Merry Christmas to all

Over the past year it was a pleasure to bring you a series of blogs highlighting cheating, rorting, unqualified executives on six figure salaries, the kiddies playpen, Humpty Dumpty, lying, infidelities, reports of inflated invoicing, the High Performance Bunker, diminishing poker machine numbers, even smaller numbers of poker machine entitlements, staff cuts, slashed staff hours, attempts to replace security guards with mannequins, the staff’s disdain for Himmler (Daniel Graham), Patrick Campion’s alcoholic haze, Patrick Campion’s lies, Patrick Campion’s attempt to gift the club to a unknown Chinese developer, the introduction of some nice games for the senile and deranged directors, the failure to apply for the right permits for members promotions, the failure to apply for the right permit for major building works, the introduction of Southern Cross Group and Sam Johnson …………..

Oh my, that is enough, we need a drink after that!

We will be back bigger and better for the experience so get ready for more of the same, a lot more, because as the song says .. You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet.

Ho Ho Ho and Merryyy Christmas!

City Tatts Information Desk


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