Tweedledum and Tweedledee – 6 years on

Believe it or not, it’s now 6 years since City Tatts started talking to Sydney Council about a potential property development on the club’s site.

Of course you have to remember who represented City Tatts at these discussions – Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

As far as anyone can tell their main objective was to gift the club’s site to a developer, any developer, for a pittance. Their efforts resulted in probably the dumbest club property development plan ever. They got so little from Mirvac the club would need to borrow $7 to $10 million just to bring it’s own floors in the new building to the same condition they are now – while Mirvac kept all the proceeds from the sale of 270 apartments in the centre of Sydney!

The best summary of the City Tatts property development saga remains Corrupt Campion’s path to a property fraud (Steps 1 to 12).

Anyway these discussions generated “positive feedback” according to Tweedledum.

And what is to show for all this “positive feedback”?

Well ………. nothing.

Of course a lot of other things have happened during those 6 years:

NAB walked away

ANZ became the club’s bankers

Mirvac were appointed

Mirvac walked away

Every major Australian property group rejected the City Tatts deal

Tony Guilfoyle was sacked

Marcelo Veloz, previously sacked by Dooleys Catholic Club, was hired

ANZ walked away

But on the property development ………. nothing. Not even a Stage 1 DA, the most basic first step to begin a property development.

In fact, it’s over a year since the Land & Environment Court rejected the last attempt and still the developer has not put in the latest Stage 1 Development Application.

City Tatts Information Desk


The Uncle Ray fallout. The true story, Part 1.

We have been busy confirming what staff have told us as to the real reason Uncle Ray hasn’t been seen in the club for about three months.

Before we tell the wotld about it we would like to give credit to Uncle Ray because throughout this whole investigation the two things that keep coming up are, first, what a dedicated and thoughtful man Uncle Ray was at City Tatts. The other thing that keeps coming up is what a treacherous low mongrel Marcelo Veloz is.

As previously mentioned Uncle Ray had cancer removed from his stomach a couple of years ago. For a while it was touch and go. In fact the last rites were delivered on two occasions, such was the seriousness of his condition at the time. As bad as it was he battled back and actually returned to work, although he was on reduced hours on his return. When he returned he did his best which was better than most could offer. The staff thought so much of him they gave him the title Uncle Ray. We are sure you get the picture.

Now this is where the story gets good. Uncle Ray was doing his normal duties a few months ago and according to Veloz he got physical with a bar attendant, a bar attendant about forty years younger than Uncle Ray we might add. The accusation went something along the lines of he either elbowed, pushed, jabbed, punched or bashed a bar attendant in frustration because the bar attendant had not counted his money correctly at the end of his shift.

Now here at the City Tatts Information Desk we are fair minded people and like to look at all the angles before we print but seriously can you believe that a man in his mid to late sixties who has endured major life saving surgery would be able or stupid enough to get physical with a young bar attendant because he could not add up right?

It just didn’t make sense or at least it didn’t to us so we dug a little deeper and guess what, we found a few more gold nuggets.

More to come.

City Tatts Information Desk

Undercover Boss coming to City Tatts?

Memo to all City Tatts staff, please trim up if you need to, apply a bit more of that lip gloss, maybe put a little rinse through your hair and dust off your Sunday best because you could be in a television show very soon.

We hear that the hit television show Undercover Boss is coming to City Tatts.

At the last board meeting Marcelo Veloz requested permisssion to participate in an episode of the show. When Patrick Campion asked Veloz how he was going to disguise himself he said he would just wear a Roosters or Sharkies tracksuit and maybe a high viz vest for special parts.

To compliment his disguise he said he would wear a fake moustache and those little round glasses. He might even get an extra inch added to the soles of his shoes to make himself look taller, like he did at Dooley’s.

The board clapped Veloz for coming up with this ingenious idea without asking why he would want to participate in Undercover Boss.

Well we can confirm the reason here. Veloz thinks by dressing up and going undercover he might be able to crack the code to the blogs, or in other words find out who is leaking to the bloggers and who the bloggers are. That is why we are disappointed he did not decide to go undercover as Inspector Clouseau, complete with trenchcoat and hat.

If the Undercover Boss gig doesn’t work out there must be some show with a part for a greasy unwashed vagrant with the morals of an alley cat.

City Tatts Information Desk

We have found him and he’s alive!

Uncle Ray is alive. We can announce to the world that Uncle Ray has been tracked down by concerned staff and they have reported that he does have a pulse. The same staff also advised us of a bizarre explanation for his departure. According to the new chief fraudster in the big chair at City Tatts, Marcelo Veloz, Uncle Ray was a very violent and abusive man. He was feared by everyone at City Tatts and had to go.

Let’s talk about Uncle Ray.

The moniker Uncle Ray is a term of endearment, an affectionate name for a person highly thought of for the help and care shown during years of sustained bullying and abuse meted out by Guilfoyle and now Veloz. Just ask yourself the question, how would a man get such a nickname if he was a bully or abuser?

After hearing from staff who spoke on condition of anonymity we can tell you exactly what happened to Uncle Ray and how it happened.

Uncle Ray was doing his job as a straight shooting shift manager. He wouldn’t take any crap. He didn’t give any so why would he take it. After all he has had major cancer surgery in the past few years and he isn’t physically able to throw his weight around even if he wanted to. About the heaviest thing he would be able to lift is a knife and fork. Got the picture?

Well fast forward to about three months ago and Uncle Ray is summonsed to a series of meetings where he is accused of writing the blogs. We are rather shocked that he was accused of this because how anyone could suspect a humble shift manager of having access to the breath and depth of information on the blogs is beyond belief. So Uncle Ray, if you are reading this we congratulate you for being so well informed and intelligent those imbeciles running City Tatts actually thought it was you telling the world what a putrid lot they are. If only those same accusers knew where the information was coming from they would be so shocked.

So how was Uncle Ray treated after being accused of writing the blogs?

You will have to wait for that lot of juicy details because we have to check what we have been told. If confirmed it will show Veloz to be everything we thought he was. A low, filthy, stinking shitbag …………… who fits into the new City Tatts culture nicely.

More to come.

City Tatts Information Desk

Correction from City Tatts Information Desk re Fancy Nancy and Daniel Graham

We have had new reports coming in overnight that the last blog about Fancy Nancy getting the written warning for buying a customer a Macca’s hamburger was slightly off cue.

Because we are diligent in the fight to expose the fraudsters led by Patrick Campion (and the stupid committee), Marcelo Veloz and Mark Cooper we think it only right to advise of the correction needed.

According to well-placed sources Fancy Nancy got her written warning from Daniel Graham for buying the big gambler KFC chicken and chicken nuggets and not Maccas as first reported.

Please accept our humblest apologies for this error.

Now while we are discussing food don’t you find it a bit strange the customer in question didn’t seek something to eat from one of the club’s fine eateries? After all there is a splendid Chinese Restaurant in the club now. Why wasn’t a meal sourced from this fine restaurant to satisfy the big gambler’s hunger? Maybe the big gambler, like the rest of the club’s patronage, knows the club’s food is rubbish, especially the Chinese Restaurant. We just think it funny that people who gamble in a place that has great food and restaurants, if you believe the bullshit flowing from Marcelo Veloz, ask for food from outside the club!

We were so puzzled by this we rang Confucius to get his take on it and this is what he said:

“Fancy Nancy get written warning for helping customer? Me think this ‘mazing”

“Customer do not want food from club instead want rubbish food from take away shop? Me think they miss rabbit dish from Esperanto”

City Tatts Information Desk

Fancy Nancy gets something in writing from Daniel Graham

Remember the little gaming attendant that gets her favourite shifts and little cash tips from Daniel Graham? The same little gaming attendant that flaunts her assets around Daniel Graham knowing full well he walks around like a dog on heat when she is in the room?

Well !!

How things change in the blink of an eye, or should we say after being exposed on a blog!

Staff are in raptures at the latest goings-on between this pair. Apparently Daniel got the jitters when we exposed him for giving Fancy Nancy the tips he was getting for doing members draws. So how did he balance the ledger so to speak? HE GAVE FANCY NANCY A WRITTEN WARNING! And for what? You won’t guess it in a million years so we will tell you. Poor Fancy Nancy got the written warning from Daniel Graham for providing ………. exceptional customer service.

So what was the exceptional customer service Nancy gave? Would you believe it if we told you that a huge pokie player at City Tatts asked Nancy for a hamburger from McDonalds? Nancy being ever so keen for a tip, a tip as in gratuity, obliged and provided the member with a Macca’s hamburger. This kept the big gambler at the machines longer and helped them lose much more than they wanted to lose, but at least they got their daily fix of Macca’s. Nancy also got a nice little tip. So what’s the problem? Well, according to Marcelo Veloz puppet Daniel Graham, Nancy went “outside the scope of her duties”.

Now why would Daniel do this? Was he jealous of Nancy giving the big gambler a little tender loving care by getting the triple cheese deluxe burger and was miffed that he didn’t get a little triple cheese deluxe burger himself from Nancy? Or did the recent blog exposing him as a rorter using tips from members draws to curry favour with Nancy force his hand?

Either way credit where credit’s due. This Daniel Graham is a constant source of entertainment.

City Tatts Information Desk

Where is Uncle Ray?

Has anyone seen Uncle Ray?

Well firstly we should tell you who Uncle Ray is. Uncle Ray is a distinguished gent in his sixties who has been a middle management employee of City Tatts for twenty odd years. We can’t get his exact age but it would be safe to say he is eligible for the $2.50 bus ticket all pensioners get when they reach their golden years. In the past few years he hasn’t enjoyed the best of health and has had large and aggressive cancers cut from his body followed by multiple bouts of chemotherapy to prolong his life.

Now you are probably asking yourself why a person with those health issues would want to hang around the putrid stink hole that City Tatts has become for twenty years. We don’t know either but we do know he hasn’t been seen for about two months now and we are wondering where he is.

Has he left the club’s employ to chase a bigger rainbow? We doubt it given his health history. Maybe he has been thrown under the same bus as the Queen of Poisonous Culture? We are not sure but would like to find out so this is a shout out to all scouts who might be able to solve the puzzle for us.

So where is Uncle Ray? If anyone knows please phone with the details on this very pertinent question.

We look forward to hearing from you.

City Tatts Information Desk