What was the cost of a City Tatts “executive meeting”?

Guilfoyle’s “executive team” was paid in excess of a million dollars a year to lick his backside. Add to this the $130,000 Jan Ellks got every year and his own wage, which we have conservatively capped at $550,000 per annum.

That’s $1,600,000 a year, or $32,000 a week.

To call these fools together and have a meeting for an hour cost the club $800. Given that Guilfoyle was a waffler when these meetings went two hours the cost to the club was $1,600.

That is not a misprint. Every time Guilfoyle called an “executive meeting” the club was hit with a wage bill of between $800 and $1,600, depending on how delusional he was on the day.

Now consider this. Guilfoyle would hold at least one meeting per week for executives. Note we say at least one, because most weeks there were two or three.

Did the finance man, Mr Cooper, have the nous to do these very basic sums and present the findings? Apparently not, because these meetings continued right up to when Guilfoyle got frog marched out of the club in March 2016. But Cooper was one of the main moaners about the time he spent in Guilfoyle’s meetings. He snipped Guilfoyle at every opportunity but when in Guilfoyle’s company pretended to go along with with everything he put forward. Mr Cooper, the finance man? More like Mr Bean, the imbecile.

We are sure Guilfoyle would approve if we had a meeting to discuss the cost of the meeting that was called to discuss the previous meeting.

City Tatts Information Desk


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