Let’s have a meeting!

As you were informed recently Guilfoyle loved a meeting. He felt the power, the presence, the sway he held over ordinary people by waffling on at meetings. Everybody in attendance had to agree with him, or else. These were ordinary people just trying to earn a living but were subjected to this idiot’s ramblings on a regular basis.

Anyone called to these meetings would go in with trepidation, because they never knew what this madman was going to dump on them “at the meeting”.

Attendees at Guilfoyle’s meetings have recounted stories of being locked up with this imbecile for hours on end, with no finish in sight. On many occasions darkness had set in and people had to leave to attend to family matters such as collecting children from daycare centres, all of which Guilfoyle would frown upon, and bag the person after they left. He would advise those still in attendance that xxx was not “setting the culture of the club” because they left the meeting.

The other trait we keep hearing about is the number of meetings Guilfoyle held with absolutely no outcome achieved. He would call a meeting for managers to attend, the meeting would break up only to reconvene the following day where all that was discussed and “worked up” the day before was scrapped, or just forgotten. Really. He would babble on and drive people mad with his waffling only to call everyone back a day later and have a completely different agenda. In reality it was as if the first meeting never happened.

This insane behaviour flowed onto the Executive Team. The best example we can find was the day two executive managers spent an hour discussing how many party pies to warm up as part of the complimentary food handed out to pokie players. If you think we are being pedantic, consider this: Both of these clowns were on a salary of $250,000 a year! Now would it be fair to say that executives paid this sort of tonk ought to be exempt from deciding, or even thinking about, how many party pies to hand out to gambling addicts playing pokies in their lunch breaks? Not at City Tatts while the Guilfoyle banner was flying. Just another example of the stupidity fostered by this nutcase.

Now should we have a meeting about all this?

City Tatts Information Desk


More Tony Guilfoyle thieving – The club credit cards

It’s just amazing, the amount of thieving Tony Guilfoyle did at City Tatts. Just when you think you’ve heard it all along comes another story involving his thieving.

The Ferret was relaxing in the City Tatts gym with a little swim and sauna the other day and bumped into an old friend who had the most amazing tale to tell.

The Ferret’s mate, who has been a City Tatts gym disciple for many years, worked out in a group that was familiar with Guilfoyle. From time to time Guilfoyle would invite a certain number of this group out to lunch, at the club’s expense. These lunches were booze-filled events that seemed to have a bottomless pit when it came to the consumption of alcohol.

What you may find interesting is the fact, yes fact, that any alcoholic beverage that was requested by this little group of Guilfoyle cronies was supplied by him on the club’s credit card. This included bottles of wine up to the value of $500.

So this greasy grub was using club money to purchase $500 bottles of wine when the club was falling down around his ears.

Where were the controls in place to prevent this? Did the financial controller do anything about it? What about the internal auditor? Hey, wait a minute, the internal auditor? He couldn’t do anything because if he blew the whistle on Guilfoyle he would have lost a customer. Very interesting.

City Tatts Information Desk

Will any Australian bank lend to City Tatts again?

The consensus among City Tatts watchers is that Patrick Campion has passed the point of no return.

There are a few reasons why they would say that but one certainly comes to mind: What Australian bank will ever lend to City Tatts again?

Think about it.

NAB were so worried about the direction the club was taking under Tony Guilfoyle that they called in their loans. Now the ANZ Bank is walking away.

That history alone would be enough to make any bank wary of lending to City Tatts. And then consider the enormous amount of material now on the web indicating a club that is obviously rotten to the core.

And you only have to recall what happened after Mirvac dropped City Tatts, even though they had secured the club’s site for a song. No major developer ever showed any interest again.

Isn’t it going to be just the same with a major bank?

City Tatts Information Desk

Guilfoyle’s other obsession

Poor old Guilfoyle. Just when you think it is safe to turn off the City Tatts Information Desk phones they start to ring with more frivolity. The story just keeps getting better.

Looking at Guilfoyle’s track record, you could be forgiven for thinking his hobby was a combination of lying, thieving and using the club’s money to get anything he wanted. Now, believe it or not, we have been advised of another of his traits and no, we don’t mean promoting talentless young females and sleeping with them.

You see, old Guilfoyle loved a meeting. He would call a meeting to discuss a meeting.

As nothing he ever said made much sense we just can’t figure what could be discussed at these meetings, which he would chair on an almost daily basis. From our initial enquiries it appears Guilfoyle would call a meeting just to exert his authority over the club’s employ, including the Executive Team.

Have you heard of the Executive Team? This team consisted of four yes-men (or more accurately four yes-people) who were receiving a combined $1 million dollars a year. They sole role was to appease Guilfoyle by telling him how good he was, agreeing to everything he said, licking his posterior at every opportunity, and basically just agreeing with all his bullshit and “reinforcing” his beliefs. (This might be an early version of the “positive feedback” Campion often talks about.)

Is there any wonder as to why the club went downhill? You have the CEO, who is a proven thief and liar, being spoon fed with oozing crap and applause from the very people who would act as a sounding board and voices of reason in other organisations. Throw in the lame and brain-less, not even brain-dead, committee and you have the perfect storm.

For their dedication in providing Guilfoyle with support along the road to destroying the club, the “Executives” were handsomely rewarded using, you guessed it, member’s money.

Guilfoyle, his Executive Team, and his meeting patterns need to be investigated. We will report our findings in the near future.

Coty Tatts Information Desk

A bad deal gets worse

At what point would the Committee decide that Patrick Campion has crossed the line between endless (failed) promises and straight out lies?

Campion’s latest statement about the attempted property development is two pages of absolute nonsense.

His latest move is obviously a terrible deal, because the club is now totally at the mercy of the developer, a developer who has demonstrated a record of total failure on everything they’ve attempted so far with the club’s site.

Some of Campion’s statements are really amazing. He tells members that the value of the club’s property has “substantially increased” – while he continues to gift it to the developer for the same paltry price as before!

And if he now knows the correct value of the club’s site this is a belated admission that he and Tony Guilfoyle substantially undervalued it in the first place, because there is no way the repeated botched attempts at getting planning approval could have caused the increase in value.

Then there is the bizarre step of engaging “a local architectural firm with strong local knowledge of the city and heritage constraints” – while he persists with a Chinese developer who clearly has no local knowledge of the city and heritage constraints!

A few people are saying this latest move could be the one that lands Campion in jail.

City Tatts Information Desk

Mark Lonngren was forced out

Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse for City Tatts, we have another scandal brewing. Mark Lonngren is leaving the club.

Nothing strange about that, you say, people leave organisations all the time. Keep reading, you will be all the wiser.

It doesn’t make sense that a person with such limited knowledge and less ability would be made a permanent employee after being a contractor for so long. (See previous blog for more details)

Now City Tatts Information Desk can report the real reason why Lonngren has been moved on.

Veloz is a man with a plan. It has all to do with choosing the contractors who carry out work inside the club. Lonngren, while useless at just about everything, was skilled at one thing – deception. He was a Guilfoyle disciple and worked very closely with Guilfoyle in thieving and rorting where suppliers and contractors were concerned. His role was that of a middleman, which given his position as “maintenance manager” would have him at the forefront of allegations of using his position to increase and inflate contractor prices for goods and services provided to the club. You only have to look at the colossal sums of money spent on maintenance and refurbishment within the club during Guilfoyle’s time to know that something was badly wrong.

This is where it gets interesting.

Remember previous blogs about another high profile person at City Tatts with a history of over-inflating invoices? Yes, that’s right, the club’s very own CEO Marcelo Veloz. Just check with Dooleys Club at Lidcombe if you want more details on this.

Now Veloz has moved Lonngren on. With Lonngren gone, Veloz will have sole control over all contractors and purchasing. So the club desperately needs someone to keep an eye on all purchases. The question is, with a corrupt financial controller and a less than interested internal auditor, who will actually do this? Just imagine what is going to go through with the advent of a new Chinese restaurant on the first floor.

City Tatts Information Desk

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Kung Hei Fat Choy to all readers of the City Tatts Information Desk!

Before long you will feel a lot more Chinese. That is because you will soon have your very own Yum Cha restaurant on Level One of the club.

Just what the club needs, another restaurent!

Heaven forbid, the existing restaurants are usually empty. Where are the extra people going to come from to fill another restaurant?

Apparently there was a group interested in using Cafe 2, remember that cheap and cheerful alternative to Zest on Level Two, as a Chinese restaurant. Well, they didn’t go ahead with it because they wanted a more user-friendly place, you know, one that people could actually find. Instead they chose the first floor void that was once the smorgasbord. How ironic. The smorgasbord was ripped out because Guilfoyle stated “we don’t need so many restaurants”. Now Guilfoyle 2.0 is opening up a new one in the same space in the shape of a Chinese Yum Cha restaurant.

We will be watching to see how much of the club’s money goes on this project. (New restaurants have been a graveyard for millions of the club’s money in the past)

So members and guests, get out the old chopsticks and start practising. We just hope the Chinese restaurant goes better than the Chinese property development …..

It now has us thinking: which restaurant will be the first to go, Zest or Esperanto? And what will happen to the staff in the closed entity? They wouldn’t exactly look the part in a Chinese restaurant, would they? So where will they be deployed? Definitely not to admin, because that department is bursting at the seams. Not to gaming either, because there are more than enough staff there already to service the diminishing number of punters. We just hope they don’t end up where we think they might – on the scrap heap.

City Tatts Information Desk