Australian Border Force boss sacked for helping girlfriend to get job

The nation’s top border control officer has been sacked for attempting to parachute his girlfriend into a job at Sydney Airport. You can read all about it in the Australian Financial Review today. This is not good behaviour but it would not be a surprise to anyone who knows City Tatts.

Tony Guilfoyle’s method was to create a vacancy and hire a young attractive female to fill it. It didn’t matter how she performed in previous jobs. What mattered was how she looked and performed ….. for him. If he couldn’t lure her into his bed, or to be more exact, a motel or hotel bed the club paid for, she would get the flick and the whole process would start again. The prior unsuspecting lass would be told by Human Resources that she “wasn’t suitable”. What Human Resources meant was “Tony couldn’t get you to go to bed with him so he doesn’t see any need for you to be around any longer”.

We know of FIVE young females who went through this.

If you don’t believe this take a look at Tania Purdy. She commenced at City Tatts as functions co-ordinator on $40k a year. Within a year she was marketing director on $120k a year. At the time it was common knowledge she was on with Guilfoyle. But, so what, she was good at her job, right? A real academic genius, right? No, if the truth be told she couldn’t spell C A T. So you be the judge.

Then there was Kirsty Assad. She started in the position of Marketing Manager. At the time she was engaged to her long term partner, living with him in southern Sydney while planning her marriage – until Guilfoyle struck. He elevated her to Operations Executive Manager, even above the finance man Humpty Dumpty. At one stage, the last stage before they were both sacked and marched out the door the same night, she was in charge of the airspace development! Would you put her in charge of a $200 million property development when all she was capable of was changing posters around the gaming floor and calling member draws? What a meteroric rise to fame.

Every cloud does not have a silver lining where Guilfoyle is concerned. Purdy got pushed aside for Assad, so no silver lining there, while Assad’s fiance escaped. Guilfoyle kept Assad because there was no one else after his wife flicked him because of his ways with other women. Last reports were that Assad and Guilfoyle were seen together at The Star Casino. Most people think she gambled more with her sanity by getting involved with Guilfoyle than at the tables.

City Tatts Information Desk


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