Never a dull moment with these badge draws!

Remember the blog detailing the badge draws that had to be cancelled earlier this year because that imbecile Jan Ellks forgot to arrange the permits for them?

Well it appears that the same badge draws are still raising eyebrows.

At 4pm on the 13th of July a person walked into the club and joined up as a $5 member. On receiving their membership card this person swiped it at the badge draw terminal and placed their entry into the ticket barrel provided.

At 6pm you could imagine how happy this lucky new member was when their ticket was drawn which won them a prize of $200.

Well if they thought it was their lucky day then, they didn’t quite realise what good fortune was to be shortly bestowed upon them

At 9pm on the same night the major members draw was scheduled to be conducted. All entries in the barrel were in the running for a prize of $30,000. Not exactly chump change, is it?

Now what are the odds of the same person that won the $200 earlier in the night also winning the $30,000?

Let’s look at the maths. There are in excess of 14,000 members of City Tattersalls who are eligible to swipe their card and enter the draw, but of course not all of these people swiped for the draw. But let’s say 500 did swipe. This is a very conservative figure for a prize of this magnitude.

Now to the maths. If 500 people entered the first draw, the winner had a 500 to 1 chance of winning. If the same 500 entered the second draw the odds of the same person being pulled out of the same barrel are 500 multiplied by 500, or 250,000 to 1.

Yes, that’s right, a quarter of a million to one. But it happened, in the foyer of City Tattersalls on Thursday 13 July 2017.

In the past we thought the draws were a bit hot when a car was won by an unknown female who, rumour had it, was a friend of Kirsty Assad. But this latest result is amazing.

And who was the management delegate watching over the draws on the 13th of July?

Daniel Graham, Marcelo Veloz’s yes man.

Now why are we not surprised?

City Tatts Information Desk


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