campion, they couldn’t agree on a new contract with Guilfoyle. But what would that have to do with Kirsty Assad? This is the real smoking gun. She was no more, or no less, incompetent that night than the day before. What possible reason would there be to sack a marketing manager, without notice, just because the committee couldn’t agree a new contract with a CEO?

So ignore Campion’s lies. It’s obvious- Guilfoyle was caught swindling the Club, and the girlfriend was involved.

That is the only explanation that fits the facts.

City Tatts Information Desk

Tony Guilfoyle and Michael Williamson – Girlfriends

Michael Williamson was married with five children. But he also had a girlfriend, Cheryl McMillan, who worked at the HSU.

Tony Guilfoyle was also married, with five children. But he also had a girlfriend, Kirsty Assad, employed by City Tatts.

This is only to be expected when a CEO comes to see his employer’s money as his own. Instead of paying for prostitutes with your own money, why not have the club (or union) pay for your girlfriend?

But this is always a disaster for the members.

First, the girlfriend is always paid more than she is worth. Cheryl McMillan was paid $155,000 and a car for working two days a week. Kirsty Assad was paid over $100,000. She might have done a lot of running around and looking busy but she was a total failure when judged by the only thing that matters: what did she do for the members who paid her wages? Of course, girlfriends in these situations are often so self-absorbed they come to believe they are worth the money they receive.

Having the CEO’s girlfriend working in the office also has a terrible effect on other staff, and the organisation. It sends a clear message to all staff that doing your best for members is a waste of time – pleasing the CEO is what counts. The girlfriend also knows she can’t be sacked, which can lead to arrogance. Remember Guilfoyle’s previous girlfriend, Tania Purdy, and the burned toast incident.

Lastly, when the organisation is already corrupt the girlfriend is usually involved in the corruption. We will cover that next.

City Tatts Information Desk

Tony Guilfoyle and Michael Williamson – Private School Fees

Michael Williamson had 5 children who all went to private schools. The two sons went to Cranbrook in Bellevue Hill and the three daughters went to St. Catherines in Waverley.

Tony Guilfoyle had 5 children, and all went to private schools. The four boys went to St Joseph’s in Hunters Hill, thanks to John Healy.

You might say this is just another amazing coincidence but it is far more important than that.

It was what started Kate McClymont’s investigation into Michael Williamson.

A parent of a girl at St Catherines suggested that the person she should be investigating was not Craig Thomson, but Williamson.

At the time McClymont had been looking into Craig Thomson’s use of union funds. She had never even heard of Michael Williamson.

The parent said that Williamson seemed to have an unusually lavish lifestyle for a union official. He drove a black Mercedes and a big four wheel drive. He splashed money around at school events and he and his wife travelled first class.

The parent told McClymont that union officials just didn’t get the sort of money needed for that lifestyle. So she decided to have a closer look, which eventually led to Williamson’s downfall.

Patrick Campion’s wife teaches at St Catherines. Maybe she knew Williamson.

City Tatts Information Desk

Head of People & Culture!!

Looking at the ridiculous ad for Jan Ellks’ job you have to ask:

Who wrote this crap?

Could it be the Head of People & Culture?

What’s that you say? Have we been invaded by North Korea?

No, City Tatts now has a Head of People & Culture!

And who is this person? Is it Joseph Goebbels?

No, apparently someone called Kristina St Vincent-Jones.

She was the HR Manager before, but had some issue with Guilfoyle and left. After Guilfoyle got the boot she returned. Overall that is encouraging. The fact that she has a title like Head of People & Culture is a very bad sign.

Actually, we always worry when someone with a hyphenated name gets a job at City Tatts. Remember a few years back we had The Hyphenator (Lisa-Faye Tudhope-Wickham).

Anyway here at the City Tatts Information Desk we want to join in the job search but we don’t have a Head of People & Culture. Although looking at recent blogs we probably need one more than the club!

So seeing that we are looking for a replacement for the Wicked Witch we watched a few episodes of Finding Bigfoot and Hunting Hitler. Sure, these shows never actually find Bigfoot, or Hitler, or anything but we had to start somewhere and we picked up a few search tips.

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