Marcelo Veloz and his inner circle

Talk of succession planning by Marcelo Veloz, or lack thereof, raises the question of who exactly is in the Veloz inner circle.

As far as we can tell it consists of Marcelo Veloz, Daniel Graham and someone called Will Corbett.

It is obvious they are meant to be his eyes and ears around the club ie. his spies, something he badly needs. Although you would think that at some point they are bound to ask themselves how being associated with Veloz will impact their future careers in the club industry.

It’s clear Veloz is totally out of his depth at City Tatts. When he was given charge of previous clubs that were already running well he looked alright. But when real management skills are needed, like at City Tatts, he has been exposed.

The problem with the Veloz two tier system is that you can’t run a club like that. It has to end in tears. It could not be good for the management of the club, or the morale of staff.

Basically this is a re-run of what Guilfoyle did. Except that in the case of Veloz the inner circle is very small. More like a triangle.

City Tatts Information Desk


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