Aswan Dam Relocation Project (3)

What’s the old saying, “Seek and you shall find”? Well we were seeking and we found that two weeks should have been enough to move four snooker tables.

So we dug a little deeper and discovered that Mark Lonngren, yes that “Maintenance Manager” (or more likely “Head of Maintenance”) employed under the Guilfoyle brand, was the “project coordinator” of the massive move involving the relocation of four snooker tables.

But isn’t Lonngren with Southern Cross Group now, we hear you ask? The answer is yes. How quaint, Veloz does the transfer of the century and gets rid of Lonngren, because even Veloz understands that Lonngren is redundant between the ears. He sends him off to Sammy Johnson at Southern Cross Group and Sammy accepts. Now Lonngren is back but working for Southern Cross?

See what we mean by quaint?

The obvious question is why? Why would City Tatts transfer Lonngren to Southern Cross Group and then have him back working in the club? Are we the only ones to think this just doesn’t stack up?

City Tatts Information Desk


Aswan Dam Relocation Project (2)

As previously mentioned we just couldn’t understand why it took five weeks to move four snooker tables within the same building so we rang Confucius. He said he didn’t know anything about snooker tables but he put us on to UNESCO who he said had experience with similar projects, such as the Aswan Dam Relocation Project.

The construction of the Aswan Dam on the Nile in 1960 meant that the massive statues at Abu Simbel and other sites such as the temple at Philae would be buried under water. So it was decided to move them to higher ground. This was an international project coordinated by UNESCO.

The statues were not built from stone, they were carved into the cliff. So they had to be cut into blocks, dismantled, lifted and transported to a new site 200 metres from the river and 65 metres higher.

The blocks were then replaced one at a time with a tolerance of 5 mm. There were over 10,000 blocks and they weighed on average 20 tons each.

This is considered one of the great achievements of archeological engineering.

A UNESCO expert who was Professor of Ancient Egyptian Monuments and Club Snooker Tables in 1960 spoke exclusively to us and said “Based on the Aswan Dam Project I estimate that two weeks should be enough to relocate the four City Tatts snooker tables within the same building“.

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Aswan Dam Relocation Project (1)

Remember the snooker room refit? For those that don’t know, the club’s management decided that the snooker room would be relocated to the vacant void formerly known as Mongrel. (That would be a good name for a band: The Void Formerly Known As Mongrel) Anyway this isn’t all that much of a story but when you look closer it just goes to show that at City Tatts nothing is ever simple.

How difficult is it to move a few snooker tables within the same building? Most people would say its not a big deal. At City Tatts it is always a bit more in-depth than anywhere else, because this move was supposed to take two weeks but for some strange reason it took five.

Now efficiency isn’t one of City Tatts’ strong points, as you well know. Because after all if the club had been properly run with no mismanagement or fraud there wouldn’t be any blogs, would there? The fact that the blogs have been going for years now and keep going is a good indication that things are just not right there. So with that logic well and truly in the forefront of our minds we went looking for answers as to what the holdup could possibly be with this move.

There was only one man to talk to.

City Tatts Information Desk

Good Cop Bad Cop

Staff in contact with Veloz and the club’s resident backpacker Will Corbett have given the City Tatts Information Desk an insight into how these two top pieces of shit manage the day to day bullying. The system is easy to understand. Veloz puts all the bullying in place but keeps himself at arms length from the decisions made. Instead he passes the baton to Will “the Dill” Corbett. Will loves the power he is given and creates havoc by going out of his way to upset everyone he comes in contact with. Will the Dill then puts his own spin on things which no doubt leaves staff dazed and confused, because they don’t realise at the time it was Veloz how commenced the entire process.

Will the Dill gets the credit for the situation, which he relishes because he loves causing turmoil. Just quietly we can also tell you he is on record as telling people not all that long ago he doesn’t “give a fuck” what staff think of him.


Now after he has created carnage and sends reports to Veloz detailing the mess, Veloz usually holds court bringing the staff member (or members) and Will together. This is when Veloz and Corbett really work their magic. Veloz lets Will the Dill tell his part of the story. Will rambles on with his own slant of cause. When he is finished the poor unsuspecting staff member then gets to put their side of the story but of course Veloz already knows what they will say. When the staff member is finished trying to dig themselves out of the hole Corbett put them in, Veloz turns to Will the Dill and says ever so calmly “Will, you didn’t tell me this”.

Well in truth Veloz is right. Will the Dill couldn’t have told him anything because it was Veloz who told Will what to do in the first place. The only confusion at that point is in the mind of the staff member who thought it was Will causing the waves but in reality it was Veloz all along.

Now Veloz can do anything he wants because he is the piper and the piper plays the tune but why does he need to play these games in the first place? The losers in this process are the unsuspecting staff paid award wages for being bullied and harassed in this manner.

If the committee doesn’t know this rubbish is going on they are still just as complicit as Veloz because they should know. Now that we have exposed it lets see what happens. We bet probably nothing because they just don’t care. For evidence of this just look at the position the club finds itself in. How different things could have been if the imbeciles on the committee had acted on the blogs five years ago?

City Tatts Information Desk

Hot Dogs only $9 !!

Have you seen the new cafe at City Tatts? If not go in and have a look. Its real easy to find, just go to where Mongrel was before it closed for being a failure and an expensive failure at that. When the team inspected the new cafe recently we were impressed ….. by the prices.

First we noticed hot dogs for $9 and then hamburgers for $16 to $20. This would be ok if you were at a major sporting event watching top flight teams battle it out but remember this is a cafe in City Tatts. The same cafe that was a rank failure as a Chinese restaurant.

If you are confused just imagine how we feel reporting on this madness.

So the Chinese restaurant doesn’t work and they think a hot dog and hamburger bar will?

We’ll see.

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Salary cap issues at Sharkies

We previously informed you of invoicing issues at Dooley’s and Marcelo Veloz being given the Guilfoyle treatment, the sack, for thieving through inflated invoicing. Now we hear of another club with an invoicing scandal.

Apparently the Sharkies are under investigation for invoicing fraud after paying their players through a fake invoicing scam.

And according to Sharkies people Veloz was CEO of the club when this fake invoicing scam was taking place there in 2015.

Is is just us or do others see a link here?

So far Veloz has not been publicly connected to the Cronulla salary cap breaches. But that would mean a rugby league club set up a system of payments using fake invoices and the CEO of that club didn’t know about it? Either way there is quite a stench starting to build around the whole appointment of Marcelo Veloz as CEO of the time honoured City Tattersalls Club.

Just how difficult must it have been for City Tatts to find a CEO with such a troubling track record as Veloz? Full marks to the retention and recruitment committee for this one. They must have scoured the country to find such a crook/imbecile.

The one thing that keeps cropping up is that it must be very easy to get a gig as a club CEO. Because if a snake oil salesman like Marcelo Veloz can do it with his track record of scandal everywhere he goes, anyone can do it.

City Tatts Information Desk

The toxic culture of City Tatts

A good judge who spoke to City Tatts Information Desk under anonymity put it this way: “A happy ship is a good ship”.

Now do you think City Tatts is a good or happy ship? Just consider the number of contributors to this blog to help answer the question. If you are not sure just who is contributing consider this. Given the length and breadth of details blogged clearly there are contributors from all sections of the City Tatts “family”.

Now why do you think so many people are contributing? Is it because they like what they see in the club? Hardly. Or is it because of the toxic culture that permeates the whole administration under the guidance of Patrick Campion and his chosen CEOs, Tony Guilfoyle and Marcelo Veloz?

If you are in two minds consider this. Tony Guilfoyle was a disaster in every way. The committee did the right thing removing him from office. Unfortunately for their own credibility they did it too late and for that they should all resign en masse. Instead what do they do? They found Guilfoyle 2.0 in the shape of Marcelo Veloz.

The good judge put it this way “How can the very people who presided over the flourishing of such a toxic culture now be the ones to change it?

Another wise mind added “Considering how long people have warned the committee about Guilfoyle, Bale, Cooper, Ellks to name just a few, and the “Marketing Managers” we can’t leave them out, how can the same committee who refused to acknowledge the problem even remotely try to fix it now?

Given their choice of replacement in the shape of Veloz, aka Guilfoyle 2.0, is there any wonder the committee has just kept the club in the same mess it was when Guilfoyle was at the peak of his powers?

We rang Confucius to keep him in the loop but he only wanted to talk about Mongrel, “Chinese restaurant in city club has no customers? Me tink this ‘mazing“.

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