Negotiation isn’t one of Campion’s strong suits, is it?

If Patrick Campion is a lawyer he’s not a very good one.

We say this because negotiation should be the one thing a lawyer is good at. If Campion knew anything about negotiation he would have been able to negotiate an exit package for Tony Guilfoyle. Apparently he couldn’t, because Bartier Perry did this for the club.

So what do you think Bartier Perry charged for finalising an exit package for Guilfoyle? Would you believe, $50,000?

If you don’t believe us we don’t blame you, but we’ll say it again. Bartier Perry billed the club $50,000 for negotiating Guilfoyle’s exit package.

You’re probably wondering why Guilfoyle was afforded any exit package. After all, this imbecile did nothing except rape, pillage and plunder while masquerading as CEO, and plunging the club into record debt.

If Campion had been a real leader who had the club’s interests at heart he would have said to Guilfoyle as he was escorted off the premises “Get going before we press charges”. But when you have been covering up the rorting and stealing for years it is in our own best interest to just let it slide and pay the fifty grand to “negotiate your way out of it”. This is the kind of wanton and reckless spending that got the club into trouble in the first place.

But, more than anything else, Campion couldn’t take the risk of Guilfoyle becoming a supergrass.

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Who was steering the ship after Guilfoyle was punted?

Succession planning was not one of Tony Guilfoyle’s strong points.

Why do we say this?

Guilfoyle paid an “executive” team to do nothing except stroke his ego. When he went on one of his many holidays (see previous blog) he would communicate with the executives via remote access PC. He would drive them mad with his bullshit whenever he had an inkling to do so. He justified this by saying he was running the club “remotely”.

If it wasn’t so stupid it would be funny.

But when he was away on one of his jaunts who really was in charge?

Would you believe it if we said … no one?

Consider this. The team left in the club was Mark Cooper, Jan Ellks, Tania Purdy, Kirsty Assad, Trevelyan Bale and Mark Lonngren. In all seriousness could this lot be trusted to open a packet of chips let alone open and run the club each day?

So succession planning was not one of his strengths, and looking at the evidence it appears that thieving and rorting were his only real skills.

Speaking of thieving and rorting and lack of succession planning, think about this. If Marcelo Veloz was to be unavoidably detained for an extended period of time, for whatever reason, and couldn’t make it into work, who would step up then? Daniel Graham? Or would Jodie Blues make a comeback? Really, that’s it. There’s no one else.

So it seems Veloz has the same mindset as Guilfoyle when it comes to succession planning. The next question is why? Guilfoyle did it to keep everyone in the dark and allow him to steal at will. Wonder why Veloz does it?

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Guilfoyle’s Annual Leave Rort

Old Guilfoyle had many rorts inside his kit bag. One of the many was rorting his annual leave entitlements.

We are not talking about a weekend in Nowra or a few days in Mittagong. Every holiday was to an overseas location, flying first class of course, because he needed to “unwind”. Unwind from what, you are probably asking?

When he went on annual leave he would go for four or five weeks. But he would have a summer and a winter holiday! Yes, that’s right. He would double dip on his holiday entitlements. No one ever checked on this or asked how he could have so many holidays accrued. After all, those who should have been checking were “in the bag” so to speak.

Now if you doubt this and wanted to follow up on it, all you need to do is get Marcelo Veloz or the committee to notify the police and request that Guilfoyle’s passport history be checked. Every time he left the country it would be recorded. This information could then be cross-referenced against his annual leave entitlements.

What a treasure trove of entitlement we would find if this was done!

But wait a minute, why wasn’t this done before?

Well, that is easy to explain. Mark Cooper, the main person who ought to be checking such details, was Guilfoyle’s right hand man and main henchman at the time. We are getting details as to why the relationship soured towards the end.

Given that Guilfoyle was on over $10,000 a week, by the time he had his second holiday for the year, and paid himself for it, he had cheated the club out of another $50,000.

This is just the same as entering the safe and walking out with $50,000 every year.

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The Guilfoyle work from home scheme!

By now you would be well aware Tony Guilfoyle was a thief, and not just a petty thief.

One of his favourite rorts was the “work from home” scam.

This is what would happen.

Guilfoyle would block out a day on his calendar and tell Jan Ellks that he was not available that day because he was “working from home”.

But hold on a second. How exactly do you run a club from home? Could he see that far? Did he have telescopic sight? Could he see all that was going on in the club?

What a con. The CEO of a registered club claiming to run the club from home. If Patrick Campion and the committee had any backbone they would have sacked him just for that.

In the last full year he was employed at City Tatts, 2015, we know he had one day off a week on average under the guise of “working from home”.

He was on a salary of over $500,000 in 2015 so his “work from home” scam cost the club upwards of $100,000 that year.

And he was doing this as far back as 2008.

City Tatts Information Desk

What was the cost of a City Tatts “executive meeting”?

Guilfoyle’s “executive team” was paid in excess of a million dollars a year to lick his backside. Add to this the $130,000 Jan Ellks got every year and his own wage, which we have conservatively capped at $550,000 per annum.

That’s $1,600,000 a year, or $32,000 a week.

To call these fools together and have a meeting for an hour cost the club $800. Given that Guilfoyle was a waffler when these meetings went two hours the cost to the club was $1,600.

That is not a misprint. Every time Guilfoyle called an “executive meeting” the club was hit with a wage bill of between $800 and $1,600, depending on how delusional he was on the day.

Now consider this. Guilfoyle would hold at least one meeting per week for executives. Note we say at least one, because most weeks there were two or three.

Did the finance man, Mr Cooper, have the nous to do these very basic sums and present the findings? Apparently not, because these meetings continued right up to when Guilfoyle got frog marched out of the club in March 2016. But Cooper was one of the main moaners about the time he spent in Guilfoyle’s meetings. He snipped Guilfoyle at every opportunity but when in Guilfoyle’s company pretended to go along with with everything he put forward. Mr Cooper, the finance man? More like Mr Bean, the imbecile.

We are sure Guilfoyle would approve if we had a meeting to discuss the cost of the meeting that was called to discuss the previous meeting.

City Tatts Information Desk

Campion in denial

Patrick Campion’s latest press release has been beautifully described as “two pages of absolute nonsense”. Of course when you’ve watched Campion for a while you don’t expect him to make much sense.

You see, it’s not about getting a property development moving, or even started. It’s not about any alleged “new deal” or “improved deal”.

It’s all about Campion refusing to admit his mistakes and issuing statements hoping to convince everything he was right all along. He’s been doing that for six years now.

You could even sum up Campion’s entire stint as Chairman as a long series of failing to stand up to those looting the club, and then issuing statements to cover for this failure –  usually by defending the very people he was afraid to tackle.

When members told Campion to do something about Guilfoyle before he destroyed the club, Campion put more effort into backing Guilfoyle. When blogs pointed out that Colliers and KPMG Real Estate were cheating the club, Campion responded with more support for Colliers and KPMG Real Estate. When it was obvious to everyone that he made a massive blunder in hiring Marcelo Veloz (because he didn’t check his past back to Dooleys) Campion went the opposite way and gave him full support. And when he’s lampooned as the Chief Liar of City Tatts he comes out with more lies.

If he had put half the effort he put into defending Tony Guilfoyle, or Marcelo Veloz, or Colliers, into tackling them instead, the club would be in good shape now.

But Campion was too weak to tackle anyone (without Guilfoyle’s permission) and Guilfoyle just led him by the nose.

Make no mistake. Campion will destroy the club rather than admit he’s wrong.

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Let’s have a meeting!

As you were informed recently Guilfoyle loved a meeting. He felt the power, the presence, the sway he held over ordinary people by waffling on at meetings. Everybody in attendance had to agree with him, or else. These were ordinary people just trying to earn a living but were subjected to this idiot’s ramblings on a regular basis.

Anyone called to these meetings would go in with trepidation, because they never knew what this madman was going to dump on them “at the meeting”.

Attendees at Guilfoyle’s meetings have recounted stories of being locked up with this imbecile for hours on end, with no finish in sight. On many occasions darkness had set in and people had to leave to attend to family matters such as collecting children from daycare centres, all of which Guilfoyle would frown upon, and bag the person after they left. He would advise those still in attendance that xxx was not “setting the culture of the club” because they left the meeting.

The other trait we keep hearing about is the number of meetings Guilfoyle held with absolutely no outcome achieved. He would call a meeting for managers to attend, the meeting would break up only to reconvene the following day where all that was discussed and “worked up” the day before was scrapped, or just forgotten. Really. He would babble on and drive people mad with his waffling only to call everyone back a day later and have a completely different agenda. In reality it was as if the first meeting never happened.

This insane behaviour flowed onto the Executive Team. The best example we can find was the day two executive managers spent an hour discussing how many party pies to warm up as part of the complimentary food handed out to pokie players. If you think we are being pedantic, consider this: Both of these clowns were on a salary of $250,000 a year! Now would it be fair to say that executives paid this sort of tonk ought to be exempt from deciding, or even thinking about, how many party pies to hand out to gambling addicts playing pokies in their lunch breaks? Not at City Tatts while the Guilfoyle banner was flying. Just another example of the stupidity fostered by this nutcase.

Now should we have a meeting about all this?

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