2018 AGM was final repudiation of Guilfoyle

The more you hear about last week’s AGM the more it’s clear it represents the final repudiation of Tony Guilfoyle – by the same committee that backed him for 12 years.

It’s a bit like Khrushchev’s denunciation of Stalin.

Only, because this is City Tatts, less honest. Because Guilfoyle was never mentioned.

Just about everything Patrick Campion and Marcelo Veloz say they are planning now is the exact opposite of what Guilfoyle did.

Poker Machines

Tony Guilfoyle boasted about having more poker machine licences, and pushed them up to 420. Now Marcelo Veloz is selling them off and says that 250 is plenty.


Cafe 2 was entirely Guilfoyle’s creation. Veloz shut it down.

Esperanto restaurant lost millions during Guilfoyle’s time but he never once suggested closing it – partly because the committee liked it and wouldn’t agree to that. Now that Esperanto is losing less Veloz is closing it – and the committee agree!

Front Entrance

Guilfoyle was obsessed with creating a “grand entrance” and spent millions on a succession of botched attempts at it. Now Veloz has abandoned all that. In a desperate bid for rental income the “grand entrance” has been sacrificed for a TAB and a clothing shop.

What’s next?!!

City Tatts Information Desk


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