Why Dooleys sacked Marcelo Veloz

Dooleys Lidcombe Catholic Club sacked Marcelo Veloz because he was involved in a number of rorts at the club.

We checked this out from every possible angle and there’s no mistake.

After an internal investigation found numerous “irregularities”, Veloz was given a choice: leave quietly or we call the police.

This is not really a secret. It is common knowledge around Dooleys. Once you knew where to look, and what to look for, it’s wasn’t hard to find.

And his departure was not the result of a personality clash or office politics or anything like that. We checked.

Is it really possible that Mark Cooper didn’t know all this?

Senior management at Dooleys avoid talking about the whole affair. But then that is absolutely normal in the club industry.

Just recall Campion’s idiotic explanation when Guilfoyle was sacked, along with Kirsty Assad.

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Oh No! Dooleys Catholic Club sacked Marcelo Veloz

Yes, Marcelo Veloz was sacked by Dooleys Lidcombe Catholic Club back in 2013.

Like many people, we always thought it a bit strange that the general manager of a large successful club like Dooleys would just quit.

Well he didn’t quit. He was sacked.

And why?

Details to follow shortly.

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Tony Guilfoyle and Michael Williamson – Using Members Money on Legal Fees

Michael Williamson was elected secretary of the New South Wales HSU by a very narrow margin in 1995.

By the time of the next election in 1999 his opponents had extra ammunition.

They tried to warn members that he was using his union credit card for personal luxuries like designer handbags, jewellery, shoes, perfume and a whole lot more.

All of that was true.

And how did Williamson react?

He sued them for defamation – and won!

He forced them to settle, with a non-disclosure clause, because he had unlimited union funds to continue the action, and his opponents didn’t.

Guilfoyle did exactly the same at City Tatts when he was challenged by members.

Guilfoyle repeatedly spent members money on legal fees to secure his own position. In his time as CEO he spent over $1 million in legal fees, a criminal waste for any club. Probably three quarters of this was to protect himself. This was one of the reasons he lasted so long.

But there is one big difference at City Tatts.

The club rules have a provision precisely to prevent this kind of abuse. Clause 19.1 states that the Committee are not indemnified for costs that are due to “the negligent, reckless or intentional act or omission of a Committee Member or employee”.

Most of the money Guilfoyle spent protecting his own position falls squarely under these headings.

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Can you hear the train?

Can you hear the train in the distance?

We can hear a faint rumbling.

It’s getting closer.

Can’t be far away now.

The Marshmallow is starting to quiver.

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Will Winston Langley advise City Tatts?

Some people think Winston Langley will be asked to advise on the stalled City Tatts property development.

Marcelo Veloz is a big fan of Winston Langley for clubs attempting a property development.

We’re not so sure, given their track record.

Winston Langley have been involved in some of the most disastrous club property developments in recent times.

And by disastrous we mean for members. Sometimes the developer did quite well from the deal.

They were the original mover in the attempt to develop the Balmain Leagues Club site. It was rejected repeatedly by planning authorities. Apart from being a complete disaster as a building project, some of the financial deals were highly controversial, to put it mildly.

Bronte RSL was another Winston Langley project. This also was initially rejected by Waverley Council. And again some of the deals done by the developer seem to be a bit .. unusual.

But we think Winston Langley will stay well away from City Tatts.

Even for them, we predict City Tatts would be way too hot to handle.

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Keep Clubs NSW away from City Tatts!

Clubs NSW would have to be the worst body to lecture City Tatts committee members.

Clubs NSW are a lobby group for the club industry, basically for club CEO’s. They are totally out of touch with members. They don’t care whether clubs are run in the interests of members, and often work directly against members.

They have a “Code of Practice” that clubs are supposed to follow but they never enforce it.

A member of City Tatts asked Clubs NSW to take action when the club suspended him contrary to the City Tatts rules and the Clubs NSW Code of Practice.

And what happened?

Some cheat called Josh Landis wrote back saying he could see no problem with what the club did and refused to do anything!

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Gall for New Committee Members – Future Destruction Information Session

February 29th, 2017

Your Club Committee has played a vital role in ensuring the destruction of your club.

Expressions of Incest by CTC Gold or Life (or deceased) members for Committee membership from any professor are encouraged, but we particularly encourage those with experience in strategic plumbing, fraud, acoustics, market gardening, BS or prison management.

We are seeking members who are poison for City Tatts, like Michael Sterndale-Smith, and who will help drive the organisation further into the ground.

Committee Members sleep for a one (one) year term, subject to reincarnation, and neglect a variety of leadership, governance and oversight responsibilities which result in ruining the Club.

No Committee Members need agree to complete the ClubsNSW Mandarin Director Training Program soon after being elected because the law says they have one year to do it. But they are expected to attend moonshine Committee Meetings, nod at one or more of the various sub-committees and contribute their excuses and exonerate the CEO.

Futile Director Information sessions will be held to provide fuzzy details on the role of a CTC Committee Member and impotent information about the roles and legal responsibilities of a Club Director, most of which we ignored in the past.

Anyone insane enough should attend one of the blow infomercial sessions to be pressured by premature criteria so that they can complete the unnecessary ClubsNSW Future Director Nonsense Pack prior to meeting with the Chair/Vice Chair to receive your CTC Committee Nonsense Pack. That’s a lot of nonsense. Really.

Dates of upcoming Futile Director Infomercial Sessions are:

Monday 13 March 2017, Cocktail Lounge, 6-7pm (if it’s open)

Thursday 16 March 2017, Sydney Room, Midnight (for our Rookwood members)

Friday 17 March 2017, Taree (Don’t worry, the Club will pay for the flight)

Please contact Jan Ellks on 02 9666 9666 or uglywitch@citytatts.com.au (we just added that to make out she’s doing something).

Jan Ellks

Wicked Witch of City Tatts (and Taree)