They had to have John Healy as Patron

You may have wondered why the committee cared so much about making John Healy the club patron.

But when you know City Tatts it makes perfect sense.

As a Life Member put it recently “They had to have John Healy as Patron. Think about it. What if members nominated someone else?”

The Life Member is right.

A patron is meant to guard the traditions and values of an organisation. And in many organisations they do exactly that.

What if members installed someone with integrity as Patron of City Tatts?

A real Patron might start asking difficult questions such as “Why is the club paying a CEO $600,000 a year when everyone in the industry says it should be no more than $300,000?’.

And that’s just one of fifty issues a real Patron might highlight, without even getting into more serious matters such as whether criminal frauds were occurring.

Tony Guilfoyle, above all, had to have Healy as Patron. A real Patron might have driven him out long before 2016.

But Healy had been bought off years earlier.

City Tatts Information Desk


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