Campion in denial

Patrick Campion’s latest press release has been beautifully described as “two pages of absolute nonsense”. Of course when you’ve watched Campion for a while you don’t expect him to make much sense.

You see, it’s not about getting a property development moving, or even started. It’s not about any alleged “new deal” or “improved deal”.

It’s all about Campion refusing to admit his mistakes and issuing statements hoping to convince everything he was right all along. He’s been doing that for six years now.

You could even sum up Campion’s entire stint as Chairman as a long series of failing to stand up to those looting the club, and then issuing statements to cover for this failure –  usually by defending the very people he was afraid to tackle.

When members told Campion to do something about Guilfoyle before he destroyed the club, Campion put more effort into backing Guilfoyle. When blogs pointed out that Colliers and KPMG Real Estate were cheating the club, Campion responded with more support for Colliers and KPMG Real Estate. When it was obvious to everyone that he made a massive blunder in hiring Marcelo Veloz (because he didn’t check his past back to Dooleys) Campion went the opposite way and gave him full support. And when he’s lampooned as the Chief Liar of City Tatts he comes out with more lies.

If he had put half the effort he put into defending Tony Guilfoyle, or Marcelo Veloz, or Colliers, into tackling them instead, the club would be in good shape now.

But Campion was too weak to tackle anyone (without Guilfoyle’s permission) and Guilfoyle just led him by the nose.

Make no mistake. Campion will destroy the club rather than admit he’s wrong.

City Tatts Information Desk


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