The committee have always been the real problem

Remember the blogs about Guilfoyle’s team of “executive” misfits? This collective team of imbeciles would attend his meetings and leave shaking their collective heads such was the level of studidity this fool displayed.

The really sad thing is that he seemed to believe his own bullshit. Even his “executive team” thought he was mad and were laughing at him behind his back.

Now if the “executives” were laughing what were the committee doing? Were they laughing too or were they captivated by this imbecile’s ramblings?

This is a very pertinent question because the nucleus of the same committee is still there. If they believed Guilfoyle’s nonsense so easily it only stands to reason that they swallow whatever Marcelo Veloz is telling them. Is it any wonder that a Chinese developer has control of the club’s land thanks to a deal that Veloz and the committee did? It is only a matter of time before this goes bad.

Wouldn’t you think the old adage “once bitten twice shy” would apply?

Apparently not at City Tatts.

Coty Tatts Information Desk


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