Another new kid on the block?

What is getting fatter than Mark Cooper by the minute?

Give up? Would you believe the second floor admin area, which has a new kid on the block?

Yes, it’s hard to believe but there is a new employee of the female variety now employed in the admin area. What is going on? Just when you thought it was starting to thin out up there along comes another Veloz puppet. We are just gathering the details of the latest “appointment” and will be ever so delighted to bring you the story soon. How do you think the Queen of Poisonous Culture will take it? After all she was moved on to cut costs and nothing to do with bonking the staff, or that’s what Veloz told the board (Yes, we have eyes and ears in the boardroom too).

It just goes to show what a fool Veloz is. He must know staff are looking and laughing at him for employing all of these useless pieces of crap who do nothing except report back to him on who is saying what to whom?

Now before you ask we will tell you. The newbie is ………. Chilean.

You probably guessed that anyway.

Centrelink must have their own Chilean misfits section because it’s impossible to gather so many imbeciles in one place to use as expensive eyes and ears like Veloz does. He must get them from somewhere, and given that they are all unemployable except at City Tatts it must be some kind of Centrelink operation supplying them.

The one thing with this one is that everyone knows this “new hire” is acting for Veloz and is wary of her. The other thing staff keep asking is when will the garbage stop being dropped into the club.

This must be the most expensive spying operation in a club in Sydney. It goes without saying, being a Veloz operation, it’s a complete failure.

City Tatts Information Desk


The ghosts of City Tatts (2)

Remember the reference to ghosts? And recall Veloz’s main occupation of thief? Put these together and you can have ghost employees on the payroll that don’t exist. In any normal place the payroll is a specialist area, but not at City Tatts. There they just get a non-English speaking friend of the CEO to do the job.

We have spoken to three CEO’s in similar sized clubs to City Tatts and all three have advised of their practice to distance themselves from payroll appointments, let alone hire their friends for the role. The main reason for keeping away from the payroll appointments is to ensure a culture of compliance is set and driven from the top down. But at City Tatts the best practice guidelines seem to be forgotten, or should we say thrown out the window.

Puttimg this bloke Veloz in charge of a club is a disaster waiting to happen. Allowing him the freedom to hire for positions such as payroll and put his mates in the role is just dumb.

Hey come to think of it this might be why the Queen of Poisonous Culture got the spear. She would have been one person who would have picked up on ghost employees but now she is gone, just like Nazar. Of course Mark Cooper is still there. He will surely pick up on any payments to fictitious employees, won’t he? Don’t hold your breath, because he hasn’t picked up on one piece of thieving that has gone on under his nose in the most corrupt club in Sydney in twenty years, so why would he start now?

We will be interested to see just where this one goes now that it’s been exposed. Just leave it to The Ferret.

City Tatts Information Desk

The ghosts of City Tatts (1)

City Tatts is an old building so there are bound to be a few ghosts rattling around the old place.

Well The Ferret can report that you can expect a few more ghosts in the place soon. You see Marcelo Veloz is so good at thieving, just ask Dolly’s at Lidcombe, some think he actually invented it.

So what’s this got to do with ghosts? Well for about five years the club had a dedicated and loyal payroll officer in Nazar. As mentioned in previous blogs Nazar went for a tipple with some of his poisonous colleagues and said something one of the grubs took offence to. As a result Veloz made him walk the plank for this approach that offended. Although we must add this offensive action took place on Nazar’s personal time away from the club so what did it have to do with Veloz, or why would Veloz take this action?

Well we can now report the missing piece in this jigsaw. Veloz had a ready made replacement for Nazar in the shape of the previously mentioned Chilean Garbo known as Fernando. How sweet and cute, just cut Nazar and parachute Fernando in.

Only one problem, Fernando can’t speak English so why go to the trouble of doing this? This is where The Ferret has got right in and found the juicy stuff.

Stay tuned.

City Tatts Information Desk

The economics of the City Tatts property development

The recent blog about the loss of rental income is a reminder to examine the whole rationale and economics of the City Tatts property development.

Actually the combined rent from the NAB and the Lotteries Office came to over $700,000 a year, before the club got rid of both of them around 2010 for Tony Guilfoyle’s dream of a property development.

Now let’s think about this.

The club missed out on at least $6 million in rent since then.

Then they spent $6 million, so far, trying to get planning permission – with no success. Based on that if they actually got full planning permission (Stage 1 DA and Stage 2 DA) for another $1 million it would be a major achievement.

If the property development ever happens the plan was to use 202-204 Pitt Street as a temporary club during construction. Leaving aside the question of whether this is even feasible the fact is a lot of money would need to be spent to do this. First they would have to build the “Wailing Wall” to divide the two parts of the site: the construction site at 194-200 Pitt Street, and the temporary club at 202-204 Pitt Street. Then there would be the other work required to make the temporary club operational. Together this work would cost at least $3 million.

So let’s recap.

$6 million in lost rent

$7 million to get planning permission

$3 million for the interim club

That’s $16 million.

But they only get $25 million from the developer.

If this was your building would you agree to this deal?

City Tatts Information Desk

Can you hear the drums Fernando?

You saw the latest blog about the Chilean garbage workers being dropped into City Tatts. Now you need to know about Fernando.

To the outside world Fernando looks like a humble garbologist. And that’s the opinion of those who deal with him every day. And we at the City Tatts Information Desk thought if a bloke is doing a good job leave him alone, let this one slide. That was until The Ferret got stuck into the meat of this one.

Fernando was employed as a bar attendant. This is true because, well, he could attend the bar he was working at. In fact he can barely speak any English. So where did this piece of garbage come from and how did he get to City Tatts?

The Ferret has been on the case and can report that Fernando was planted in the club by Veloz to seek out the bloggers. Only problem was that those in the know were on to him straight away and played him for the fool he is. They ran him around in circles until he was dizzy, not that it was difficult to do because he isn’t very bright.

When his cover was blown Veloz came up with his most ambitious plan yet. He sacked Nazar, the payroll officer, and transported the none speaking Chilean Garbo Fernando into the payroll officer’s job. Yes, you read that right! A non-English speaking Garbo lookalike was entrusted with┬áthe payroll for 200 employees totalling seven million dollars annually.

It’s hard to think of a good reason for this and The Ferret will reveal all soon.

Can you hear the drums Fernando?

City Tatts Information Desk

The new TAB in the pop-up bar

Remember the pop-up bar? The place that was the old gaming floor and smoking area? For those that have been around for a while it was a bank before it was a gaming floor and smoking room. When it was a bank the club was earning $400,000 per year in rent from National Australia Bank. This cosy arrangement was in place for years, a lot of years, and made the club a fortune.

When it was a bank the club had no outgoings, just a healthy rental income from a tenant who made hundreds of millions of dollars in profit each year. The point here is that it was never an issue getting paid the rent so what could go wrong?

Well, Tony Guilfoyle and the committee.

Together they decided to kick out the tenant, and the $400,000 a year rent received, and turn the area into a poker machine room that history now tell us was a rank failure.

Just do the maths. The club went from a guaranteed rental income of $400,000 per year to operate a hundred or so poker machines that were simply relocated from another part of the club. The costs of this were considerable. Staff, infrastructure, systems, cleaning, the list goes on.

Looking closer at this, if we said it cost the club $200,000 a year to operate the new pokie den, which is very conservative, and add the $400,000 a year rent the club missed out on, over the past ten odd years the club has lost six million dollars. Any money made on the machines would have been captured elsewhere in the club.

This is not a misprint. Six million dollars difference.

This destruction of a genuine alternate source of income took place ten years ago.

Fast forward to today and what have we got? A new tenant in the exact same area, only this time around the space is bringing in less rent than it did ten years ago.

City Tatts Information Desk

Welcome to the new Chilean Embassy

It appears you need a Chilean passport to get a gig at City Tatts today. Why is this so? Well, it’s because of the club’s latest thieving CEO Marcelo Veloz.

You see he is Chilean and he has a wide and distinguished circle of Chilean friends, all of whom it seems need a job. Now with the high turnover of staff at the club it stands to reason that there are always plenty of vacancies, right? While this is true the obvious question is if these new Chileans who keep popping up at City Tatts were such good workers wouldn’t they already have jobs somewhere else, or even careers? In other words why are they hoping for a gig from Veloz? Just maybe they are not that good, so why would Veloz want to hire them?

Or maybe they are a new type of “job asylum seekers”? You know, they are being “persecuted” by other employers ie. being let go because they can’t do the job, so they seek “job asylum” at their new embassy, City Tattersalls Club?

But knowing Veloz he might have a plan, like the high performance bunker that doesn’t work. Or a plan like making a profit through the desperate sale of intangible goods that he trumpeted at the last AGM. Whatever it is you can be sure it involves rorting and thieving because otherwise it just doesn’t make sense.

Why overlook good, capable local staff for Chilean garbage? It doesn’t make sense, does it?

We think we need to call on The Ferret to look into this.

City Tatts Information Desk