Trevelyan Bale’s “interesting” employment record

The amount of information forthcoming about Trevelyan Bale is quite staggering.

One thing that always gets a mention is his interesting employment record in the last twelve years.

Before City Tatts entered his life he was head chef at the Opera House. He worked with a good mate called Jerry. Jerry was the purchasing officer for the Opera House. Both Bale and Jerry got fired for thieving and incompetence. Does this sound familiar?

After the Opera House they both ended up at City Tatts, Bale as head chef and Jerry as purchasing officer. This was the equivalent of putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank, or Guilfoyle in charge of the credit cards.

Bale arrived at City Tatts in 2004. To give you an indication of the abilities of this genius, consider the results he produced while in charge of the club’s restaurants and bars. In 2006, the earliest year for which we have records, Zest lost $542,000 and the Esperanto lost $319,000. In 2007 it was more of the same. Zest lost $485,000 and the Esperanto lost $395,000. And it continued like that for the rest of his stay.

We can’t say for certain but we think these might be the worst food and beverage results ever for a club in New South Wales.

Both Bale and Jerry eventually got the sack from City Tatts.

Bale’s next port of call was Blacktown Workers Club. He applied for and somehow got the role of Operations Director. Speaking with the club they told us they gave him the job because of his experience and knowledge of how a kitchen worked. Strange to say, this genius didn’t get the chance to see out his first six months in this new and exciting role. He was sacked for, well, thieving and incompetence.

Now if Blacktown Workers Club woke up to this shyster in less than six months, why did it take City Tatts seven years? How much did he manage to steal from City Tatts in those seven years by way of inflating invoices and having the club pay for food and alcohol he took home?

You might think he would wake up to himself and stop. Well, no. According to well-placed sources he has just continued on his merry way robbing and pillaging. He recently got the sack from The Australian Brewery for, you guessed it, thieving and incompetence!

This might be a wild guess, but we suspect his thieving days are coming to an end.

City Tatts Information Desk


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