The ghosts of City Tatts (2)

Remember the reference to ghosts? And recall Veloz’s main occupation of thief? Put these together and you can have ghost employees on the payroll that don’t exist. In any normal place the payroll is a specialist area, but not at City Tatts. There they just get a non-English speaking friend of the CEO to do the job.

We have spoken to three CEO’s in similar sized clubs to City Tatts and all three have advised of their practice to distance themselves from payroll appointments, let alone hire their friends for the role. The main reason for keeping away from the payroll appointments is to ensure a culture of compliance is set and driven from the top down. But at City Tatts the best practice guidelines seem to be forgotten, or should we say thrown out the window.

Puttimg this bloke Veloz in charge of a club is a disaster waiting to happen. Allowing him the freedom to hire for positions such as payroll and put his mates in the role is just dumb.

Hey come to think of it this might be why the Queen of Poisonous Culture got the spear. She would have been one person who would have picked up on ghost employees but now she is gone, just like Nazar. Of course Mark Cooper is still there. He will surely pick up on any payments to fictitious employees, won’t he? Don’t hold your breath, because he hasn’t picked up on one piece of thieving that has gone on under his nose in the most corrupt club in Sydney in twenty years, so why would he start now?

We will be interested to see just where this one goes now that it’s been exposed. Just leave it to The Ferret.

City Tatts Information Desk


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