The Christmas Spirit!

Every day there is a new report detailing more of Trevelyan Bale’s thieving. We have just been told how Bale prepared food for executive staff for Christmas Day spreads and home parties, running into thousands of dollars.

All the executive staff needed to do was inform Bale what they wanted, and when. He would order it and cook it to their liking. The prepared meals could then be taken home, free of charge of course.

Alcohol was supplied in similar fashion. Just ring Trevie, tell him what you wanted and it was done.

Who do you think the chief offender was? Guilfoyle, of course. This bullshit artist sacked people for no reason, drove away members, and ruined the club, all while stealing from it any way he could.

His close ties with Guilfoyle would be the only reason Bale wasn’t sacked earlier. This makes Guilfoyle as accountable as him. It also implicates Mark Cooper, because he knew all about it and chose to do nothing as the club went steadily downhill.

This is a real concern when you consider Marcelo Veloz and his past record of thieving. What chance is there of Cooper taking action over any Veloz rorts, when he did nothing about Guilfoyle?

One thing the club can be thankful for is that Guilfoyle, Bale and Veloz never got the chance to work together at City Tatts. If they did there would be nothing left.

City Tatts Information Desk


Trevelyan Bale’s “interesting” employment record

The amount of information forthcoming about Trevelyan Bale is quite staggering.

One thing that always gets a mention is his interesting employment record in the last twelve years.

Before City Tatts entered his life he was head chef at the Opera House. He worked with a good mate called Jerry. Jerry was the purchasing officer for the Opera House. Both Bale and Jerry got fired for thieving and incompetence. Does this sound familiar?

After the Opera House they both ended up at City Tatts, Bale as head chef and Jerry as purchasing officer. This was the equivalent of putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank, or Guilfoyle in charge of the credit cards.

Bale arrived at City Tatts in 2004. To give you an indication of the abilities of this genius, consider the results he produced while in charge of the club’s restaurants and bars. In 2006, the earliest year for which we have records, Zest lost $542,000 and the Esperanto lost $319,000. In 2007 it was more of the same. Zest lost $485,000 and the Esperanto lost $395,000. And it continued like that for the rest of his stay.

We can’t say for certain but we think these might be the worst food and beverage results ever for a club in New South Wales.

Both Bale and Jerry eventually got the sack from City Tatts.

Bale’s next port of call was Blacktown Workers Club. He applied for and somehow got the role of Operations Director. Speaking with the club they told us they gave him the job because of his experience and knowledge of how a kitchen worked. Strange to say, this genius didn’t get the chance to see out his first six months in this new and exciting role. He was sacked for, well, thieving and incompetence.

Now if Blacktown Workers Club woke up to this shyster in less than six months, why did it take City Tatts seven years? How much did he manage to steal from City Tatts in those seven years by way of inflating invoices and having the club pay for food and alcohol he took home?

You might think he would wake up to himself and stop. Well, no. According to well-placed sources he has just continued on his merry way robbing and pillaging. He recently got the sack from The Australian Brewery for, you guessed it, thieving and incompetence!

This might be a wild guess, but we suspect his thieving days are coming to an end.

City Tatts Information Desk

Any offers for Tony Guilfoyle?

Those that knew Tony Guilfoyle said that he was starting to believe his own bullshit. If you were at the Special General Meeting in 2006 you might remember him waxing lyrical about the plethora of job offers he received on a regular basis from other clubs.

Members were awake to this fraud before then but only got the opportunity to discuss his exorbitant wages at that meeting. At the time his wage packet was $10,000 per week. This does not include rorts, skimming, perks of the roll, and plain theft. We mention this only to highlight that he was well and truly looked after.

Given how well he was doing at City Tatts it’s hard to believe he was getting any offers from anywhere, let alone announce this at a meeting, when the best offer would be about half what he was getting at City Tatts!


We can prove this with one simple fact. Since this cretin was run out of the club he has never managed to get one job offer. Because if he did we would hear about it.

So where are the offers promising rivers of gold now, based on the great work he did at City Tatts?

As we stated above. THERE WERE NO OFFERS.

It was just another Guilfoyle lie.

City Tatts Information Desk

TABCORP Gaming Solutions?

You may not have heard of Tabcorp Gaming Solutions before but you might hear a lot about them in the very near future.

The rumours are that Marcelo Veloz is about to do a major deal with them.

Any deal with Tabcorp Gaming Solutions would represent a dramatic change in the finances of City Tatts. You only have to see what happens when they go into other clubs to understand why.

When they move into a club they give the club a cash payment up front and often pay for a makeover of the gaming floor. This can be very attractive to the club but there is no free lunch. For supplying the cash and makeover they get the right to operate the gaming machines as if they owned them. Thereafter the gaming profits go to Tabcorp, not the club.

The obvious question is: Why would City Tatts go into a deal like this?

On the surface, the idea of a club with 400 poker machines, or probably 300 now, needing a cash injection is ludicrous. So a deal like this sounds like absolute desperation. But then they have spent millions on a failed property development attempt.

You can’t help feeling this is like running up the white flag on City Tatts.

Of course it is possible that the trials and tribulations over the proposed TAB at 196 Pitt Street may give Tabcorp pause for thought about any deal with City Tattersalls Club.

City Tatts Information Desk

Would you like ice on your cake, sir?

Our latest blogs detailing the thieving from the City Tatts kitchens have created quite a stir. The City Tatts Information Desk has been contacted by a former chef who offered more insights into just how much thieving and misappropriation took place under Trevelyan Bale’s watch.

Apparently Trevie has a young child with his second wife. For his birthday every year the little bundle of joy was treated to a cake, a nice fresh cake cooked in the City Tatts kitchen.

Ok, so the kid got a cake on his birthday. So what?

The cakes were designer made, to Trevie’s specification. And the chef was brought in specially by Bale to bake the cake. Naturally the club paid for all wages and ingredients.

The same chef has also advised us that when the kid was christened a lavish spread was put on in the City Tatts Omega Room with over 100 guests in attendance. The room was staffed with club personnel, the grog was provided by the club as was the food, all at no cost to Trevie.

He just wrote off the entire cost. He adjusted the food figures to make it appear the food used was given away. As for the drinks consumed, including alcohol, in his role as “Operations Manager” the total amount was written off. And the club picked up the tab for all the staff involved in this charade. All while the club was leaking money.

Is it possible that Trevie tried similar stunts at the places that sacked him?

City Tatts Information Desk

The other purchasing officer

City Tatts has two purchasing officers.

One is Brain Gaye. Remember Brian? He is the guy who won the employee of the year award after working at the club for only nine months. We, like the staff, thought this a bit strange but then again it was during Guilfoyle’s reign, so who knows?

Now to the second purchasing officer.

Guess who he is.

Here’s a clue. He works in the high performance bunker and doesn’t have an expanding wasteline.

This guy is known to staff as “The Purchasing Officer”.

Trevelyan Bale was one of his biggest customers. We also know Trevelyan bought on behalf of others, including Guilfoyle.

Now what was it that Trev bought for himself and others?

We bet there are a few nervous people in the City Tatts admin area.

Watch this space.

City Tatts Information Desk

Did Humpty Dumpty ever check on Trevelyan Bale?

Remember Trevie Bale, the “Executive Chef” who was really more of a soup kitchen cook?

The latest on this con artist is that he has just been sacked from his job at The Australian Brewery. Before that he was sacked from Blacktown Workers Club, where he went after being at City Tatts for seven years. Before City Tatts he got the sack from Sydney Opera House.

Now that we all know who we are talking about, the first question is: How did he manage to hold the City Tatts gig for seven years if all these other employers sacked him within six months?

We guess this is just another City Tatts mystery.

What isn’t a mystery is that Trevie is a bit light-fingered. He loved taking possession of stock that didn’t belong to him. This was especially dangerous for the club because he was the one who did the ordering. So, for instance, when he was having a party at home he would order all the goodies he wanted, which would be delivered to the club, and an invoice presented. Of course the club paid the invoice, but the goodies would travel home with Trevie.

As Confucius would say “Me think that ‘mazing”.

What we also think is “‘mazing” is that no one at City Tatts knew about this.

Or did they?

If Humpty Dumpty, the “financial controller”, didn’t know, why not? But maybe he did know and reported it to Guilfoyle who swept it under the carpet. Either way this is a slight problem for Humpty because even if he did report it, if the practice continued he was obliged to go further with the matter.

This is just a stab in the dark. Maybe he didn’t report this thieving because he was on a $200,000 salary himself and didn’t want to rock the boat?

Well if this is the case his boat will not only be rocked but might start taking on water very soon as more evidence is presented about this high level of thieving.

Of course, maybe the illustrious “Internal Auditor”, Milorad Sekuljica, was doing the checking …………..

City Tatts information Desk