City Tatts now has it’s own lockout laws!

Members have reported that the second floor admin area of the club has been locked and the office receptionist relocated. Apparently, access to the library is now “by appointment” only.

We decided to investigate this and assumed it was part of the general purge on award rate staff hours, as previously mentioned.

But we were wrong.

It appears that the catalyst for the change is management’s total paranoia. Marcelo Veloz’s plan is to cut off access to member facilities previously offered in the admin area in a futile attempt to reduce the amount of reporting members do about the shambolic admin area!

The main observations by members usually include the high number of staff employed in there, and what they could all be doing, the sustained incompetence on display from the highest paid executives, and the general inept performance of the whole admin function. Strangely there is no sign of anyone’s hours being cut.

We can only guess as to what areas of the club Veloz will lock members out of next. He won’t have to worry about the restaurants and bars, that’s for sure. The committee allowed these to become no-go zones for most members ages ago!

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City Tatts CEO helps out with staffing cuts!

We all know how sad and pathetic City Tatts has become.

Well this has moved to the office as well. Only a couple of weeks ago the club’s CEO Marcelo Veloz decided that staff should have their shifts chopped. This cull of hours began immediately with Veloz’s loyal deputy Daniel Graham taking a sword to all floor staff and reducing hours. Makes you wonder about the alleged 2000 new members.

The only problem is that the cull has been so drastic that Veloz has been called on to work as a glassie. Yes, he was seen collecting glasses in the Lower Bar. The members who witnessed this also reported that while Veloz was doing this he was not so suitably attired in a Cronulla Football Club track suit!

Now try to hold that image in your mind. Here we have the CEO of the organisation collecting glasses, due to his own self-imposed cull of workers hours, and while he was doing this he dresses in the track suit of another club!

Is it any wonder people laugh at City Tatts?

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Bringing discredit to City Tattersalls Club

Whatever Patrick Campion’s actual motivation for talking to the Daily Telegraph, someone should tell him to stop.

It’s a little embarrassing. The Telegraph is a very downmarket publication, not at all a good fit for City Tatts.

Campion is supposed to be representing members but it seems like the only thing on his mind is a property development. This is basically following Tony Guilfoyle’s agenda.

And he’s trying to solve a problem with more of the same problem. The basic problem at City Tatts since 2004 was the removal or destruction of everything that was good about the club, and then offering hype, propaganda and empty slogans as an alternative.

Campion is in danger of becoming a laughing stock. If he doesn’t mind making a fool of himself that’s his own business. But he shouldn’t do it to City Tatts.

He’s bringing discredit to the club.

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Patrick Campion’s press briefings – Who are they for?

Looking at Patrick Campion’s recent press briefings, members have wondered: What exactly are they for?

Or maybe it would be better to ask: Who are they for?

How would talking to the Daily Telegraph do anything for members?

So is the whole exercise for City Tatts, or personal damage limitation for Patrick Campion?

The newspaper story had all the hallmarks of something put together by an advertising agency. But it came across depicting Campion as a desperate man trying to climb out of a hole he’s dug for himself.

These advertising agencies wouldn’t be working for free.

Is this really an appropriate use of club funds?

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Pat Campion just doesn’t get it

There was a rather strange article about City Tatts in the Daily Telegraph last week.

A big part of it was taken up by tales of how the Club used to be.

Well, yes, the Club used to be very successful and used to have a very good reputation.

That was when it had the International Buffet, the Negus Tavern, the Corinthian Room and a thriving Esperanto. It also had senior management who were still in touch with the members and cared about the Club.

It’s quite strange that Pat Campion would want to remind everyone how far the Club has fallen during his time on the Committee.

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Compare the 194 Cafe and Restaurant to the property development

It’s not hard to see what matters to the Committee.

All you have to do is look at where the money is spent.

The Cafe and Restaurant at 194 Pitt Street are good examples.

Remember them?

According to the Committee there was going to be a “Small Coffee House” and a “Separate Restaurant” at 194 Pitt Street, both trading to the public as well as members, within two years of buying it, ie. by 2009.

And how did they work out?

They never happened. In fact, they never got off the drawing board. The Council knocked them back straight away.

And what did the Committee do? Did they put renewed effort and resources into making sure they were completed? No, they just forgot about them. They were never mentioned again, despite being, apparently, one of the main reasons for buying 194.

Now take a look at something they really do care about, a property development.

It is clear that Tony Guilfoyle was obsessed with a property development, any property development. But the proposal he came up with was 100% in favour of the developer, and did nothing for the club. And Patrick Campion either didn’t have the brains to see this, or was too weak to stop it.

And just look at how much money that has been spent on this attempt, despite total failure since 2012. In reality they are no closer to a property development than when Mirvac were appointed in December 2013. In fact, they are still on the starting line.

And now Patrick Campion says he is ready to spend more!

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Marcelo Veloz ready to quit?

The latest rumour at City Tatts is that Marcelo Veloz is close to quitting.

It’s possible.

You can understand why he would be considering it.

The club is obviously in deep trouble. Guilfoyle’s 12 years of insane mismanagement are really showing. And the blogs are driving Veloz mad. He thinks about them every day.

And the one thing that was supposed to be the saviour, for him and the committee, the property development, is a complete shambles. Everyone knows it’s going to be years before they get full planning permission, if they ever get it. And by then, selling the apartments might be impossible because of the state of the property market.

But if he does want to quit, where would he go?

Even in an industry as shonky as the Club industry, who exactly would hire him now?

So he might decide to hang in there.

But in 6 months City Tatts will probably be in a worse condition. And if he thinks the blogs are making it difficult to find a job now, another 6 months relentless coverage will make it impossible!

So jumping ship now might be the best option.

It’s a close call.

Naturally we will do all we can to help!

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