Tony Guilfoyle’s centralised kitchen

One of the key features of the whole Zest/Omega/Lime Bar project was the construction of a new centralised kitchen to supply Zest, the Esperanto and most of the club’s other food requirements. You may recall the Esperanto changing to pre-packaged portions around this time.

In theory this was a more efficient set-up than the old one where every restaurant had it’s own kitchen.

But at City Tatts it’s never that simple. As so often happened with a Tony Guifoyle project, this one did not deliver the promised benefits.

Incredibly, the restaurant results were far worse under the new arrangement.

But then it was run by two of the worst imbeciles ever to work in a NSW club, Guilfoyle and Trevelyan Bale.

Guilfoyle always seemed pleased with the new centralised kitchen. We could never understand why.

Maybe it just made it easier to organise the thieving.

City Tatts Information Desk


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