John Healy – the Club Patron!

Since our recent blog mentioning former City Tatts Chairman John Healy the phones have been ringing hot with more juicy details.

The most constant tale describes Healy as a “wolf in sheeps clothing”. Apparently Healy had a roving eye. One of his gym disciples describes him as a “lecherous pervert”. This despite Healy acting as the devout family man and committed Christian.

Healy loved to sit in one of the club’s restaurants for hours – almost daily. He would order a free meal and eat. He would also pretend to read the newspaper or a book but ….. really he was just looking. He would position himself at the best vantage point to ogle the female staff. He didn’t think they knew. They knew alright, as the gym crew can confirm. Some of the female staff felt sorry for him because he seemed like everyone’s grandfather but truth be told he was just an old pervert.

The men’s gym is abuzz about Healy’s lecherous ways and we can report that not all in the gym approved of this, or his rorts, but let it go because they didn’t want to be seen as troublemakers.

Given that Healy was such a pervert is there any wonder why Guilfoyle was able to get away with everything he did?

We are also hearing more about a little arrangement in the gym whereby he would receive a nice regular cash bounty for doing absolutely nothing. Nice work if you can get it, and we will tell you all about it shortly. We just need to confirm the details because even we found it hard to believe.

City Tatts Information Desk


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