Negotiation isn’t one of Campion’s strong suits, is it?

If Patrick Campion is a lawyer he’s not a very good one.

We say this because negotiation should be the one thing a lawyer is good at. If Campion knew anything about negotiation he would have been able to negotiate an exit package for Tony Guilfoyle. Apparently he couldn’t, because Bartier Perry did this for the club.

So what do you think Bartier Perry charged for finalising an exit package for Guilfoyle? Would you believe, $50,000?

If you don’t believe us we don’t blame you, but we’ll say it again. Bartier Perry billed the club $50,000 for negotiating Guilfoyle’s exit package.

You’re probably wondering why Guilfoyle was afforded any exit package. After all, this imbecile did nothing except rape, pillage and plunder while masquerading as CEO, and plunging the club into record debt.

If Campion had been a real leader who had the club’s interests at heart he would have said to Guilfoyle as he was escorted off the premises “Get going before we press charges”. But when you have been covering up the rorting and stealing for years it is in our own best interest to just let it slide and pay the fifty grand to “negotiate your way out of it”. This is the kind of wanton and reckless spending that got the club into trouble in the first place.

But, more than anything else, Campion couldn’t take the risk of Guilfoyle becoming a supergrass.

City Tatts Information Desk


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