John Healy. Devout Christian, Lecherous Pervert, Corrupt or just misunderstood?

Healy liked to give the impression that he was beyond reproach but deep down he was, like Guilfoyle, a fraud and a con.

You have been told about his perverted behaviour and now you will hear about his willingness to accept a little cash for nothing.

You see Healy was getting paid for all of his time in the gym.

Healy would start up a fitness class in the gym. Members would join in and participate. In essence it was just a group of likeminded people working out together in the gym. This is where it gets murky.

Deep down most of the regulars saw him as an old pain in the ass, who if you didn’t break your own push-up record in one of his classes would issue a little “extra work” by way of extra sit-ups. A little childish most would say but there was method to his madness.

Take this as gospel. Healy got paid by the club to do what he was doing with his friends in prior times.

In prior times? What does that mean? Would you be surprised if we named Tony Guilfoyle as the architect of this con job? Guilfoyle arranged for Healy to be paid in cash for doing nothing more than working out with his mates at set times. By choosing set times they were able to pass it off as a legitimate service to members. How else could it be explained that an aging, unqualified, untrained member of the board was getting cash in the guise of wages? But in reality it was just a get together for mates to work out.

Is it any wonder Guilfoyle was able to rely on Healy’s full support to commence his destruction of the club, when this underhand thieving was going on?

City Tatts Information Desk


349 to 1

The more people examine the latest accounts the more sceptical they become.

This is how one member views the 2017 City Tatts accounts:

“Let’s see if I have this right”

“This bloke Veloz has delivered a net profit of $745,000. But he has been selling off the poker machine licences and that makes up $700,000 of the $745,000 profit”

“So really he’s managed to make a profit of $45,000 for the year”


“Let’s put this into perspective”

“According to the accounts he’s now down to 302 machines. We don’t know how many he sold during the year but let’s say he started with around 350”

“So if I understand this correctly, of the 350 machines he started with, the profit from 349 went to paying him, paying his “executive” team, paying the rest of the staff, paying for promotion, paying for building maintenance and other overheads”

“And that leaves one machine to make a profit for members”

“That’s 349 to 1”

“There’s something wrong with these odds”

Food for thought.

City Tatts Information Desk

They had to have John Healy as Patron

You may have wondered why the committee cared so much about making John Healy the club patron.

But when you know City Tatts it makes perfect sense.

As a Life Member put it recently “They had to have John Healy as Patron. Think about it. What if members nominated someone else?”

The Life Member is right.

A patron is meant to guard the traditions and values of an organisation. And in many organisations they do exactly that.

What if members installed someone with integrity as Patron of City Tatts?

A real Patron might start asking difficult questions such as “Why is the club paying a CEO $600,000 a year when everyone in the industry says it should be no more than $300,000?’.

And that’s just one of fifty issues a real Patron might highlight, without even getting into more serious matters such as whether criminal frauds were occurring.

Tony Guilfoyle, above all, had to have Healy as Patron. A real Patron might have driven him out long before 2016.

But Healy had been bought off years earlier.

City Tatts Information Desk

All aboard the City Tatts float for the 2019 Mardi Gras

Yes, we hear the committee were inspired by recent blogs to organise a City Tatts float for next year’s Mardi Gras.

Will Corbett is steering the ship. We know he is more than capable given his extensive experience with all things Mardi Gras. He will be expected to wear the same little tight shorts he wore with pride inside the club prior to this year’s event. The one thing Will insisted on is that Mark Cooper accompany him wearing similar shorts, and topless. To set the right tone Mark will be suitably oiled up – by Will.

There will also be a place for The Marshmallow and also Tweedledee. Plenty of oil for these two as well. The Chinese developer showed them how to apply lubricant.

Drinks will be supplied by Fruitjuice Berry.

And there will be a spot for Jan Ellks. The club will pay to fly her in from Taree, just like they flew her in each week for over a year while she was the most overpaid secretary in Sydney. She can go as the Wicked Witch – no costume required. Come to think of it, she might just fly in on her own broom.

If you’ve got Tweedledee you have to have Tweedledum. So we think it is only right that Tweedledum and Tinker Bell also get a spot on the float. Tweedledum can tell everyone what a genius he was, just like the old days. After the parade he and Tinker Bell can go their separate ways and pretend they’re not together, but meet up later in a hotel room. Just like he did with Tania Purdy every Friday until Tinker Bell came along. The only difference being that this time around Tweedledum will have to pay himself, unlike during the good times when the club picked up the tab.

Now the one person we would love to see on the float is Poison Ivy but we just don’t think her current partner would allow it. We don’t think he would allow it because he will have his own float.

City Tatts Information Desk

Were any wages “capitalised” in 2017?

So the genius Marcelo Veloz managed to make a profit during 2017?

So far so good.

Of course he had to sell another batch of poker machine licences to do it, and this makes up almost all the profit.

Now it’s not looking so good.

But what about the capitalised wages?

For the last few years the club has boosted the reported profit by claiming that some of the “executives” were working on the property development so part of their wages is not an expense but is part of the capital cost of the development.

Wages amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars were “capitalised” on this basis in prior years.

We’ll leave you to decide for yourself the value of this “work”.

But until you know how much wages were capitalised in 2017 you can’t be sure Veloz made any profit.

City Tatts Information Desk

John Healy – the Club Patron!

Since our recent blog mentioning former City Tatts Chairman John Healy the phones have been ringing hot with more juicy details.

The most constant tale describes Healy as a “wolf in sheeps clothing”. Apparently Healy had a roving eye. One of his gym disciples describes him as a “lecherous pervert”. This despite Healy acting as the devout family man and committed Christian.

Healy loved to sit in one of the club’s restaurants for hours – almost daily. He would order a free meal and eat. He would also pretend to read the newspaper or a book but ….. really he was just looking. He would position himself at the best vantage point to ogle the female staff. He didn’t think they knew. They knew alright, as the gym crew can confirm. Some of the female staff felt sorry for him because he seemed like everyone’s grandfather but truth be told he was just an old pervert.

The men’s gym is abuzz about Healy’s lecherous ways and we can report that not all in the gym approved of this, or his rorts, but let it go because they didn’t want to be seen as troublemakers.

Given that Healy was such a pervert is there any wonder why Guilfoyle was able to get away with everything he did?

We are also hearing more about a little arrangement in the gym whereby he would receive a nice regular cash bounty for doing absolutely nothing. Nice work if you can get it, and we will tell you all about it shortly. We just need to confirm the details because even we found it hard to believe.

City Tatts Information Desk

The committee have always been the real problem

Remember the blogs about Guilfoyle’s team of “executive” misfits? This collective team of imbeciles would attend his meetings and leave shaking their collective heads such was the level of studidity this fool displayed.

The really sad thing is that he seemed to believe his own bullshit. Even his “executive team” thought he was mad and were laughing at him behind his back.

Now if the “executives” were laughing what were the committee doing? Were they laughing too or were they captivated by this imbecile’s ramblings?

This is a very pertinent question because the nucleus of the same committee is still there. If they believed Guilfoyle’s nonsense so easily it only stands to reason that they swallow whatever Marcelo Veloz is telling them. Is it any wonder that a Chinese developer has control of the club’s land thanks to a deal that Veloz and the committee did? It is only a matter of time before this goes bad.

Wouldn’t you think the old adage “once bitten twice shy” would apply?

Apparently not at City Tatts.

Coty Tatts Information Desk