In case you were wondering what Daniel Graham thinks of City Tatts staff!

Dear Staff Members

Why didn’t you get your fair and just Christmas bonus? Why have you and your colleagues had your wages slashed and hours cut?

The man you should thank is Daniel Graham.

Members have reported that Daniel Graham, Marcelo Veloz’s eyes and ears, has been telling regular customers that it is staff wages that are “killing the club”!!

It’s always good to get feedback from management!

We don’t know if he includes his own wages in this analysis.

But hang on a minute, isn’t the club better off than this time last year to the tune of a million dollars? That’s what Veloz has been saying.

So who do you believe, Veloz or Graham?

Either way both are con artists that can’t be trusted. We understand now why you doubted them all along.

Now if only we could get rid of those pesky members ………

City Tatts Information Desk


STOP PRESS!! Get your christmas voucher!

Staff members of City Tatts, you have been dudded again.

Your Christmas bonus is a $100 Woolworths voucher – about one tenth of the bonus you should be getting.

What we would like to know is what Christmas bonus Veloz got. It might be worthwhile asking Daniel Graham as well. Whatever this shyster gets is 100% too much. If you knew what he was telling members behind your backs you would be shocked. But then again, maybe not, because by now we’re sure you know he is a con.

All these clowns have got is their own way. They try to appease the staff with a voucher that will not give much change after buying a carton of beer and a few slices of ham, while they live high on the hog.

Speaking of the hog, you should take up a petition and demand a bonus at least half the size of Humpty Dumpty’s waistline.

We think that is about the right size of bonus.

City Tatts Information Desk

Yippee!! City Tatts staff to get big fat Christmas bonus

If you are a staff member of City Tatts and your are reading this blog you can factor in a nice bonus for you and your family this Christmas. Start sharpening the knife to attack that lovely leg ham and make way for the beer and champers that will follow. The person you can thank for this bonus is your new chief executive Marcelo Veloz. You should worship the ground this man walks on because of the outstanding job he has done, resurrecting the club from the smoke and ashes it was after Guilfoyle was tipped out onto Pitt St with a gentle nudge of the committee’s boot between the rectum cheeks.

Veloz has told the committee that the club is a million dollars better off than it was this time last year. That’s right, the message was clear, the club has made a million dolars this year.

After speaking with many corporate bosses we can advise you that as a not-for-profit City Tatts needs to re-invest it’s profit into the club, and this includes you, the staff. The same corporate bosses said that the club should be giving back at least fifteen per cent of the profits to it’s loyal and trusted staff. By our calculations fifteen per cent of a million bucks is one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Given that there are one hundred and fifty staff everyone can expect a nice bonus of one thousand dollars each.

We will be watching from the sidelines to see if staff get what they are entitled to.

City Tatts Information Desk

The TAB – A sure bet!

Remember the Lotteries Office and the National Australia Bank that Guilfoyle got rid of? The same bank and lottery office who were paying close to a million dollars a year in rent for the spaces they occupied? Well, after missing out on about $10 million dollars in revenue due to that imbecile moving them on, the committee and the new Guilfoyle, Mr Veloz, have decided to turn the empty 196 Pitt St balcony into a revenue stream by way of an agency for the TAB.

The TAB were more than keen and actually signed off on the deal. The club’s committee were congratulating themselves as smart people and rightly so given that they landed the big fish.

But there was a problem.

Yes, a problem.

Remember the blog back in February highlighting the stuff-up by Jan Ellks in not applyimg for the necessary gaming promotion permits? (See Jan Ellks draws a blank)

Well, you’ll hardly believe it but Veloz and his team of misfits forgot to make the necessary planning applications to council for the change of use to a TAB agency!

And this is the bloke who was going to oversee the construction of a 48 storey building over the club!

So Mr Veloz, over to you. Could you tell the members firstly why there is no TAB at 196 Pitt St, and while you’re at it would you be kind enough to disclose how much rental income the club has missed out on? National Australia Bank were paying $10,000 a week back in 2001, so what would the same space be worth today?

Well done, Mr Veloz! Add this achievement to your CV.

City Tatts Information Desk

Let the games begin!

The City Tatts Information Desk has been swamped with reports detailing a raft of games, normally seen in a kiddies play pen or retirement village, installed on the ground floor of the club.

As the City Tatts boardroom resembles a hybrid group somewhere between a nursing home and a psychiatric ward, and Veloz’s local knowledge where kiddies play pens are concerned, we think it is only fitting that management are catering for these groups by offering suitable games to play.

If you enter the ground floor today you will see a ping pong table, a shuffle board, a poker table and a shooting gallery/rifle range.

We think this is a great idea. The kiddies can play the ping pong, the young adults can learn valuable social skills like bluffing at the poker table and the senile and deranged, otherwise referred to as the club’s directors, can go crazy with the pump-action shotgun.

But just why is the club investing in this type of entertainment for members and directors?

The space now occupied by these games is the same space that the club just leased to the NSW TAB to replace the Park Street TAB that had to close to make way for the new Metro line. But for some unknown reason the club has substituted a sure five figure a week rent from the TAB for games that will bring in no revenue at all.

City Tatts Information Desk is looking into this strange turn of events and will report findings to members in a matter of days.

City Tatts Information Desk

City Tatts members raise rabbit proof fence!

Did you ever try the rabbit on the Esperanto menu a couple of years ago?

Well actually, we know you didn’t, because only two rabbit dishes were sold in six months.

Yes, two in six months.

How do we know this? A former chef contacted the City Tatts Information Desk and told us the amazing story.

Guilfoyle, when he was pouring money the club didn’t have into the Chef’s Table charade, opted for a signature dish of rabbit as the club’s flagship meal in one competition. He was so chuffed with his selection that he ordered Trevelyan Bale to put the rabbit dish on the Esperanto menu because “the members will love it”.

Well this prediction, like so many other things he tried, did not turn out well. Two members tried it, in six months.

Every time Bale tried to tell Guilfoyle that no one wanted his rabbit dish he would be yelled at and told to get out of the office and back to the kitchen.

Maybe Guilfoyle saw himself as some sort of Gordon Ramsey type – without the formal cooking qualifications, of course. Come to think of it, he was without formal qualifications in anything, except for a drivers licence and the responsible service of alcohol and gaming certificates. Most people familiar with City Tatts would say his results proved that.

This is just a random example of how this psychopath/bully operated. You will hear many more about this fool and his megalomania.

City Tatts Information Desk

The real reason Tony Guilfoyle loved cookery competitions

Tony Guilfoyle loved to enter City Tatts in cookery competitions.

You may have wondered why.

Obviously these did nothing for members. Members didn’t care in the slightest that a City Tatts team came second in some competition they never heard of. Especially when the medal winning dish was not available in any of the club’s restaurants.

And they were a fairly expensive exercise when you counted up all the wages, time and resources involved.

So why was he so keen on them?

Partly it was a bit of an ego trip, something to put in the magazine to give the impression he was doing something.

But the real reason was to provide cover for the removal of food and drink from City Tatts.

During Guilfoyle’s time it was quite common for Guilfoyle, or Trevelyan Bale or any of the inner circle to carry large quantities of food and drink out of the club, sometimes trolleys of food and drink. Members, doormen, reception staff and passers-by all saw this.

Now think about it. In a normal club if you were seen doing that it would stick out like a sore thumb. It would be almost impossible to defend because there would be no good reason for it.

But at City Tatts these people always had a ready explanation: “Oh, this is for the cookery competition tomorrow/on the weekend/next week …..

Now you know.

City Tatts Information Desk