Same Trough – Different Snouts

The City Tatts Race Day was held at Randwick on Saturday.

It’s always interesting to see who sponsors the races. Basically it’s a good guide to which snouts are currently in the trough.

Think about it. If Bartier Perry were happy to chip in $25,000 to sponsor a race while Tony Guilfoyle was there, they were telling you that they were doing so well out of City Tatts they could afford to do that and still come out ahead. It’s as simple as that.

Strange to say, Bartier Perry and Aristocrat Gaming have dropped out this year. That can only mean they are no longer getting enough money to cover the sponsorship.

But don’t worry. They have been replaced by a few Veloz favourites who will expect to be fully reimbursed in time.

Last year four of the nine races were named for City Tatts. This year there was one.

By the way, we are amazed that Clubs NSW would take the risk of being associated with Marcelo Veloz.

City Tatts Information Desk


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