8 x 8 = ???

When we went to school 8 times 8 was 64.

It appears nowadays that 8 x 8 equals no development. At least at City Tatts.

For years the bullshit that flowed from Campion and Guilfoyle about the airspace development was enough to make you sick. Now instead of signing off on a stage 1 development application we have Campion signing off on an 8 year lease for the TAB to use the very lucrative 196 Pitt Street.

Not only do the TAB have the club by the balls with this “deal” but they virtually own the club’s future as they also have an 8 year option on the site as well. That’s 16 years in total.

Now do you humble readers of this blog seriously believe there will be any development on top of the TAB at 196 Pitt Street in the next eight years, or possibly sixteen years, with the TAB in place as it is now? If you are like us and think the same way that means there will be no development until 2034!

We urge you to ask the master builder and project manager Mr Veloz. He has all the details as he was the one who got the credit for signing up the TAB, remember?

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Do you really want a coffee with Marcelo Veloz?

Once we knew Marcelo Veloz was sacked by Dooleys Catholic Club for embezzlement we were naturally sceptical of everything he said. One of these was his “come and have a coffee with me anytime” invitation.

But more and more we can see the reason for it.

When you see the incredible effort Veloz has put into finding the bloggers, with zero success we migbt add, it makes perfect sense. Yes he wants to meet members, but he really needs to find out who is with him and who is against him.

And, more to the point, can they offer any clues as to who the bloggers are.

He’s just back from holidays so if you really want that coffee now would be a good time. Of course it’s getting harder to find a place at City Tatts to have a coffee. It looks like it will have to be in Zest.

And don’t forget to pay your respects to the Qulla tribe.

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Where is Fernando?

The Ferret has been out and about in the corridors of power in the City Tatts buildings and has observed lots of stupidity, but one thing was missing.

Where is Fernando?

Remember this grubby individual? He was the stooge Marcelo Veloz planted in the club bars to spy on the staff. The same bloke who couldn’t string two words together let alone hold an adult conversation in English. Yes, the same bloke parachuted into the payroll position looking after a payroll of $7 million. Remember him now?

Well it appears since Fernando and Veloz were highlighted on the blog regarding this appointment, and the more than likely possibility of rorting the club’s payroll using fictitious employees, Fernando has disappeared.

Now if only Veloz would do the same. However that is unlikely to happen.

Those in the know tell it this way:

Veloz can’t go anywhere because he is clueless and no other club would have him. It’s a match made in heaven for the City Tatts committee who made it as comfortable for him as possible and he just keeps drip feeding them bullshit which they dine out on because they can all feel important and tell their little circle of friends how great they are.”

So we will ask again, where is Fernando? It seems he has just vanished, disappeared. But how and why?

Probably because he was exposed on the blogs, why else?

The Ferret is on the case and looking into any “new” and “recent” payroll appoinments and will be back from assignment soon with ALL the details.

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Are the City Tatts elections rigged? – No Opposition ever elected

If you’re interested in the City Tatts committee elections here is something to ponder:


Just think about that.

Since 2006 more than 20 people known to be opposed to the existing Committee and management have stood for election at various times. And not one has been elected.

You would expect at least one of them to get up just on the law of averages.

Many of these were well known. Some of them were even popular. In addition a lot of what they said about the club and it’s management had been proved right by the time they stood for election.

And still they couldn’t get elected.

Another interesting point is that while members who spend a lot of time in the club would know who was opposed to the current management most voters wouldn’t. Members who rarely come to the club and have to rely on candidates’ 100 words would find it hard to tell who was for or against the current management.

But somehow they still managed to vote strongly against any opposition candidate!

An extreme example of this happened a few years back. A candidate who consistently warned about the club’s direction, and was vindicated by events in every way, finished last on the ballot, hundreds of votes behind even totally unknown candidates.

Very strange.

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Where was Veloz when Mongrel closed?

You have heard all the stories about Marcelo Veloz. He has been called a thief, a conman, a liar, a bully and an imbecile. Well now he may also be called a coward.

As the saying goes, there is a first time for everything isn’t there?

So why is Veloz being called a coward?

Well he trumpeted Mongrel as the club’s saviour. A new option, a top Chinese restaurant. He told everyone how wonderful it was going to be. A new market, the Asian market needed to turn things around.

So how did it all work out? Did it turn around? Well we can tell you it turned around, went backwards and hit a brickwall!

Now it is closed and where was Veloz when the doors shut? He was on holidays, that’s where. That’s what staff are telling us. This buffoon was on holidays when the front line staff were left to face the members. Although to be honest very few members seemed to notice it was gone.

Sounds much like Tony Guilfoyle, doesn’t it? Full of bullshit and bravado. Only too happy to tell you how great their idea is but when things go pear shaped they run for Flight Centre and book a trip to get the fuck away from the scene of the latest disaster.

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So now we’re down to Zest?

The City Tatts Chinese restaurant closed at the end of September. This means it lasted six months.

But hold on.

They just closed the Esperanto at the end of August. Would they really have closed the Esperanto if they knew the Chinese restaurant would be gone within a month. This looks more like a sudden decision made in mid-September.

And it leaves Zest as the only restaurant in the club.

Is this a good idea?

Zest was rejected by members almost from the day it opened. Basically it was mostly Tony Guilfoyle’s ego trip. Because he and the committee could eat there for free it didn’t seem to occur to them that members who had to pay $40 or $50 for the same meal probably wouldn’t.

And where does this leave the supposed Strategic Plan? (See Strategic Plans for Clubs and Colour Coded Nonsense) Remember Cafe 2 also closed in September last year.

The only conclusion you could reach is that there is no strategic plan, as many members have suspected for a while. (See This just looks like chaos)

And does this mean Campion’s Cafe on Pitt Street is back on the agenda?

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The other bicycle thief

Our last blog detailing Marcelo Veloz’s questionable practices involving money raised from charity bike rides has opened up a can of worms. We are getting reports from people who know of similar occurrences at City Tatts.

According to well-placed sources City Tatts has it’s own thief on wheels and, no, Tony Guilfoyle didn’t ride a bike. Instead it was Trevelyan Bale.

Bale did so much thieving from City Tatts it bacame a running joke. Questions were often asked such as “How can a chef get away with so much thieving?”

Well the answer is clear. No one cared, because they were all getting their own. Guilfoyle didn’t care because he was robbing the place blind himself, and Mark Cooper was in on the rorts too. How else can you explain the lack of, shall we say, follow up and due diligence expected from an accountant?

Of course the committee didn’t care either so this effectively gave Bale the green light. He was thieving anything and everything that wasn’t nailed down.

He like Veloz would participate in charity bike rides. The City Tatts committee would donate to the charity of Bale’s choice. On completion of the bike ride Bale would front the committee and tell them what amounted to a pile of bullshit. Then he would get the cash. Just how much went to the charity is not known but there were persistent reports that like Veloz a sizeable “administration and handling fee” would be deducted.

Who needs Vittorio De Sica? City Tatts has it’s own bicycle thieves!

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