200 Days of Marcelo Veloz

When a new person holds office in any capacity it is customary to look back after the first 100 days to assess their performance.

This was done with Donald Trump so if it’s good enough for The Donald it should be good enough for The Marshmallow. Now here at the City Tatts Information Desk we felt we needed to give Veloz a bit longer so we gave him 200 days. So let’s look at his achievements in his first 200 days of holding office:

  • Replaced the Club’s furniture with second-hand furniture
  • Employed his own crew in Daniel Graham and Jodie Blues on massive money
  • Founded the City Tatts high performance bunker
  • Empowered Humpty Dumpty to run the City Tatts high performance bunker
  • Locked members out of their own library and made access by appointment only
  • Slashed staff hours
  • Sacked the Club’s union representative. This is currently before the courts.
  • Sold off the Club’s gaming assets – gaming machines and gaming licences
  • Closed Cafe 2
  • Held a Chilean Independence Day function in the Club to build his own profile in the Chilean community

Now you be the judge. Is it just us or is this bloke a bigger bluffer than Guilfoyle? 200 days in the CEO role and nothing to show for it except inept performance.

What did we say about him being another Guilfoyle?

So you be the judge. Pass or fail for Veloz during his first 200 days?

City Tatts Information Desk


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