Guilfoyle’s Annual Leave Rort

Old Guilfoyle had many rorts inside his kit bag. One of the many was rorting his annual leave entitlements.

We are not talking about a weekend in Nowra or a few days in Mittagong. Every holiday was to an overseas location, flying first class of course, because he needed to “unwind”. Unwind from what, you are probably asking?

When he went on annual leave he would go for four or five weeks. But he would have a summer and a winter holiday! Yes, that’s right. He would double dip on his holiday entitlements. No one ever checked on this or asked how he could have so many holidays accrued. After all, those who should have been checking were “in the bag” so to speak.

Now if you doubt this and wanted to follow up on it, all you need to do is get Marcelo Veloz or the committee to notify the police and request that Guilfoyle’s passport history be checked. Every time he left the country it would be recorded. This information could then be cross-referenced against his annual leave entitlements.

What a treasure trove of entitlement we would find if this was done!

But wait a minute, why wasn’t this done before?

Well, that is easy to explain. Mark Cooper, the main person who ought to be checking such details, was Guilfoyle’s right hand man and main henchman at the time. We are getting details as to why the relationship soured towards the end.

Given that Guilfoyle was on over $10,000 a week, by the time he had his second holiday for the year, and paid himself for it, he had cheated the club out of another $50,000.

This is just the same as entering the safe and walking out with $50,000 every year.

City Tatts Information Desk


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