The Christmas Spirit!

Every day there is a new report detailing more of Trevelyan Bale’s thieving. We have just been told how Bale prepared food for executive staff for Christmas Day spreads and home parties, running into thousands of dollars.

All the executive staff needed to do was inform Bale what they wanted, and when. He would order it and cook it to their liking. The prepared meals could then be taken home, free of charge of course.

Alcohol was supplied in similar fashion. Just ring Trevie, tell him what you wanted and it was done.

Who do you think the chief offender was? Guilfoyle, of course. This bullshit artist sacked people for no reason, drove away members, and ruined the club, all while stealing from it any way he could.

His close ties with Guilfoyle would be the only reason Bale wasn’t sacked earlier. This makes Guilfoyle as accountable as him. It also implicates Mark Cooper, because he knew all about it and chose to do nothing as the club went steadily downhill.

This is a real concern when you consider Marcelo Veloz and his past record of thieving. What chance is there of Cooper taking action over any Veloz rorts, when he did nothing about Guilfoyle?

One thing the club can be thankful for is that Guilfoyle, Bale and Veloz never got the chance to work together at City Tatts. If they did there would be nothing left.

City Tatts Information Desk


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