Does Patrick Campion have psychiatric problems?

Maybe the time has come to just accept that Patrick Campion has psychiatric problems.

As one member put it “I know Campion has been granted the title of Chief Liar, and deservedly so, but sometimes it looks like he really believes what he’s saying. But if he does really believe what he’s saying then it’s time for the men in white coats to call on him”.

Why would a member say that?

Well, Campion started the AGM by paying tribute to an aboriginal tribe.

Yes, you heard that right! Patrick Campion started the 2018 City Tatts AGM by paying tribute to some aboriginal tribe. It would be hard to think of a club in New South Wales that has less connection to an aboriginal tribe. This will really attract the Asian market ……. especially on Good Friday.

Campion then told the meeting that recent member feedback had “‘all been positive”. Of course, just like the “positive feedback” he’s been getting from the City of Sydney council on the property development – since 2012. And you know how that worked out. And don’t forget the “positive feedback” he claimed to have received after the Sydney Morning Herald reported his cover-up of Tony Guilfoyle’s $200,000 embezzlement.

Campion felt that a profit of $745,000 was “a commendable result”. No, the operating profit was $45,000 which most people regard as a dismal result for an establishment with 300 poker machines!

And Campion told the meeting that the “new” deal with the developer “captures the increased value” of the club’s site. Well, no. On any rational analysis the latest deal, which is very much like the old deal, delivers the increased value to the developer.

So, Chief Liar or just insane?

You be the judge.

City Tatts Information Desk


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