We love this Marshmallow Management!

We love this new “Marshmallow Management” style now in operation at City Tatts!

Tony Guilfoyle was a hopeless clown who slowly destroyed a great club. But on the plus side, he was very funny. He made disastrous mistakes that cost the club millions but they were so bad they were usually hilarious. This is just a small sample:

  • The Coffee Carts
  • The million dollar motorised mannequins – later dumped
  • The “Keystone Cops” attempts at a front entrance, 4 in 7 years
  • Zest restaurant – possibly the most disastrous restaurant ever in a NSW club
  • The rabbit dish
  • The Omega Lounge – still a secret to most members
  • The $7 million “Smoking Chimney” in 2007 – absolutely “essential” when it was proposed but later quietly dropped, never to be mentioned again

We never thought we would see another CEO in our lifetime who could provide the same level of entertainment. But we’re starting to think Marcelo Veloz is a match for Guilfoyle, in every way. Just recall some of the comedy highlights of Veloz’s short stay at City Tatts:

  • Only at City Tatts because he was booted out of Dooleys Catholic Club!
  • Moved to the one club that was likely to expose his past (surely the most disastrous career move in NSW club history)
  • Hired Jodie Blues on massive money to work part-time – only for her to quit after a bit of blog exposure
  • Set up High Performance bunker – with Mark Cooper and Milorad Sekuljica!
  • Switched focus within 6 months to desperate short term measures
  • Closed Cafe 2 without a clue what to replace it with
  • Got Southern Cross Group to provide security guards – for a week until he had to rehire the old security guards!
  • Forgot to submit DA for the TAB at 196 Pitt Street – and put in games instead!
  • And above all, his insane paranoia about the blogs!

So you be the judge.

We think he is Guilfoyle 2.0

City Tatts Information Desk


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