The Guilfoyle Lunch Box

Lunch for the Guilfoyle family was such a treat. Not only would the head of the table get his North Queensland sugar bananas and his special bread roll, but the kiddies would get nice freshly cooked hamburgers and fresh juices straight out of the Cafe 2 kitchen.

The deal was this. Guilfoyle would give a food order to a chef, who would then instruct the staff in Cafe 2 to prepare all these meals which would total up to 20. The meals were specific: hamburgers, chicken fillet burgers, steak sandwiches, fresh juices, for which special juice bottles were provided. And it didn’t stop there. They also would have an assortment of milk shakes prepared and like the juices, in specially provided containers.

When the stash was ready for taking away it was placed into a two wheel shopping trolley. A chef would then be called who would take the meals inside the shopping trolley to either Guilfoyle’s office or straight to Guilfoyle’s car which was parked in a nearby carpark. On some occasions Guilfoyle’s then wife would drop in and collect the trolley full of food.

At the time staff were confused as to what Mrs Guilfoyle would do with such an arsenal of food. Over time it became known that the food was taken to Guilfoyle’s son’s school and handed out to anyone who wanted a feed. Now Guilfoyle might have seen this as a way of “giving something back” and who are we to judge. A bit like Robin Hood stealing from the rich, in this instance the club, and giving to the poor, the school kids.

But the one thing that was very confusing to all and sundry was that the food was going to kids at St. Josephs Hunters Hill and it is unlikely they needed a free feed. So what was it? It doesn’t quite make sense, but with Guilfoyle, what did? All we know is that it showed how far the stealing and thieving extended. The staff referred to it as “The Lunch Box”. So while member amenities were being cut back this cretin was supplying kids at his son’s private school with food and beverages prepared by City Tatts staff and paid for by the club.

As usual Mark Cooper knew all about it and chose to do nothing.

Over to you (again!) Mr Cooper, would you like the right of reply? We would love to hear how this was treated in the accounts.

City Tatts Information Desk


Give us this day our daily bread, Bakers Delight!

Only at City Tatts could the humble bread roll be newsworthy.

Remember the blog a few years ago detailing Tania Purdy’s disdain for how the toast was done? And how Purdy sent the toast back to the kitchen to be re-done as it didn’t meet her expectations?

At the time we were a bit shocked, but we came to understand that such behaviour was just a normal day in the new Guilfoyle City Tatts.

But there is new chapter in the bread stakes. the City Tatts Information Desk has been contacted by a former employee who had the very important job of purchasing Guilfoyle’s bread!

Like the banana story, this is almost unbelievable.

You see, Guilfoyle wouldn’t eat the same bread as the members. While he was happy to eat for free, he wasn’t happy to eat what everyone else ate. So he had his own bread bought from Bakers Delight at Circular Quay, using the club’s money of course.

Now picture the scene. The club received a large bread delivery every day to service the club’s restaurants and eateries. Despite this, Guilfoyle instructed a staff member to walk to Circular Quay to purchase special bread from Bakers Delight just for him. If this wasn’t so funny it would be deemed insane.

Just think about the time involved for a staff member to walk to Circular Quay every day to buy bread for this idiot, while the club was bleeding financially from every orifice. In that time these staff could have been doing what they were paid to do and that was to look after the members. Somehow we don’t think that sending staff to Circular Quay to purchase bread rolls for the CEO using the club’s money is the best example of using the club’s financial and human resources, do you?

Given the amount of megalomania displayed by this imbecile we are sure to hear more similar stories in the near future.

We’ll keep you posted.

City Tatts Information Desk

Mind Bending Bananas

By now most people think Tony Guilfoyle was a megalomaniac. But how do we know for sure? It’s wrong to call someone a megalomaniac in the public domain without having any evidence to back it up, so here goes.

Remember the blog about the rabbit dish? Well now we have one about the bananas.

The exact circumstances of this insanity are as follows. Guilfoyle was a creature of habit and had the same breakfast every morning. This consisted of three wheat bix, skim milk and bananas. He would wash this down with a cappuccino inclusive of chocolate powder sprinkled on top of extra froth, made on skim milk.

To be fair this isn’t really earth shattering. But what follows is.

Guilfoyle was so wrapped in his own self importance he would instruct Zest kitchen staff to purchase North Queensland bananas for his breakfast from the David Jones food hall at $25 a kilo. On one occasion the bananas served with the humble wheat bix were not from the tropics and they got sent back and the storeman who purchased such rubbish was berated for his lack of foresight in purchasing bananas not fit for “the CEO”.

True story.

This is just one example of this idiot’s behaviour while at City Tatts.

At the same time staff were allowed a meal from Cafe 2 which consisted of a plate of slop, made en masse, described as a “staff meal”. What upset the staff most was that Guilfoyle instructed Cafe 2 to charge $1 for this slop. Staff have long memories and are only too willing to tell City Tatts Information Desk tales of Guilfoyle’s megalomania.

There is just one thing we couldn’t figure out. Why did this imbecile have chocolate sprinkled on his skim milk froth? From where we stand skim milk and chocolate don’t make sense. But then, a lot of what Guilfoyle did at City Tatts didn’t make sense.

City Tatts Information Desk

City Tatts Christmas lunch – All invited! (Except the plebs)

Christmas is a joyous affair. It’s a great time to unwind and relax especially at the Executive Staff Christmas Party. After all, it has been a tough year and what better way to see out the old year than breaking bread with your colleagues in one of the club’s restaurants, right?


You see, at City Tatts we have become accustomed to everything being done to suit the Executive and Committee, not the members or the real underprivileged, the staff.

It is common knowledge that creditors are not being paid on time, and you already know about the staff Christmas bonus voucher, now what about this one?

Executive Management were transported to a swank restaurant not far from the club to celebrate Christmas. The entire tab was picked up by the club. Now, the obvious question is, why didn’t they just have their lunch in Zest or Esperanto? Lord knows, they need the business! Weren’t these two restaurants good enough for the City Tatts brass? Why would management go to another establishment for their party? Is there a logical explanation for this? We at the City Tatts Information Desk are fair and logical people and for the life of us we can’t think of a reason NOT to use the club’s restaurants for this shindig.

There must be a reason and the only person who would know is Marcelo Veloz. Please ask him if you see him. While you are at it can you also ask him why the staff Christmas bonus was a $100 gift voucher. To put this in perspective, it works out at less than 40 cents a day based on a five day roster.

Let’s say that again, 40 cents a day! While executive management visit swank restaurants the rest of the staff receive a bonus worth 40 cents a day.

All of this took place while Veloz was telling all and sundry how valuable the staff are and how much he thinks of them!

This is really unbelievable. Surely this idiot can’t be as stupid as he appears. He must know that people are watching. But then again for a long time Guilfoyle thought he was invisible and untouchable. It looks like Veloz is cut from the same “Guilfoyle cloth”. The only difference is that when Veloz sits down his feet don’t touch the floor.

City Tatts Information Desk

Chairman’s Bullshit – 196 Cock-Up

Dear Remaining Members,

In my previous Chairman’s Bullshit I advised that we were in discussions with Tabcorp, and of the possibility of housing a TAB agency in the balance of the ground floor of our 196 Pitt Street building.

Well, The Marshmallow stuffed this up, big time. He forgot to put in a DA for the change of use to a TAB.

As usual after any calamity I am still claiming that this initiative is proceeding but in the interim, as a desperate measure, we have launched 196 Cock-Up, a circa 6 year temporary bar in the currently vacant space pending lodgement of the DA for the TAB. This expensive and detrimental cock-up opened on 1st December, and will trade from Tuesday to Friday for the next 6 years, or until members realise how stupid it is.

I am desperately hoping you will go to the Cock-Up bar, otherwise I will look like a complete idiot.

Tweedledee (Patrick Campion)

Chief Liar

City Tattersalls Club

Merry Christmas to all

Over the past year it was a pleasure to bring you a series of blogs highlighting cheating, rorting, unqualified executives on six figure salaries, the kiddies playpen, Humpty Dumpty, lying, infidelities, reports of inflated invoicing, the High Performance Bunker, diminishing poker machine numbers, even smaller numbers of poker machine entitlements, staff cuts, slashed staff hours, attempts to replace security guards with mannequins, the staff’s disdain for Himmler (Daniel Graham), Patrick Campion’s alcoholic haze, Patrick Campion’s lies, Patrick Campion’s attempt to gift the club to a unknown Chinese developer, the introduction of some nice games for the senile and deranged directors, the failure to apply for the right permits for members promotions, the failure to apply for the right permit for major building works, the introduction of Southern Cross Group and Sam Johnson …………..

Oh my, that is enough, we need a drink after that!

We will be back bigger and better for the experience so get ready for more of the same, a lot more, because as the song says .. You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet.

Ho Ho Ho and Merryyy Christmas!

City Tatts Information Desk

We love this Marshmallow Management!

We love this new “Marshmallow Management” style now in operation at City Tatts!

Tony Guilfoyle was a hopeless clown who slowly destroyed a great club. But on the plus side, he was very funny. He made disastrous mistakes that cost the club millions but they were so bad they were usually hilarious. This is just a small sample:

  • The Coffee Carts
  • The million dollar motorised mannequins – later dumped
  • The “Keystone Cops” attempts at a front entrance, 4 in 7 years
  • Zest restaurant – possibly the most disastrous restaurant ever in a NSW club
  • The rabbit dish
  • The Omega Lounge – still a secret to most members
  • The $7 million “Smoking Chimney” in 2007 – absolutely “essential” when it was proposed but later quietly dropped, never to be mentioned again

We never thought we would see another CEO in our lifetime who could provide the same level of entertainment. But we’re starting to think Marcelo Veloz is a match for Guilfoyle, in every way. Just recall some of the comedy highlights of Veloz’s short stay at City Tatts:

  • Only at City Tatts because he was booted out of Dooleys Catholic Club!
  • Moved to the one club that was likely to expose his past (surely the most disastrous career move in NSW club history)
  • Hired Jodie Blues on massive money to work part-time – only for her to quit after a bit of blog exposure
  • Set up High Performance bunker – with Mark Cooper and Milorad Sekuljica!
  • Switched focus within 6 months to desperate short term measures
  • Closed Cafe 2 without a clue what to replace it with
  • Got Southern Cross Group to provide security guards – for a week until he had to rehire the old security guards!
  • Forgot to submit DA for the TAB at 196 Pitt Street – and put in games instead!
  • And above all, his insane paranoia about the blogs!

So you be the judge.

We think he is Guilfoyle 2.0

City Tatts Information Desk