2018 AGM was final repudiation of Guilfoyle

The more you hear about last week’s AGM the more it’s clear it represents the final repudiation of Tony Guilfoyle – by the same committee that backed him for 12 years.

It’s a bit like Khrushchev’s denunciation of Stalin.

Only, because this is City Tatts, less honest. Because Guilfoyle was never mentioned.

Just about everything Patrick Campion and Marcelo Veloz say they are planning now is the exact opposite of what Guilfoyle did.

Poker Machines

Tony Guilfoyle boasted about having more poker machine licences, and pushed them up to 420. Now Marcelo Veloz is selling them off and says that 250 is plenty.


Cafe 2 was entirely Guilfoyle’s creation. Veloz shut it down.

Esperanto restaurant lost millions during Guilfoyle’s time but he never once suggested closing it – partly because the committee liked it and wouldn’t agree to that. Now that Esperanto is losing less Veloz is closing it – and the committee agree!

Front Entrance

Guilfoyle was obsessed with creating a “grand entrance” and spent millions on a succession of botched attempts at it. Now Veloz has abandoned all that. In a desperate bid for rental income the “grand entrance” has been sacrificed for a TAB and a clothing shop.

What’s next?!!

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What’s with all this Aboriginal nonsense?

Why the sudden interest in Aboriginals at City Tatts?

Some of the Club rooms have been given Aboriginal names. And Patrick Campion is talking about Aboriginal tribes at meetings?

No one can recall this ever getting a mention before. Even Life Members can’t remember any mention of anything Aboriginal about City Tatts, and they’ve been in the club 40 years.

So where is it coming from?

The committee is essentially the same committee for the past ten years, so it can’t be them. And anyone who knows the committee individually knows they have never shown any interest in Aboriginal affairs.

And it is certainly not coming from staff.

So this can only be coming from the new CEO, Marcelo Veloz.

But why?

We know he is desperate to promote a friendly image, although staff, suppliers and many members tell a different story. This looks more like an attempt to portray himself as Mr Nice Guy rather than any genuine concern for Aboriginal issues.

If Veloz has developed a sudden interest in Aboriginal culture let him do it on his own time.

It’s got nothing to do with City Tatersalls Club.

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Does Patrick Campion have psychiatric problems? (2)

We’re getting more reports of what Patrick Campion said at the AGM.

This one’s a beauty!

Campion said to members ” ….. returning the same committee means you accept the need for change

Yes, he actually said that!

Does he even think about what he says?

He also said “KPMG do a wonderful job“.


Tony Guilfoyle took $200,000 from the club, totally unknown to the committee, and for years Cameron Roan had no idea.

Then when he found out, by accident, his only action was to suggest that this be mentioned in the accounts so members would know. Even this fairly weak response amounted to nothing – because the committee just ignored him!

So if KPMG are doing “a wonderful job” the question is for who?

Certainly not for members.

City Tatts Information Desk

So now they’re backing Marcelo Veloz!

It looks like Marcelo Veloz has the full backing of the committee.

That’s a worry.

Because everything they say about Veloz they also used to say about Tony Guilfoyle. And he was marched out the door!

But there is one big difference this time around – the blogs.

Veloz is scared shitless by the blogs.

City Tatts is probably under more scrutiny than any other club in Sydney. Which means it was a disastrous choice for Veloz, a man who had just managed to rehabilitate himself in the club industry after being on the lam for years following his hasty exit from Dooleys Catholic Club at Lidcombe.

So don’t be surprised if Veloz leaves City Tatts the same way as Guilfoyle.

We’ve seen it all before.

And so has he!

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Does Patrick Campion have psychiatric problems?

Maybe the time has come to just accept that Patrick Campion has psychiatric problems.

As one member put it “I know Campion has been granted the title of Chief Liar, and deservedly so, but sometimes it looks like he really believes what he’s saying. But if he does really believe what he’s saying then it’s time for the men in white coats to call on him”.

Why would a member say that?

Well, Campion started the AGM by paying tribute to an aboriginal tribe.

Yes, you heard that right! Patrick Campion started the 2018 City Tatts AGM by paying tribute to some aboriginal tribe. It would be hard to think of a club in New South Wales that has less connection to an aboriginal tribe. This will really attract the Asian market ……. especially on Good Friday.

Campion then told the meeting that recent member feedback had “‘all been positive”. Of course, just like the “positive feedback” he’s been getting from the City of Sydney council on the property development – since 2012. And you know how that worked out. And don’t forget the “positive feedback” he claimed to have received after the Sydney Morning Herald reported his cover-up of Tony Guilfoyle’s $200,000 embezzlement.

Campion felt that a profit of $745,000 was “a commendable result”. No, the operating profit was $45,000 which most people regard as a dismal result for an establishment with 300 poker machines!

And Campion told the meeting that the “new” deal with the developer “captures the increased value” of the club’s site. Well, no. On any rational analysis the latest deal, which is very much like the old deal, delivers the increased value to the developer.

So, Chief Liar or just insane?

You be the judge.

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Hilarious 2018 AGM

On the surface last Tuesday’s Annual General Meeting was a standard routine meeting.

But to anyone who knows the recent history of City Tatts it was absolutely hilarious.

Virtually everything Patrick Campion (and Marcelo Veloz) said was a repudiation of everything Tony Guilfoyle did as CEO. That includes restaurants, poker machines, the magazine, everything.

Some of the statements were quite amazing, when you recall that Patrick Campion supported everything Tony Guilfoyle did for 12 years!

Campion even spent over $200,000 on legal fees to bar members who tried to warn about what Guilfoyle was doing to the club! And the members called a Special General Meeting to halt Guilfoyle’s destruction.

But still Campion, and the committee, always backed Guilfoyle.

This means that every single problem Campion and the committee claim to be tackling now is a direct result of their previous support for Guilfoyle.

There was no mention of John Healy.

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Down to 302 poker machines

The club sold more poker machine entitlements during 2017.

This has gone on for a few years and now they are down to 302. It used to be 420.

But what is this telling us about the club’s future?

What business sells off it’s main income producing asset, when it’s planning for the future?

Is this a clue to what Marcelo Veloz really thinks about the future of the club?

It looks more like a slow wind down to a property development.

Or maybe he was just desperate for cash?

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