194 Pitt Street – Ten Years Later

On Tuesday 25th September 2007 the Committee of City Tattersalls Club held a special General Meeting to tell members it had agreed to buy 194 Pitt Street for $9 million.

At the time the rumour around the Club was that the Committee only decided to call the meeting after a barrister threatened to take them to the Supreme Court if they didn’t.

Present at the meeting were the Chairman, John Healy, the Vice Chairman, John Kennedy along with Laurie Coy, Jim Chen, Paul Cavallaro, Bill Hurley and Kevin Smith.

Tony Guilfoyle and Mark Cooper were there representing the management.

Anyway, you know the rest.

The purchase was an absolute disaster and crippled the Club from that day forward. None of the benefits promised to members ever materialised. Even today, September 2017, only one floor out of eight has ever been used. (See previous blogs 194 Pitt Street Hoax)

And Tony Guilfoyle’s dream of a property development, the only reason for buying it, looks as far away as ever.

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Time to call last drinks on Campion?

Would it be fair to say Patrick Campion has aged a lot in the last few years?

It wasn’t all that long ago that he looked more than sprightly for his age. His gym work was up to the mark for someone his vintage. But when the wheels well and truly came off where Guilfoyle was concerned, poor Campion staered to look a little “creased” shall we say. It was noticeable in the gym that he appeared rusty.

There is no doubt that the enormous pressure Guilfoyle created for him is a contributing factor. But there is something else at play here. You see, Pat is partial to a tipple. In fact, those in the City Tatts inner circle say he is a borderline alcoholic. He loves the stuff, especially when someone else is paying, like the members of City Tatts.

Watching from a distance members have recently noticed the amount of sales being rung through the City Tatts tills under the Committee entertainment rort. This is where Campion gets to eat and drink anything he wants without paying for it. He has been entertaining all and sundry on the members’ money. His guest list is too long to detail here but it certainly includes his own family. Now how would his family, namely his three daughters, yes that’s right, three of them, be entitled to eat and drink for free under the guise of Committee entertainment?

It just goes to show that the rorts just keep coming, and for once Guilfoyle can’t be blamed. Although he did encourage Campion to take advantage of the club through the Committee entertainment rort, and the $80,000 to his brother’s eye clinic in Moree.

Maybe members will soon report that Campion has a few special guests for free dinner. Imagine how funny it would be to see Guilfoyle himself, the mastermind of City Tatts rorting, at the Campion table. And why not invite Tania Purdy and Kirsty Assad as well? Imagine the topic of conversation after a few bottles of the finest member-paid bubbly had been emptied into their bloodstreams.

Food for thought.

City Tatts Information Desk


Second hand Rose or second hand furniture?

Members of City Tatts have seen much change and upheaval in recent times but so far no sign of a child care centre.

Now it’s surprising this hasn’t happened as Marcelo Veloz is quite adept at arranging and managing such a concern. Apparently his wife owns and runs a child care centre located next to a very large western sydney club. Now this is not startling news but it has come to light that there appears to be some sort of reciprocal arrangement between that club and City Tatts.

Recently City Tatts purchased some “new furniture”. After inspecting the new stuff it became apparent that the new furniture was, in fact, old second-hand furniture. The grapevine started to work overtime and details soon emerged about the cheap furniture purchased for $10 a piece. Now just think about that. A proud club like City Tatts purchasing old furniture from another club because it can’t afford new items.

The whole scenario is almost unbelievable but there is a twist to the tale. Exactly how much did City Tatts pay for the old furniture? This is a good question given Veloz’s track record at Dooleys with inflated invoices. Initial reports indicate that what the other club sold for, and what Veloz paid, are two different amounts.

Now back to the child care centre. Has the internal auditor detected any unusual spending in the City Tatts accounts for items pertaining to a child care centre?

Come to think of it, has he ever detected anything in the City Tatts accounts?

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Never a dull moment with these badge draws!

Remember the blog detailing the badge draws that had to be cancelled earlier this year because that imbecile Jan Ellks forgot to arrange the permits for them?

Well it appears that the same badge draws are still raising eyebrows.

At 4pm on the 13th of July a person walked into the club and joined up as a $5 member. On receiving their membership card this person swiped it at the badge draw terminal and placed their entry into the ticket barrel provided.

At 6pm you could imagine how happy this lucky new member was when their ticket was drawn which won them a prize of $200.

Well if they thought it was their lucky day then, they didn’t quite realise what good fortune was to be shortly bestowed upon them

At 9pm on the same night the major members draw was scheduled to be conducted. All entries in the barrel were in the running for a prize of $30,000. Not exactly chump change, is it?

Now what are the odds of the same person that won the $200 earlier in the night also winning the $30,000?

Let’s look at the maths. There are in excess of 14,000 members of City Tattersalls who are eligible to swipe their card and enter the draw, but of course not all of these people swiped for the draw. But let’s say 500 did swipe. This is a very conservative figure for a prize of this magnitude.

Now to the maths. If 500 people entered the first draw, the winner had a 500 to 1 chance of winning. If the same 500 entered the second draw the odds of the same person being pulled out of the same barrel are 500 multiplied by 500, or 250,000 to 1.

Yes, that’s right, a quarter of a million to one. But it happened, in the foyer of City Tattersalls on Thursday 13 July 2017.

In the past we thought the draws were a bit hot when a car was won by an unknown female who, rumour had it, was a friend of Kirsty Assad. But this latest result is amazing.

And who was the management delegate watching over the draws on the 13th of July?

Daniel Graham, Marcelo Veloz’s yes man.

Now why are we not surprised?

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What will Annette Niven do now?

Where does Annette Niven go to from here?

If you read her election manifesto she makes it clear her main interest is a property development.

Actually most of the manifesto looks like it was generated by a computer. It’s really just a string of catchphrases and slogans that don’t mean anything.

But now that the property development is at a standstill, where does that leave Niven?

Will she start to take an interest in the rest of the club?

Or will she just quit?

Apparently she is “actively involved” with aged care.

That could come in handy for dealing with Fruitjuice Berry or Laurie Coy.

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3 months since Land & Environment Court rejection

Today marks three months since the Land & Environment Court rejected the Campion/Guilfoyle property development attempt.

And what has happened since then?

Nothing, of course.

This development attempt is finished.

For more details see previous blogs Guilfoyle’s property development is dead.

These were posted over a year ago.

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What’s the story with this Milorad Sekuljica?

We have always wondered about Milorad Sekuljica.

He is the famous “City Tatts Internal Auditor”.

If you are a regular reader of this blog you already know that “Internal Auditor” at City Tatts is basically a joke.

Just remember what the finances of City Tatts looked like under Tony Guilfoyle:

  • Restaurants losing $8000 a week, each
  • Millions squandered on a perpetual building program
  • More millions handed to useless “consultants”, and
  • Laughable penny-pinching to save a few dollars, such as increasing gym locker fees

Someone has come up with an estimate of what Guilfoyle cost City Tatts over 12 years: $40 million. We think that is on the low side.

So could an honest man be the “internal auditor” at City Tatts with all that going on?

And this guy has been there since 2005.

These are a few possible explanations:

  • He’s not very bright and just doesn’t know what’s going on
  • He just does the basic, low level checking, then hands it over to Mark Cooper and washes his hands of it
  • He’s up to his neck in the rorts and corruption

Up until now, we’ve always given this guy the benefit of the doubt, on the basis that he might just be a simpleton.

But now that he has been moved into the bunker with Humpty Dumpty, is that telling us he is one of the chosen few, fully involved in all the rorts?

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