Christmas drinks at the Sharkies (2)

So how will the 457 visa thing end up? Well considering everything else this goose has done, what do you think? We rang Confucius who had this to say “Man who piles Chilean rubbish in club very soon will have nothing but Chilean rubbish in club”.

The silent one in all this is Will Corbett. After all its in his best interest for Veloz to keep piling in the crap from Chile because it can only end one way, and thats no good for anyone except Will the Dill.

Remember our blog detailing his desire to be CEO of a club? (Meet our CEO in waiting: Will Corbett) Now we know he started as an unwashed backpacker and there is no way an unwashed backpacker could go from trekking around the world only changing his underwear every tenth day to being CEO of a club. But then there is no other club like City Tatts or thats what we hear on the radio. This little social engineering experiment by Veloz might prove that exactly right. We know Veloz has only ever lasted a few years at any club so its about time he did something really stupid like he usually does, and Will the Dill is ready for the opportunity that Veloz through his own stupidity presents.

We know Will is secretly waiting ……. in silence ……. in toxicated

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Christmas drinks at the Sharkies (1)

The team had a few Christmas drinks at the Sharks club in the heart of Cronulla the other day. While we were there we looked up a few old contacts going back to the Veloz time there. What an interesting story they tell.

While we were chewing the fat the one thing that kept coming up was Veloz and the work he did at Cronulla. By and large the reports were good and it appeared he got on with everyone in the place. In fact we were informed that things were as you would expect whether working for him or with him. We asked about the Chilean 457 visas and non-speaking payroll personnel and were advised that there was no such thing at Cronulla now or when Veloz was there.

So where did he get the idea to create the biggest problem yet for himself by culling good honest employees and replacing them with his own kind as he has done at City Tatts?

Apparently it has all to do with cash flow. You see City Tatts just doesn’t have the cash flow it once had or will need in the near future. This has brought on the need to get the regular staff out and the new Chilean staff in. While the existing or old staff have built up a bank of entitlements and expect a minimum wage, the Chilean crap are paid whatever they receive and have no longevity.

The equation is simple. Dump the good ones because they are costing you more and will cost you more and bring in cheap crap that have no entitlements and make sure they have none into the future. Remember the 7-11 brand and the trouble they got into with 457 visas not all that long ago? The same storm is brewing at City Tatts.

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Christmas at the Guilfoyle’s

Christmas at the Guilfoyle’s was such a big affair. There were kids there, plenty of kids, mum was there, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunties, uncles and even grandma got a spot at the table. Not the head spot though. That was reserved for the big cheese, old Guilfoyle himself. When he was at City Tatts he told everyone he loved Christmas. And why wouldn’t he? His Christmas was paid for by City Tatts.

We wonder where he is today – and who is paying this year? We bet he is suffering from bill shock when he calculates what it will cost him when he isn’t robbing the club of the food and booze for the family Christmas party. And then there were the gifts he purchased for his family on the club’s credit cards – with the money never being repaid of course.

The other way Guilfoyle robbed the club at Christmas time was through time off. He just wouldn’t turn up, instead relying on the plebs, as he called them, the ordinary staff, to go in at these times and operate the club. He was absent for weeks at a time over the Christmas/New Year period taking “annual leave”, but no one ever checked on this.

Now if truth be told everyone at the club knew he was a nutcase and a megalomaniac and were happy for him to take as much time off as he wanted. In fact even his “executive team” of misfits were happy when Christmas rolled around just to get a break from him. These are the same misfits who licked his ass every day. They would have been happy for him to take eleven and a half months off every year. And in truth everything in the club ran better without him.

The one little subset of “executives” who also loved Christmas were the “Marketing Managers” Tania Purdy and Kirsty Assad. They knew that Guilfoyle would come calling for a little Christmas cheer, but it was well worth putting up with him to get a nice fat bonus.

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What is Fernando doing these days?

Remember Fernando? He is the Chilean illiterate who Marcelo Veloz brought into the club to manage a payroll of 7 million dollars although he couldn’t speak English.

Remember him now?

We can report that Fernando has been seen in the club regularly, almost daily, but although we see him we just don’t know what he does. In other words we see him but we don’t see him doing anything. Now even if he is a good bloke he isn’t going to walk around City Tatts for nothing, is he? After all he has light bills to pay and food to put on the table so we will ask again: Just what does this bloke Fernando do for his wages?

Those working in the areas where he is seen tell us he is useless but they are wary of him because they know he is a Veloz puppet. Very similar to the style of puppet Mark Cooper was for Guilfoyle. This puts him in the “not to be trusted” category and for that reason staff don’t want to engage with him which means he doesn’t get anything to run back to Veloz with. But then no one knows what he does because no one wants to get close to him because they know whatever is discussed, even casually, will be taken out of context and gift wrapped for Veloz to put his own spin on.

With cash being so tight just how can the club afford to pay this bloke to walk around and do nothing? He must be of great value to Veloz.

We are watching this one very closely.

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First reports in from City Tatts Staff Christmas Party

The City Tatts staff Christmas party has been run and won for the year. It was held at the Aeona rooftop bar at the corner of Buckingham and Devonshire Streets in Surry Hills. As usual it has thrown up a few surprises that only a City Tatts event could.

We hear that the gym manager, yes the gym manager, is the latest casualty of this event. That makes it two gym managers in two years after two staff Christmas parties under Marcelo Veloz! What is about this bloke and gym managers at what is supposed to be a celebration of the festive season?

Other reports are filtering through about the party and we will be happy to bring them to you as we get them.

One thing we have to say is that City Tatts must be strapped for cash because it is a real step down to have the party at Aeona which is just a communal meeting place. One thing for sure is that the grog bill would be lower this year because Veloz and Corbett have been instrumental in weeding out over the last twelve months a lot of the staff who would have gone. We only hope that the signage and menus were in Spanish because that is the first language of City Tatts staff nowadays.

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Will Corbett – Head of Experience or Head of Spying? (2)

It was passed on to us that Will Corbett, that fine upstanding member of the City Tatts admin family, loved nothing more than to visit the area where the security cameras were housed and watch ordinary staff on the screens doing their duties.

While he watches the staff if he sees something he doesn’t like such as a staff member seated, when in his opinion they should be standing, he rings them up and tells them to stand. On one occasion he rang a staff member to request that they stop leaning on the counter they were working at. On another occasion he rang a staff member to tell them to stop picking their nose. We don’t know his policy on kitchen staff picking dead skin from their feet. Maybe they are exempt if Marcelo Veloz hired them.

Now here’s an idea. What if there was a camera following Will around the club. Just imagine if this camera was used to complete a time and motion study on his movements and behaviour. It would make for great viewing we can tell you. Just imagine the mismanagement it would reveal. What about the lies he tells? What about the good cop/bad cop games he plays with Veloz? Come to think of it that is a good topic for a separate blog, just to let unsuspecting staff know of the games and lies these two get up to.

Stay tuned because there is a lot more to come on this one.

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Will Corbett – Head of Experience or Head of Spying?

Will Corbett, that delicate little backpacker who was employed by Trevelyan Bale as a foil for Bale’s thieving, was a topic of conversation at our Christmas party last weekend. For our party we invited along a few people who always have plenty of good stuff for this blog and as usual they didn’t disappoint us. As the beers flowed and the shots got bigger the topic of conversation turned to Will Corbett.

You have read about Will Corbett on this blog before but you may not be aware that his official title is Head of Experience. Seriously, we are not making this up! That is his actual title. And you wonder why the club is going backwards?

Anyway, apart from this fool’s excessive drinking habits the main piece of information gained was his penchant for security cameras and using them to spy on staff.

Details to follow.

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