This just looks like chaos (2)

When 194 Pitt Street was bought in 2007 for $9.75 million members were told about all the amenities it would provide for them.

Later, around 2012, Patrick Campion admitted to members that the real reason for buying it had always been to include it in a future property development.

Now 194 is going to be a shop selling ladies clothing.


But the rent from this and the TAB combined will be less than half of what the club was getting from the NAB and the Lotteries office 10 years ago – before the committee decided to get rid of them.

Meanwhile the area on Level 2 formerly occupied by Cafe 2 will now be turned into a “function space”.

But hold on. Promoting City Tatts as a function venue was another of Tony Guilfoyle’s ventures. He talked a lot about it and said it was a priority. But it was a complete flop.

The profit from the entire functions operation for his last full year was about $25,000 – LESS THAN HALF OF WHAT ONE POKER MACHINE BROUGHT IN!

So another failed Guilfoyle venture, but a very good gauge of his business ability.

But that’s not the most idiotic part. While Guilfoyle was attempting to promote City Tatts as a function venue, he would hold the City Tatts “planning conferences” for the committee and senior staff in the Blue Mountains ….. or the Central Coast ….. or Melbourne. Anywhere except City Tatts.

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This just looks like chaos (1)

It might be a good time to review the various works going on around the club.

They wanted to rent the ground floor of 196 Pitt Street to the TAB but no one bothered to put in a DA for the change of use.

So the planned TAB became an open terrace bar. For some reason Patrick Campion thought this was “exciting”. Marcelo Veloz thought it was “exciting” and “popular”.

But now they have received planning permission for the TAB so the new “exciting” bar is closing after a few months.

This is very much a re-run of Tony Guilfoyle’s time at City Tatts. He would have these crackpot ideas, like the coffee cart or the $7 million atrium for smokers, and proclaim how great they were. Then six months or a year later they would be quietly dropped, usually because they were really stupid, never to be mentioned again.

This continued to happen even though he was supposedly following a mythical “strategic plan” – which members were not allowed to see. That’s right, at City Tatts members were not allowed to see the “strategic plan” for the club.

Last September Campion told members Cafe 2 would close because they were going to open a new cafe with “direct access” from Pitt St. Members and “passing foot-traffic” would be able to “access the new outlet from 6.30am weekdays and 8.00am on weekends”. Given the “great selection of breakfast and light lunch offerings” this “passing foot-traffic” probably included stray dogs, and an occasional Ibis bird.

As of today there is no cafe on Pitt St, and no sign of one. But there is a new restaurant on Level 1.

And these are not the only works going on in the club.

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City Tatts, Clubs NSW and Mitchell Gomes

We could never quite understand the lack of interest in City Tatts from the industry representative body Clubs NSW, considering all the shenanigans at the club.

At City Tatts we have seen rorting, stealing, fraud, mismanagement and everything else featured on this blog. Wouldn’t you think the body representing the whole industry would be at least be concerned for the image of the industry, if nothing else?

Not Clubs NSW and now we think we know why.

Recently City Tatts appointed a new employee to the role of Duty Manager. This person’s name is Mitchell Gomes. Interesting indeed, but we can expose his appointment in clear and simple terms.

His father is a board member at Clubs NSW. This makes him another member of the Veloz crew.

This might also explain the decision by Clubs NSW to sponsor a race at the last City Tatts Race Day in October. You may recall at the time we said we were very surprised at this. (See blog Same Trough – Different Snouts) But now it makes more sense.

Given the recent history of City Tatts exposed for all to see why would anyone want their kid to be in such a toxic environment? Unless of course the kid has worn out his welcome everywhere else.

So there you have it.

Marcelo Veloz has been trying valiantly to change people’s perception of him, although his treatment of The Mole won’t help. But he keeps getting caught up in, let’s say, less than perceptually appealing situations, and this is another fine mess he has created for himself.

Do leopards ever change their spots?

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Good Friday at City Tatts – Let the fried rice flow!

The Chinese restaurant opened on Good Friday. This is just the latest of many attempts to open a restaurant that might appeal to members. Every restaurant at City Tatts has struggled from the day they closed the smorgasbord. So the omens are not good.

Anyway, let’s say that again. The club opened a Chinese restaurant on Good Friday.

If opening another restaurant wasn’t troubling enough why do it over an Easter long weekend? Was this decision made after receiving a blow to the head?

Apparently it was done to attract the “Asian market” that go to the Star Casino on Good Friday.

Right, it’s becoming sillier by the minute. The Star have a big following on Good Friday due to there being no other game in town on the day. So what are City Tatts doing? They’re going head to head with The Star? Does that mean City Tatts now see themselves challenging The Star?

Before you answer, just think about this question. What would The Star do with a job application from Marcelo Veloz or Mark Cooper or any of the other goons exposed on this blog?

We know. They wouldn’t even make it to a first interview based on what they have delivered at City Tatts.

So who was responsible for this decision to open on Good Friday? Whoever it was should be sacked immediately. But at City Tatts they are more likely to get a pay rise.

By the way, any word about Campion’s cafe on Pitt Street?

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Head of People & (Poisonous) Culture (2)

By now you know about Kristina St. Vincent’s new beau, the previous partner of an ex-City Tatts gay male employee.

Well, the new beau has a son and the young lad needed a job recently. While everyone else has to jump through hoops of fire and complete personality profiles to get a job at City Tatts this young lad managed to jump the queue. In other words he was gifted a job on the club’s food and beverage team.

That’s right. No structured interviews, no psychological profiling, no short skirts. Just straight in.

How is this possible?

Well it’s easy when your father is bonking the Head of People & Culture, the very person responsible for all employment.

See what we mean by Head of Poisonous Culture.

Does anyone know a better way to kill the culture of any organisation than for the head of people and culture to bully, harass and intimidate staff to the point where they quit? How about the same person bonking the managers? Now giving jobs to her new boyfriend’s kid?

We feel for the young lad who is caught up in this only because he happens to be the son of the man bonking the head of poisonous culture.

Now here is a question for you. What happens to the young lad when the relationship between the head of poisonous culture and the dad breaks down?

Let’s face it, she has a poor record in making relationships work, doesn’t she?

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Have a coffee with Marcelo Veloz – on your way out!

Remember what Marcelo Veloz said when he started at City Tatts? Remember “Drop in for a coffee and a chat” and “your input will assist me greatly”?

Keep that in mind as you read the following.

Recently a person we will refer to as The Mole got a bit lippy about the club and the Veloz structure and management decisions. We hear that The Mole was critical of a lot of what goes on inside the club. What made The Mole go off is anyone’s guess but what is really interesting is Veloz’s reaction.

It was not to talk to The Mole and try to paper over the cracks. Instead he took lessons from the Guilfoyle playbook on dealing with members who are concerned about the club’s management and served notice on The Mole to appear before the board for them to adjudicate on the comments made. This is exactly what Guilfoyle used to do. He would go to the board and tell the most outrageous lies about the member so that the board would have no option but to bar the member Guilfoyle wanted out, before the unsuspecting member could even open their mouth to defend themselves.

So why did Veloz feel the need to do this? Why didn’t he just talk to The Mole and ascertain what they were unhappy about? Maybe Veloz, like Guilfoyle, has something to hide?

Maybe The Mole does know something.

In fact they might know a lot more, so stand by for what we can find out from The Mole.

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The third inner circle addition – Noel Wilson

We mentioned Marcelo Veloz’s latest inner circle member, Noel Wilson. This bloke is a real find. We are not sure who to, or in what capacity, but maybe Veloz knows.

Why would we say this? Well, take this as gospel. This Noel Wilson is an A grade imbecile. He is in the Mark Cooper or Mark Lonngren class of imbecile. Got the picture now?

Noel Wilson is also a Veloz cronie. He worked at Revesby Workers Club. Our investigations told us that this is not one of the places Veloz used to work, so what’s the connection? A few well-placed calls told the tale. Wilson has an association through Veloz’s play pen at Revesby Workers Club. How neat and tidy, we say.

So Veloz brought him to City Tatts. There wasn’t a job for him so they let him have a go at Duty Manager. The only problem was that poor Noel would be flat out holding a pen let alone a job so he just didn’t make it as Duty Manager. Next they tried him as some kind of “Team Leader”. Another fail. So where did he get dumped? In maintenance. Yes, that’s right, in maintenance.

So now in maintenance you have Noel Wilson and Mark Lonngren working side by side, both totally useless. Both totally devoid of any ability except to walk around carrying a piece of paper and a blunt pencil.

We keep hearing that this Noel Wilson acts as Veloz’s eyes and ears around the club. Similar to Daniel Graham, another imbecile. City Tatts might be in a new business collecting imbeciles, a sort of Madame Tussauds of imbeciles. The collection now includes Marcelo Veloz, Mark Cooper, Mark Lonngren, Daniel Graham, Noel Wilson …..

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