194 Pitt Street Hoax: 1 – What it would do for members

When the Committee decided to buy 194 Pitt Street, they needed members approval.

Their main pitch was what the building would do for members.

Basically, none of the promised benefits have materialised.

The cafe and restaurant never happened. In fact, they got a very swift rejection from Sydney City Council.

The new admin offices never happened.

And the terrace for smokers was later duplicated at the Silks street frontage, proving that it could have been there all along.

The only part of the building ever to be used, the ground floor, only highlighted how dishonest the Committee had been. The poker machines installed in 194 were just moved down from the Masquerade area. This farce was later exposed by Tony Guilfoyle himself when he started selling poker machines. That showed that Silks could easily house all the poker machines that were needed.

It’s simple.

The only reason Guilfoyle wanted to buy 194 Pitt Street was for the property development he always dreamed of.

City Tatts Information Desk


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