John Healy – Accomplished or Accomplice?

John Healy wanted people to see him as a leader of men. He always aspired to be the person everyone looked up to. The truth of the matter was that even his power base, namely the men’s gym, were laughing at him and thought he was a fool for listening to Guilfoyle. And they knew he was up to his neck in rorts.

He got a free car, overseas travel, money for working out with his mates under the guise of providing group fitness training, and free meals in the club. That’s breakfast, lunch and dinner. And free gym gear, including shoes. And free parking in the city.

It’s easy to say good luck to him but when you know more about him you realise he is one of the biggest hypocrites ever to grace the City Tatts boardroom, and the man most responsible for starting the destruction of City Tatts.

As we told you recently, Healy portrayed himself as a devout Christian, a man of real substance. Now if he was who he made himself out to be how could he allow himself to be bent over so easily and manipulated by a fool like Guilfoyle for five minutes let alone five years?

Let’s not mince words here. John Healy was a man of absolutely no substance. If he had any balls he would have chopped Guilfoyle in half and booted him out the door straight into the Pitt St gutter. But instead he allowed himself to be greased by the biggest thief in the club’s history, and in the process became corrupted himself.

Make no mistake, John Healy let Guilfoyle get away with anything and everything he wanted. He gave Guilfoyle power, an unusual amount of power. Under normal circumstances anyone behaving and stealing as much as Guilfoyle would have been pulled up and turfed out the door but instead all the thieving and destruction was allowed to just go on and on and on.

The unusual amount of power Healy handed to Guilfoyle was strange in every sense but when the person you are handing the power to is allowing you to have the motor vehicle of your choice, free food, “wages” for nothing more than working out with your mates in the gym, the free gym we might add, free shoes for the free workout in the free gym. free food after the workout in the free gym, free car parking for the free car while you work out in the free gym ……….

Just remember John Healy was Chairman while all this was happening, and Tony Guilfoyle was CEO. If members could not rely on these two to look after the club, who could they rely on?

City Tatts Information Desk


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