Time to call last drinks on Campion?

Would it be fair to say Patrick Campion has aged a lot in the last few years?

It wasn’t all that long ago that he looked more than sprightly for his age. His gym work was up to the mark for someone his vintage. But when the wheels well and truly came off where Guilfoyle was concerned, poor Campion staered to look a little “creased” shall we say. It was noticeable in the gym that he appeared rusty.

There is no doubt that the enormous pressure Guilfoyle created for him is a contributing factor. But there is something else at play here. You see, Pat is partial to a tipple. In fact, those in the City Tatts inner circle say he is a borderline alcoholic. He loves the stuff, especially when someone else is paying, like the members of City Tatts.

Watching from a distance members have recently noticed the amount of sales being rung through the City Tatts tills under the Committee entertainment rort. This is where Campion gets to eat and drink anything he wants without paying for it. He has been entertaining all and sundry on the members’ money. His guest list is too long to detail here but it certainly includes his own family. Now how would his family, namely his three daughters, yes that’s right, three of them, be entitled to eat and drink for free under the guise of Committee entertainment?

It just goes to show that the rorts just keep coming, and for once Guilfoyle can’t be blamed. Although he did encourage Campion to take advantage of the club through the Committee entertainment rort, and the $80,000 to his brother’s eye clinic in Moree.

Maybe members will soon report that Campion has a few special guests for free dinner. Imagine how funny it would be to see Guilfoyle himself, the mastermind of City Tatts rorting, at the Campion table. And why not invite Tania Purdy and Kirsty Assad as well? Imagine the topic of conversation after a few bottles of the finest member-paid bubbly had been emptied into their bloodstreams.

Food for thought.

City Tatts Information Desk



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