Key management personnel – Will Corbett!!

Just who is running City Tatts now?

It definitely isn’t Marcelo Veloz because all his time is taken up rorting and thieving just like he did at Dooleys. And when he’s not rorting and thieving he’s trying to gift the club to a Chinese developer.

So who is actually in charge?

It’s not Daniel Graham because he needs a map just to get to work each day and when he is there he is a stumbling bumbling mess.

It might be Will Corbett, although if you saw him on display in the club before the Mardi Gras you wouldn’t think so.

Prior to heading out to the parade Corbett was parading around the club in little tight shorts and no shirt. Yes, you heard that right, this imbecile was parading around the club prior to the Mardi Gras preloading on booze before meeting his “mates”, dressed like an Oxford St tramp.

Now with all the bars and clubs in Sydney to choose from this idiot went to the one he works at for pre Mardi Gras drinks. Why? It doesn’t make sense. What’s that saying, you don’t shit where you sleep? So why go to where you work and behave like a total wanker? We can advise it was to load up on free booze.

What a total lack of respect and dignity this idiot displays towards the club, the members and fellow workers.

Next year maybe the committee will organise a float for the Mardi Gras. Come to think of it, that’s not a bad idea and something we could advise on.

City Tatts Information Desk


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