What’s cooking in the kitchen?

Rummaging through the smoke and ashes that Veloz created for himself recently we stumbled across his past working relationship with a chef from Cronulla Leagues Club.

This chef’s name is Simon McNamara and he worked with Veloz at Sharkies. He also worked at City Tatts with Veloz.

How interesting.

McNamara left City Tatts when blogs started to appear naming Veloz as one who inflated invoices and ripped off past employers through over charging and, well, charging for no work.

Is it a coincidence that McNamara got out then, or maybe he is smarter than Veloz?

Actually you’d hardly believe what we found out about their working relationship. And by working we mean working hot.

McNamara liked the girls. One girl in particular worked very closely with him. This same girl had a permanent partner at home but McNamara lured her into his lair. Luckily for her she saw the error of her ways and got out of the web McNamara had spun and as a result has made a life for herself with her partner.

Is this an example of the Veloz style of management, carried over from previous clubs, now in play at City Tatts?

City Tatts Information Desk


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