194 Pitt Street – Ten Years Later

On Tuesday 25th September 2007 the Committee of City Tattersalls Club held a special General Meeting to tell members it had agreed to buy 194 Pitt Street for $9 million.

At the time the rumour around the Club was that the Committee only decided to call the meeting after a barrister threatened to take them to the Supreme Court if they didn’t.

Present at the meeting were the Chairman, John Healy, the Vice Chairman, John Kennedy along with Laurie Coy, Jim Chen, Paul Cavallaro, Bill Hurley and Kevin Smith.

Tony Guilfoyle and Mark Cooper were there representing the management.

Anyway, you know the rest.

The purchase was an absolute disaster and crippled the Club from that day forward. None of the benefits promised to members ever materialised. Even today, September 2017, only one floor out of eight has ever been used. (See previous blogs 194 Pitt Street Hoax)

And Tony Guilfoyle’s dream of a property development, the only reason for buying it, looks as far away as ever.

City Tatts Information Desk


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