Just why did Veloz take the City Tatts job?

Members have been canvassing opinions as to why Marcelo Veloz left where he was to take the City Tatts job. Something just doesn’t stack up. Why would you go from a thriving corporate entity like the Cronulla Sharks to a run-down, broke club full of rattling skeletons? That is, unless you were used to skeletons rattling in your own closet.

Just to refresh your memory Cronulla Sharks, the club Veloz left to go to City Tatts, won the National Rubgy League title just five months before Veloz ended up at City Tatts. He was the CEO of the Sharks Leagues Club when they won the title. What we are working through is the process Veloz used to make his decision.

All we can come up with is that Veloz is on a big whack of cash at City Tatts. But it couldn’t be much more than the CEO of a successful club that had just won the number one rugby league competition in the world, could it?

The other factor to consider is the insane property development that Guilfoyle dreamt up. Could this have been the driver for Veloz to give up his Sharks gig for City Tatts? That doesn’t seem likely because the Sharks were already doing their own development. In fact, their Woolooware bay property development has 500 units. If Veloz had a job where property development was underway yet he left that to be part of another property development that was half the size, the obvious question is why?

Scouts are still looking into this move from Cronulla to City Tatts because it doesn’t make sense. Could it be that the same sort of skeletons rattling at Dooleys Catholic Club when Veloz was shown the door started rattling at Cronulla in 2016, just a few months before he ended up at City Tatts?

City Tatts Information Desk


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