Campion on the brink of madness

Have you seen the bizarre puff piece in the Daily Telegraph about City Tatts?

Yes, the Daily Telegraph!

It’s absolutely hilarious – and stupid from start to finish.

In his psychotic drive to cover his mistakes, Campion has done a great job of proving everything being said about him!

There is only one possible conclusion to draw from the Telegraph spread – Campion is sliding into madness.

The article makes it clear that he is now desperate for a property development, any property development, even if it destroys City Tatts. The whole attempt since 2012 has been such an unmitigated disaster he is now desperate even for a chance to claim it might happen someday.

Clinch Long Letherbarrow must be so proud of him!

We will have more to say on this!

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Why does Paul Cavallaro stay on the City Tatts committee?

Does anyone know why Paul Cavallaro is still on the City Tatts committee?

On the surface it makes no sense.

Clearly he doesn’t do anything on the committee. In 12 years of insane mismanagement by that clown Guilfoyle there is no indication Cavallaro did anything to stop it. And there is no prestige in being on the City Tatts committee today. Maybe 20 years ago, but not today.

So it’s hard to see why he wants to be there. And then consider the downside risks of being on the City Tatts committee today, which are more serious for Cavallaro than some of the others. Fruitjuice Berry might believe in his own mind he’s a genius, but no one else cares. And Michael Sterndale-Smith might be away with the fairies but it doesn’t matter.

But Paul Cavallaro is an accountant in public practice. That means apart from the usual risks of being associated with a failing organisation, there are special reasons why it’s madness for Cavallaro to remain on the committee.

If you are an accountant on the board of a club where it is clear numerous frauds have gone on for years, people are bound to ask “Is it that he doesn’t know what’s going on, or is he involved in covering it up?”. Either way, your professional reputation takes a hit.

So there are many reasons to quit, and none to continue.

But he does continue!

So the question is why.

You don’t hear people saying that he is a crook and there are no definite reports of dishonest behaviour. But if anything that makes it more strange that he remains. The only reason for an honest person to be on the City Tatts committee would be to tackle the rorts and corruption. Other than that, it’s basically a contradiction for an honest person to be on that committee.

So you have to wonder:

Does he think he will get a free apartment?

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Jan Ellks is gone – and her replacement too!

Yes, thankfully that disgusting cheat, Jan Ellks, is gone.

In ten years this glorified secretary embezzled over $700,000 of members money, with the full collusion of Patrick Campion and Tony Guilfoyle. That amount of money makes it a significant fraud, even by the standards of the club industry.

And that was on top of a generous salary for what she actually did.

But there’s even more dramatic news.

Her replacement has quit already!

She only started in June and was gone within four weeks. Apparently she quickly dtetermined that the place had no future.

Well you can only run something badly for so long before it starts to show. And Guilfoyle’s years of chronic mismanagement have really started to show in the past two years.

And, who knows, the prospect of being featured in future blogs may have played a part in the replacement’s decision to quit.

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Is Linda Fitzhardinge planning a move on Campion?

The latest rumour is that Linda Fitzhardinge is planning to supplant Patrick Campion as Chairman.

This is possible. Under the new rules the Chairman is elected by the Committee, not the members.

There are nine on the Committee so she would need five votes. She already has Binns and Niven so out of the remaining five (excluding Campion) she would only need another two.

That shouldn’t be too hard. Fruitjuice Berry would probably vote for her, if he was promised Vice Chairman. Jimmy Chen wouldn’t know what day it was, so he might just go with the flow. Paul Cavallaro and Rick Faulkner wouldn’t care one way or the other.

This is not a new ambition for Linda Fitzhardinge.

It’s no secret she always dreamed of becoming Chairman. She ran for Vice Chairman in 2011, as a stepping stone to Chairman, and was fuming when she lost to Wendy Fisher. She was so angry about the result she refused to attend the first few meetings after the election, until someone told her that if she missed three consecutive meetings she could be kicked off the Committee.

And Campion is in a precarious position right now. He repeatedly, and publicly, backed Tony Guilfoyle’s property development tilt, and four years on it’s a complete shambles.

Linda Fitzhardinge was careful to avoid any such public support for the property development, although behind closed doors she happily went along with anything Guilfoyle ever did.

Who knows, she might even claim to be shocked to find out the property development was not in the Club’s best interests!

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What will happen to the Michael Sterndale-Smith lunch club?

The art gallery scam wasn’t Sterndale-Smith’s only contribution to City Tatts.

Let’s not forget his lunch club.

A few years back members started to notice that the number of people being treated to lunch by Sterndale-Smith was growing steadily. That would have made it one of the few growth areas in the club. What will happen to the Michael Sterndale-Smith lunch club?

So was this an unusual case of generosity by a committee member?

Unfortunately, no. It was basically an ego trip, with the club picking up the tab.

But what will happen to the lunch club now that Sterndale-Smith is off the committee?

Will he continue to host the lunches and just pay the bill from his own pocket?

That was a joke.

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How long before Binns and Niven turn against the property development?

Francine Binns and Annette Niven may have been placed on the Committee to push the property development but that could change very quickly.

There is no question that people will go to jail if there is ever a full investigation into the City Tatts property development. (See Corrupt Campion’s path to a property fraud)

Patrick Campion dug a hole for himself over it because he couldn’t bring himself to admit he made a massive blunder in backing Tony Guilfoyle.

But Binns and Niven are in a very different position.

If these two have even the slightest degree of business ability they must realise that the deal agreed by Campion and Guilfoyle with the Chinese developer is pure fraud. But, unlike Campion, they have no reason to defend it.

Why would they implicate themselves in a fraud, when they don’t have to?

So don’t be surprised if they suddenly have second thoughts about the whole plan?

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What will happen to the Michael Sterndale-Smith art scam?

Poor Sterndale-Smith got bumped off the committee by Binns and Niven.

This is the first time in living memory a sitting committee member actually lost their seat at an election.

We’re as shocked as he is.

But the real question is: What will happen to his art gallery scam?

For those of you not familiar with Michael Sterndale-Smith, his main contribution on the committee was to come with a scheme that would be too bizarre for most clubs but was perfectly normal for City Tatts.

His plan was to get paintings from a commercial gallery and hang them at City Tatts.

So far, so good.

But, remember, this is City Tatts, the Twilight Zone of the club industry. So there are a few “special” features to the arrangement.

The paintings are all for sale, and when they are sold the gallery keeps all the profit.

And, one more thing, City Tatts pays the gallery $50,000 for acting as their showroom.

It is obvious that Sterndale-Smith intended to profit from this scheme. But as far as we can tell, City Tatts never paid him any money. Maybe he was rewarded directly by the gallery.

But what will happen to the arrangement, now that Sterndale-Smith is gone?

Is City Tatts to become a cultural wasteland? Is the scam finished? Is Batman doomed to a slow death at the hands of The Riddler?

Or maybe Sterndale-Smith can sell the scam to Diversa, like John Kennedy did with his Bookmakers Superannuation Fund scam?

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